what is the meaning of emmanuel,Is Israel a Middle Eastern name?

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Emmanuel meaning in Arabic

Rule of thumbu2026most names that end with u201cElu201d are Hebrew names in origin, so yea, Israel is a Middle Eastern name but for Jewish people.

The u201cElu201d in names like Israel, Samuel, Gabriel, Ishmael, Michael, etc represents the Hebrew word for God which is u201cElohimu201d.

,For example, Israel means u201cthe one who wrestles with Godu201d and it was the name God gave to Jacob and Jacobu2019s descendants were then called u201cThe Israelitesu201d.

Emmanuel means u201cGod is with usu201d, etc.

I think you now get the idea.

,While the name u201cIsraelu201d is more common for Jews, the other variants of the EL family of names are used by all people of all religions and ethnicities.

A name like Michael is used by many Christians, Jews, White, black, etc.

While a name like u201cIshmaelu201d is more prevalent in Islamic countries due to the fact that according to the Islamic narrative, Ishmael son of Abraham, (and the half brother of Isaac) was the father of the Arabs and more specifically, the ancient ancestor of Prophet Mohamad, prophet of Islam.