natural remedy for armpit odour,What are the natural remedies for bad smelling teeth and breath?

Natural remedies for smell

The natural remedy is to see a dentist.

How to remove underarm odor from clothes

For heavy perspiration odors, use baking soda as a presoak.

Dissolve one cup of baking soda in some warm water.

Fill the u200bwasher tub or a large sink with cool water and add the dissolved baking soda.

Submerge stinky clothes and allow them to soak overnight and then wash as usual.

Home remedies for underarm

Aside from a good deodorant, Im not sure

Hydrogen peroxide for underarm odor

The product used needs to be used on the skin, not on the garment or socks.

,Other than deo sprays, the products that help in reducing perspiration are,Witch hazel,Tea tree oil,Baking soda,Hydrogen peroxide,Consumption of green vegetables, chlorophyll tablets or wheatgrass juice helps control of overall body odor.