what is the time now in chicago,Why is the Eastern time zone the primary U.S. time zone?

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U.S. Time

I donu2019t think it is THE primary time zone!,Ask residents from San Diego,LA, SF.

,to Seattle and _Vancouver, if they think they are in the Primary time zone!,The reason there are several time zones is because the USA is such a big and u201cwideu201d piece of land that when it is midnight and dark in NY, it canu2019t be mid night , night time and dark when the Sun is just coming up over the Pacific.

,How many time zones are there In the UK, England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales? Because itu2019s a small and narrow piece of land itu2019s midnight or 11:00am at the same time everywhere!,The biggest country in Europe-France- doesnu2019t have any problem either and is all in the same time zone.

The former CCCP - now Russia has the same problem as N.

America- too big and wide!