chicken parmesan description,Is parmesan chicken unhealthy?

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Parmesan Chicken

Its not unhealthy.

,But you cant eat that kind of food all the time.

,Its breaded (adds carbs) and fried or oven baked (but still involves a lot of oil).

Then drenched in tomato sauce, and cooked with mozzarella cheese, which isnt bad.

Then you usually get it on a plate of spaghetti, which is empty carbs.

LOTS of carbs.

And they rarely, in a restaurant, serve it with vegetables, sou2026a little tomato sauce isnt enough vegetables.

You need something else, and if you opt for the soup, instead of salad, youre not helping yourself much.

,You can treat yourself once in a while, but dont eat it every week.

You can cook the chicken up without the breading/oil, then put the tomato sauce and cheese on it, skip the pasta, and eat more veggies, and make it FAR more healthy.