how to get a percentage of a number in excel,In Excel, how do you calculate percentage difference?

Excel calculate percentage difference

u201cIn Excel, how do you calculate percentage difference?u201d,With any formula, rather than just memorising how to type it, it helps to first think about the relationship you are trying to measure.

If you understand that, you wonu2019t need to remember the formula.

It will follow logically from the concept,So how do we think about percentage difference?,If you think about the percentage difference of two figures, A and B, with B being bigger, then you are saying u201cHow many more of A are there in B?u201d,The first step to calculating how many more of A are in B is to first ask the simpler question: u201cHow many of A are in Bu201d,If you take the ratio of B to A, it is equivalent to saying u201cHow many of A are in Bu201d?,If A is 100 and B is 90, then the ratio is 90 / 100 = 0.

9 / 1.

There are 0.

9 As in BnIf A is 100 and B is 110, then the ratio is 110 /100 = 1.

1 / 1.

There are 1.

1 Au2019s in B,Now, how many more As are there in B? In the second example, there are 1.

1 Au2019s in B, so B has 0.

1 more of A than A does.

That is 10%.

To find this you subtract 1 (the number of Au2019s in A) from the number of Au2019s in B,If A is 100 and B is 110, then the difference is (110 / 100) -1 = (1.

1 )-1 = 0.

1, or 10%nIf A is 3,000 and B is 4,500, then the difference is (4,500 / 3,000) -1 = ( 1.

5 )-1 = 0.

5, or 50%,So to illustrate how to calculate this in Excel, if you have a row of values, and you want the percent difference, you simply divide the second by the first and subtract 2 as shown in the below screen shot.

Excel percentage

Why do you have to specify your branch, first year has the same syllabus for all,,And about scoring good give your 20% during the complete semester and 100% during your PL(preparation leave) until the exams.

,Worked just right for me(8.

96 in First Year),Hope this helps.

Excel 20 percent formula

Jessica AlbaIn January 2012, Alba co-founded The Honest Company, a consumer goods company that sells non-toxic household products, and owns 15 to 20 percent of the company.


Gene HackmanHackman announced that he believed his acting career was over and was therefore retiring.

But that didnu2019t stop the former actor from excelling in another field.

Hackman has written three historical novels with archaeologist, Daniel Lenihan.

In 2013, Hackman released his first solo novel entitled Pursuit.

The novel tells the story of revenge and romance in the Old West.


Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle, Agent Cody Banks) - Formula race car driver and rock drummer,4.

Amanda Bynes (u201cSheu2019s the Manu201d) announced that she was quitting Hollywood to focus on fashion.

She is now a Fashion Designer.


Tom Selleck(Magnum PI, Guest star in FRIENDS series) lives on a 60-acre ranch with a working 20-acre avocado farm.

He admits that he doesnu2019t turn over much profit with the farm but it has earned him great wealth in many other areas of his life.


Dylan Sprouse from the popular Suite Life of Zack and Cody television series and the popular Suite Life on Deck spin-off, has taken a job as a restaurant host since wrapping up his show and enrolling at NYU.

This has led many gossip rags to report that Sprouse has been down on his luck.

These reports have been deemed as false.

,Sprouse has explained that no one should worry and that he is still very financially secure.

In fact, he and his brother are worth a combined $16 million.

Sprouse just wanted to live the real life of a college student and uses the hosting money to support his video game habit.


Chris Owen has been in a number of big movies but is probably best known as u201cSherminatoru201d from theAmerican Pie series.

,Owen works as a waiter in a Sushi restaurant.


Steven SeagalMost know that Seagal was a reserve Deputy Sheriff as he spent three seasons being featured on a reality show that followed him around as he performed his Sheriffu2019s duties in Louisiana.

What many donu2019t know is Seagal graduated from a police academy nearly twenty years ago.

(Movies:Above the Law, Under Siege),9.

Charlie Korsmo (Hook) - Lawyer, political activist and professor,enJoy ;)

Excel percentage format

Ctrl + Shift + 5 [%] is the shortcut to apply the Percentage format.

excel calculateu7528u6cd5

We love katakana.

We are proud of inventing katakana.

Itu2019s probably the most amazing and innovative aspect of ANY language in the world.

I donu2019t think any other language has anything as cool as the katakana.

,By the way katakana words are not loaned to us.

Weu2019ve made it our very own, and weu2019re not going to return it.

Katakana lets us import ANY foreign word without any ambiguity.

,Take for example u201cpersonal computeru201d.

The full katakana is u30d1u30fcu30bdu30cau30ebu30b3u30f3u30d4u30e5u30fcu30bfu30fcu3001but we can shorten katakana easily without losing the meaning.

This word became u30d1u30bdu30b3u30f3, pronounced pasokon.

A lot shorter than the original English too.

In kanji, it would be something ridiculous like u500bu4ebau7528u8a08u7b97u6a5f which could also mean a personal calculator.

So katakana beautifully covers the deficiencies of a kanji only system.

Any word can be imported and abbreviated with very little ambiguity.

Itu2019s extremely efficient.

,Other efficient uses:,u30b3u30b9u30d1 kosupa for u201ccost/performanceu201d.

Itu2019s actually used for u201cgood deal/valueu201d.

Such as 100-yen Mac had good kosupa.

,u30b9u30deu30db sumaho for smartphone,u30b3u30f3u30d3u30cb konbini for convenience store,u30b2u30fcu30bbu30f3 geesen for game center,u30c7u30d1u30fcu30c8 depaato for department store,u30b9u30fcu30d1u30fc suupaa for supermarket,u30b9u30bfu30d0 sutaba for Starbucks,u30deu30c3u30af makku for McDonaldu2019s,u30e1u30eau30afu30ea Merikuri for Merry Christmas,u30a2u30adu30d0 akiba for Akihabara (u79cbu8449u539fuff09 u2026 note that we take kanji and convert it to katakana,Much shorter than the original.

This is what I mean by u201cimported, but made into our own.

u201d (Except Akiba.

),Katakana words stand out against hiragana and kanji.

nKatakana stylistically looks the coolest of the three: katakana, hiragana, kanji.

nKatakana is best suited for making cool logos (along with English).

,English (latin languages in general) is also pretty versatile in importing foreign words.

But, look at how the words are imported:,Sukiyaki, manga, etc.

The Japanese have already converted these words into English.

,Whereas with Katakana, nobody needs to tell us how to spell the word.

Katakana is phonetic, so we just write it out, as it sounds.

Sometimes this leads to two or more ways to write a word in katakana, but that is also the charm of katakana.

,u30b8u30e3u30d1u30f3 looks a lot cooler than u3058u3083u3071u3093 or u65e5u672c.

Of course, we think u201cJapanu201d looks cool stylistically, too.

,In Japan, you have made it if people call you by your katakana name.

(Not that becoming famous is important u2026 itu2019s just an observation.

) I would say 90% of the Japanese can identify these katakanau2019d people.

,u30b4u30afu30df (Gokumi) Kumiko Goto u5f8cu85e4u4e45u7f8eu5b50 I had to look up her kanji spelling.

,u30a4u30c1u30edu30fc Ichiro Suzuki u9234u6728u30a4u30c1u30edu30fc (Iu2019m not sure if his first name is in kanji),u30d3u30c3u30b0u30dcu30b9 Big Boss aka Tsuyoshi Shinjo u65b0u5e84u525bu5fd7,u30e4u30efu30e9u3061u3083u3093 Yawara-chan I donu2019t remember her name.

I had to search under u30e4u30efu30e9u3061u3083u3093.

Ryoko Tani (nee Ryoko Tamura) u8c37u4eaeu5b50uff08u65e7u59d3uff1au7530u6751u4eaeu5b50uff09,u30deu30fcu541b and u30ceu30e0u3055u3093u3000Masahiro Tanaka and Katsuhiro Nomura,u30dfu30adu30c6u30a3 Mikity.

u3000I only know her by her katakana name.

I had to look her up too.

Miki Fujimoto (u85e4u672cu7f8eu8cb4),u30abu30bau3000Kazu3000Kazuyoshi Miura (u4e09u6d66 u77e5u826f)u3000I forgot his full first name and the kanji, so had to look it up.

,u30abu30c8u30d1u30f3 Katopan Ayako Kato u52a0u85e4u7dbeu5b50,u30adu30e0u30bfu30af Kimutaku Takuya Kimura (u6728u6751 u62d3u54c9),u306eu308au30d4u30fcu3000Nori-peeuff08Combo hiragana and katakanauff09Noriko Sakai (u9152u4e95 u6cd5u5b50),u30d2u30edu30df Hiromi - Hiromi Go (u90f7u3072u308du307f),u30deu30c4u30b3u30fbu30c7u30e9u30c3u30afu30b9 Matsuko Deluxe Almost nobody knows her by her real name Takahiro Matsui u677eu4e95u8cb4u535a,u30bfu30e2u30ea Tamori Kazuyoshi Morita u68eeu7530 u4e00u7fa9 Almost nobody knows him by his real name.

,u30deu30eau30eau30f3 Marilyn Mari Motohashi (u672cu6a4bu9ebbu91cc) Most people just know her by Marilyn or in roma-ji Maririn.

,YOSHIKI Goes beyond katakana and to English u2026 and it has to be all caps (correction-maybe not u2026 anyway).

He is an all around uber musician.

Heu2019s officially the drummer of X Japan.

But he is an amazing pianist (classical, jazz, etc), as well as being proficient at many other instruments.

He was influenced by KISS, and he jammed with them recently when KISS visited Japan.

He lives in Southern California u2026 I think Studio City or thereabouts.

Some rocku2019nu2019roll critics rate him as one of the top 20 rock drummers of all time.

Wine connoisseur too u2026 has his own wine label.

Oh yeah, almost nobody knows his full name, or his kanji.

Yoshiki Hayashi u6797 u4f73u6a39,u30adu30e7u30f3u30adu30e7u30f3 Kyon-kyon Kyoko Koizumiuff08u5c0fu6cc9u4ecau65e5u5b50uff09,u6df1u30adu30e7u30f3u3000Fuka-kyon Kyoko Fukada (u6df1u7530 u606du5b50),For almost all of the above, I had to look up their real names.

,There are a couple of interesting katakana words derived from English - u201ctensionu201d and u201clossu201d - with slightly different nuance.

,u30c6u30f3u30b7u30e7u30f3 (tension).

This means positive or happy energy.

So, I was caught off guard when people told me that I had high u30c6u30f3u30b7u30e7u30f3u3002They were surprised to learn that u201chaving a lot of tensionu201d has a negative connotation in the US.

,u30edu30b9 (loss).

In the past u30edu30b9 usually meant Los Angeles.

Now, loss is used as a feeling of emptiness u2026 especially when an event that you were looking forward to or were enjoying has ended.

,The most recent u201clossu201d phenomenon is with the NHK Daily Morning Show u201cCome Come Everybodyu201d.

This was a very popular show that ended in early April 2022.

So, people were all talking about experiencing u30edu30b9u3002If you google u30abu30e0u30abu30e0 u30edu30b9 (Come Come Loss) you will get a lot of hits.

,Test your understanding of the Japanese psyche.

If you donu2019t get this show, then you may not really get the Japanese psyche.

(Not that you need to.

) On the screen below, it says u30c0u30a4u30b8u30a7u30b9u30c8 (Digest), because there are no good Japanese words for Digest.

Below that, it says u30cdu30bfu30d0u30ec (neta-bare) which means u201cspoiler alertu201d.

u30cdu30bf, in this case refers to the plot or storyline.

u30d0u30ec is short for u30d0u30ecu308bu3001which means u201cexposedu201d or u201crevealedu201d.

Both u30cdu30bf and u30d0u30ecu308b are Japanese words (not imported), but they donu2019t have kanji representations.

So, this is somewhat of a unique case where 2 Japanese words without kanji representations were merged and shortened.

Another use of katakana.

(Can you identify which characters are katakana in the screen below, just from the shape?),Most viewers (myself included) were balling like Hinata below.

Supposedly, many of the cast members were really crying on the set, too.

,Hereu2019s an article on u201cCome Come Lossu201d, but also talks about the origins of the katakana use of u30edu30b9 which this article says dates back to 2012.

Iu2019ve noticed the explosion of the use of u30edu30b9 only in the past several years.

Anyway, note how many katakanas are in this article.

,u30cfu30c3u30d4u30fc (happy), u30c8u30e9u30a4 (try), u30cau30fcu30d0u30b9 (nervous) are katakana words which mean the same as the original English.

There are no good Japanese words with the same nuance (u30cbu30e5u30a2u30f3u30b9), so we use the imported katakana words.

Note that u30cbu30e5u30a2u30f3u30b9 (nuance) is another word with no good Japanese translations, so we use katakana.

,Hiragana and Katakana make Japanese one of the best autodidact languages:nBecause hiragana and katakana are phonetic, if you like manga, you can learn kanji by reading manga for kids.

In them, the kanji words have hiragana next to them.

I forgot that this topic was about katakana u2026 so the big linkage between manga and katakana is in the sound effects.

Most sound effects in mangas are done in katakana.

,There are some hiragana sound effects, more so for girlu2019s manga.

The louder sound effects are done with katakana, and the quieter ones with hiragana.

,Now, letu2019s take it a little further on how versatile katakana is.

Around 20 years ago Japanese u30aeu30e3u30eb (notice another common katakana word for u201cgalu201d), came up with:,u30c1u30e7u30d9u30eau30d0 = u201cchoberibau201d = chou very bad = super very badnu30c1u30e7u30d9u30eau30b0 = u201cchoberiguu201d = chou very good = super very good,Chou = u8d85 = super/supreme,One could have written it mixing kanji and katakana.

nu8d85u30d9u30eau30d0nu8d85u3079u30eau30b0,But we took it a step further to make it all katakana, and shorten the u201cchouu201d to u201cchou201d to make it sound cooler.

Judge for yourself the difference in the impact of the above.

I thought these two words were very clever and creative.

,So u2026 here is a video by u30aeu30e3u30eb (gal) who have u30bfu30a4u30e0u30b9u30eau30c3u30d7 (katakana for time slip u2026 go back in time).

The song is called u30c1u30e7u30d9u30eau30b0 (chou very good) Lucky Day.

Youu2019ll notice all the katakana and English words that appear on screen.

This song goes from choberigu to choberiba to choberigu again.

,Last yearu2019s fad:,u30d5u30edu30eau30c0 = u201cfuroridau201d = Florida,u30d5u30edu30eau30c0 = u201cFuro ni hairu node ridatsuu201d = Going to take a bath, so see ya (or be right back),I thought this u201cFloridau201d was pure genius (whoever thought of it).

Instead of saying u201cbe right backu201d, you just say u201cFloridau201d.

,Furorida might be a borderline otaku (u30aau30bfu30afuff09word.

Otaku is also written in katakana, though derived from u201cu304au5b85u201d.

There is so much misinformation about the origins of u30aau30bfu30af.

I was there when the word was born.

Instead of kimi or anata, some of us net geeks, started addressing each other as u201cotakuu201d in place of u201cyouu201d.

These are discussions that took place on BBS, Nifty, and USENET (which average citizens werenu2019t using).

So, these people were labeled as u201cotakuu201d, because they were constantly using that word.

Then, it carried over to the anime world (just like Akihabara did).

They comprised initially a different category, Anime Otaku u2026 who were technically inferior to Otaku, albeit possibly more passionately otaku than the Otaku.

And actually, the Anima Otaku grew faster and wider to encompass more akarui people.

So, today, I would say, otaku has near zero negative connotation, thanks to the pioneering anime otaku.

Today otaku almost means you are an expert of a specific subject.

One class of otaku recently in Japan is railroad otaku.

,The popular comic u201cNarutou201d is done in katakana, even though it is a Japanese word:,u30cau30ebu30c8 = katakana = the cool manga characternu306au308bu3068 = hiragana = the little piece of fishcake in some ramennu9cf4u9580 = kanji = the location where the whirlpools are, which is why the fishcake is called naruto u2026 the design is that of the whirlpool,Katakana and English (NARUTO u30cau30ebu30c8): His name comes from his favorite ramen topping below.

,Hiragana (u306au308bu3068): This comes from mimicking the whirlpool of u9cf4u9580u3002But, otherwise, it is totally unrelated to that location, so we use hiragana.

,Kanji (u9cf4u9580): Location.

Proper noun.

,So, just taking Naruto u2026 katakana is coolest.

hiragana is friendly.

kanji is matter-of-fact.

,Since weu2019re talking about naruto, how about Ramen.

,We use katakana, even though the word was imported from China, and there are kanji representation.

,u30e9u30fcu30e1u30f3 (katakana)nu62c9u9eba (kanji),Which style connotes tasty noodles? Katakana for sure! Is ramen a loaned word? Hardly.

Ramen is now exported back to other countries including Taiwan and China.

Noodle soup still seems predominant in China (and I do love bbq pork noodle soup), but Taiwan has their own creative Ramen culture, different from Japanu2019s.

Quite tasty.

,Japanese u30e9u30fcu30e1u30f3 ramen (just one example):,Taiwanese Ramen (in LA or OC) - Very tasty! The word ramen is written in katakana u30e9u30fcu30e1u30f3u3002Silverlake Ramen, if youre in LA or OC.

Excellent ramen.

Excellent chicken karaage, too.

You have to try some Taiwanese ramen!,OMG is also another good example of katakana.


I posted about it here.

,When we look at a page of text, we can easily spot katakana.

They stand out, because katakana has sharp edges.

,Another use of katakana is limiting web searched to Japanese sites.

For example, if you search a person with kanji, you might get a lot of hits from Taiwanese or Chinese websites, if that person has some fame in those countries.

Adding a katakana like u201cu30c4u201d or hiragana like u201cu306fu201d will return Japanese sites only.

Of course, there are other ways to limit your searches to Japanese sites, but hiragana or katakana is a quick way.

(I actually use hiragana, because that is the default kana input on most computers.

Either will do.

),If you search for u306eu308au30d4u30fc with her kanji name u9152u4e95u6cd5u5b50, the top hits are from Taiwan or China.

,But if you add some kana, the top hits will be from Japan:,Of course, if you search by her nickname, youu2019ll get Japanese sites,,People who know all sports say u201cthe forward pass (in American football) is the greatest invention in sportsu201d.

,I say u201cthe katakana is tied for the greatest invention in modern languages along with the Korean hangul.

u201d Aside: I think the Korean hangul is quite ingenious, too, as you can combine consonant with multiple vowels.

This results in a much much richer character set than the hiragana/katakana, and it is nuanced enough to stand on its own without requiring Chinese characters.

Hiragana/katakana are too simplistic, so we need to continue using kanji.

How to change number to percentage in excel

Format the cells as numbers not percentages

Excel plus 3%

I genuinely hope youu2019re joking and do not attempt to use your u201cskillsu201d in real combat.

Seriously, for your own health and well-being, do not attempt to pick a fight or enlist in the armed forces solely because you have played paintball and shooter video games.

,Leaving aside what other people said about being hit and dying in the games, have you ever been shot at with a real weapon, been held at gunpoint, or watch someone die next to you?,If you donu2019t mind me asking, how old are you? If youu2019re a teenager who plays paintball and video games a lot, I canu2019t imagine someone like you would last in a real fight against soldiers whou2019ve had years of real training or a gang of thugs out on the street.

,Moving away from war, paintball and most video games rely on guns and other forms of ranged weaponry primarily.

You donu2019t stab people in paintball, and seldom do you rely on your melee weapon.

Most combat situations outside a war zone are usually at close range.

Even if you had a gun with you, drawing it isnu2019t as simple as tapping a keyboard button when youu2019re panicked.

,And for the most important question: why? You said you want to apply your skills to real combat? What would you gain out of that? (Aside from many bruises and other injuries.

),Even if you did survive deployment for the army, youu2019d be scarred for life 100% guaranteed.

What you saw would never leave you.

Google sheet percentage

There are two ways you can include percentages in the google sheets depending on what youu2019re trying to achieve with your data.

,If youu2019re looking to include percentage format in one particular cell or column for that matter, the google sheet percentage formula would be something like this:,=to_percent(variable)Now this u201cvariableu201d can either be a decimal value or a fraction ( for obvious reasons).

Putting in either the fraction or the decimal value in this formula will return the respective percentage.

,For instance: =to_percent(0.

6) would return 60% in the cell.

,Like all formulas, this can be applied to an entire column by dragging the small rectangle on the bottom right of the cell boundary.

,The other way to do percentages in google sheets is to derive data in percentage format in a particular cell from two different cells.

,The division operator comes into play here.

Essentially what youu2019re doing is dividing the value of one cell by other.

,This is then followed by changing the number format to percent either by following Format > Number > PercentOR,Clicking on the percentage symbol from the shortcut bar below the main menu.

Letu2019s break this down.

,A1= 20,B1= 80,We want to display percentages in the cell C1.

Thus formula in C1 would be something like this:,C1: = (A1/B1) which would give us 25 as the value in cell C1.

,Now change the number format to percent by either of the two ways mentioned above.

,I hope this helps.