zodiac friendship compatibility,Do you trust the results of birthday compatibility calculations? Is it honestly accurate regarding your spouse or LTR youre in?

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Birthday compatibility

Birthday compatibility calculations?!?! I think I know what youu2019re talking about, but it sounds more like pop culture lingo that has no place in what I know in my world as an astrologer.

,Birthday compatibility.

Letu2019s see now: If such things were valid, I might be scratching my head to figure out how it is that two people in my familyu2014one was my paternal grandfatheru2014were born on the same day.

The other person in my family is what we know as a time twin with someone born in India on the same day, at the same time in the same yearu2014but about 13000 miles from the time twin of the same gender (and theyu2019re both heterosexual).

Obviously, my paternal grandfather was not born in the same year as these other two people.

And a fourth person I know, also not born in the same year as the other two but the same gender as the other threeu2014is not related to me or to the others, and that one is as important to me as the two who are (or were) in my family.

,Compatibility by birthday? lol Nooooo, I donu2019t think so! Good try! Therefore, is it u201chonestly accurate regardingu201d whomever in your life? No!,On the other hand, you have tagged astrology and horoscopes so hereu2019s where Iu2019ll get into this as an astrologer:,Horoscopes are what most people see in the newspapers or magazines or online in the quick blurbs that tell you youu2019ll receive a letter today or begin the whirlwind romance of your lifeu2014or encourage you to imagine what it would be like to fall in love with whatever movie star just happens to be in that sign compatible with yours.

Sadly, these are not only nonsense, theyu2019re based on one specific time on the clock out of the 1440 minutes in every day out of the average of 30.

4375 days per month every year.

(Iu2019ve factored in leap year every four years to determine the average days per month.

) That one time each day, week or month of the year is often the same for each and every Sun sign, and the Sun sign astrologer generally looks at the transiting aspects to see what resonates with any of the Sun signs.

The letter today? Thatu2019s an easy one! Itu2019s usually an aspect established as a result of the Sun or Moon and Mercury.

,Ironically, thatu2019s actually not even the meaning or intent the Greeks had with the word u201choroscope.

u201d The Greek word hu00f5ra scopos means time observer, close to what Latin would translate to u201ctime targets.

u201d In Spanish, many of you will know hora as time (tiempo) or hour.

So literally, u201choroscopeu201d refers to one time being considered.

But your horoscope in astrology refers to your astrological chart from which an astrologer will analyze and interpret the entire chart for a specific period based on the precise date and year, exact time and city/village, state/province and nation of your birth.

Itu2019s extensive and far more accurate than the average reader of their u201choroscopeu201d in the newspaper, a magazine or online thinks it is.

,Your natal chart doesnu2019t tell you everything.

This offers the potential of your life, just as your IQu2014Intelligence Quotientu2014offers your intellectual potential.

No great shakes there, you probably knew the latter.

Did you know this about the natal chart? Iu2019d suspect most of you donu2019t.

,When a client comes to me about his/her love life, if someone is in the picture, that person may ask how so-and-sou2019s chart works with his or hers.

Why would this person do so? Well, itu2019s not just to see how good things will be.

Sometimes, it will be to determine how to handle things when the going gets rough: Are your financial viewsu2014including about spendingu2014at least in the same ballpark? Will you stand a chance at sexual compatibility if you wait until marriage? Where might you run into road blocks youu2019ll need to work outu2014and can you do so? Weu2019ll also discuss communication, but most couples know whether one is more reticent than the other.

By knowing this up frontu2014or what will trigger that crawl back into the shell of silenceu2014the couple can learn to handle these periods to with greater success.

,Some might say, u2018Oh pooh! We can do this!u201d And Iu2019ll tell you u2018good for you!u2019 Itu2019s wonderful that you can; but not everyone will find the process easy.

I remember a member of my family who asked me to compare the natal with a possible spouseu2019s chart.

I did so and strongly urged them not to marry.

Did they listen? lol No, of course not.

They had three children.

,I have no doubt theyu2019re madly in love with their kids and are glad they have all threeu2014at least most of the time.

But except for the kids, they realize now how much more they should have paid attention to the reasons why I had urged them not to marry.

,Of course all of you are thrilled you are where you are in your respective relationships.

Iu2019m happy for you! Unfortunately, love isnu2019t always that easy, and many can turn their love lives into sheer torture they never could have imagined would have happened.

,Do I think Iu2019m some kind of relationship doctor? Oh good grief, no! But I can and do tell those who believe I have some answers that make sense to them what I would suggest based on their chart for that particular time period.

That time period might be helped with a look at one or both charts, their Lunar Returns and possibly their Solar Returns.

I might also have a quick look at their progressions to see how those are working.

,The Lunar Return is a view of the moment the Moon returns to the precise degrees, minutes and seconds where it was at the moment of your birth.

This gives a view of the coming month, an average of 29.

5 days from the last time it returned.

There are 13 Lunar Returns each year.

,The Solar Return is a view of the moment the Sun returns to the precise degrees, minutes and seconds where it was at the moment of your birth, giving a view of the coming year.

It could be the day before, the day of or the day after your birthday and will usually look like nothing where it was at the time of your birth.

The placement of the Moon is usually in a different sign where it was, and more likely than not, every piece of these additional charts will be different from what you know of your natal chart, if you know anything at all about astrology.

,As for those transits, theyu2019re okay, as transits go; but transits are small u2018bytesu2019 of daily life.

Itu2019s how they integrate and work with your lives, justu2014as I love to say from time to timeu2014like droplets of water rapidly dancing over the pebbles and stones on the bed of that brook, drop by drop leaping into the air before returning to merge with the rest of the flow.

No difference, really, in what you know of your chart.

But can you interpret what each of those u2018dropletsu2019 mean and how they interact with the entire body or with each other?,The biggest thing most people donu2019t get when theyu2019re asking u2018What sign are you? Iu2019m a ___________ (whatever)!u201d Consider this: According to NASAu2019s best guesstimate, wherever the cosmos was at the moment of your birth, those precise placementsu2014point for pointu2014will not be back there again for roughly another 25828 years.

That makes you about as alike as others of your Sun sign all right: You all share a grain of sandu2019s worth of time in that exquisite site we call the cosmos in the night skies.

It also makes you incredibly, singularly unique to own that grain of sandu2019s worth of time.

Itu2019s yours and yours aloneu2014unless, of course, you just happen to be one of a pair of Siamese twins or born with a twin in an emergency C-section mere seconds apart.

,Now if youu2019re talking about honesty and compatibility and having an professional astrologer with years of actual experience built into his/her astrological career, yes, then Iu2019d say yes, depending on the astrologer, I would trust some with their expertise and would be very confident in their ability to assess and guide with questions about your relationships.

,Hope that helps.