fun activities for students in the classroom,What are employee engagement programs?

Engaging activities

Coming up with ideas to have an effective employee engagement can look like a challenging and tiring process.

,It is essential to implement new and surefire employee engagement activity ideas to maintain a collaborative work culture and provide adequate employee benefits:,To make recognition programs in the workplace and manage team-building activities.

,To motivate and reinvent the workforce with useful feedback and create a positive vibe.

,To celebrate the important occasions of employees and build excellent mentorship programs.

,To boost morale by volunteering for a cause and manage work-life stress with brainstorming sessions.

,To increase employee competitiveness through one-to-one meetings and peer-to-peer recognition.

Group activities for students

Yeah, definitely.

A student should always indulge in every co curricular activities, sports, public speaking, debates, team activities etc.

,It doesnt matter you win or lose, but at the end you will learn something & this is what matters the most.

You will surely thank yourself later, when you will realise how taking part in these activities are helping you in every aspects of life.

,Student life is about only learning & learning , later on you will understand that only theoretical knowledge is not enough to sustain in the competitive world outside.

That time your speaking skills, team work, communication skills, presentation skills , these things will give you an edge.

Classroom activities

Speaking, practicing conversations, watching natural and normal conversations in videos or among native speakers.

,Language is meant to be spoken and heard, writing and reading are the extras that come along with a need to learn and to pass ideas through time.

But school language classes often ignore speaking and listening in favor of textbook passages and writing exercises.

,Humans are not meant to learn languages from a book, humans learn better through other people.

,But this does not require immersion.

45 minutes of immersion a day isnt going to teach your students the language if they dont know any of it.

,So encourage your students to speak, and then correct them.

The correcting is the important part, if they dont know what they did wrong they cant improve.

,Also, often language classes have a set list of vocabulary words and students are given passages or videos carefully tailored to the vocab list.

This doesnt help much either.

To truly learn to speak a language, students need to see it naturally in action.

,Encourage conversation.

Show movies, or find another fluent speaker to have conversations with (and make sure their is some way for the student to a translation, subtitles or a discussion in the students native language afterwords).

,This works for any age group.

But get them talking.

Possible activities for the online games Day

Carrot rather than stick.

Thatu2019s the way to go.

,David gives a great answer with the example of Alice and its amazing DRM protections which were promptly cracked.

nAnother big example I can think of is the game u2018Sporeu2019.

It was a pioneer in the u201calways onlineu201d idea of DRM.

,In both of these examples hacker groups saw the DRM as a challenge to be tackled.

Had the developers put less effort into DRM then it is likely their games would have actually taken longer to be cracked.

Though eventually, it would have still happened.

,The true way to minimise piracy (elimination is impossible, not even desirable IMO) is to offer an incentive for people to buy a legitimate version of the game.

,A prominent example of this approach in action that comes right to mind for me is Half Life.

Why?,Counter Strike.

,This game was massive.

It was many peopleu2019s first experience of true LAN/online gaming.

nI remember the turn of the millennium.

I was still in school.

A lot of the guys I knew at school played games.

Though buying games? That just wasnu2019t such a done thing.

nPiracy was common, everyone knew someone whou2019d had their playstation chipped and bought games for u00a35 each.

nEven amongst those who stayed inside the law; why go and buy your own copy of a PC game when you could just lend a friendu2019s version?nWith Counterstrike thoughu2026everyone bought a brand new copy.

Everyone wanted to play online.

,From the success of Half Life, thanks in large part to its various online mods(shout out to Day of Defeat and Team Fortress!), developers were quick to learn that multiplayer was the way to go.

,It is my view that the massive growth in online games, in particular MMORPGs (World of Warcraft.


How did that become so popular?) was in large part a response to piracy.

Both direct active thinking that multiplayer games are less likely to be pirated, and simple analysis of the numbers that show multiplayer sells.

,Another big way to u2018offer somethingu2019 with games is downloadable features.

nA particularly annoying type of DRM which is often seen is the need to be always online when you play (damn you uplay on Assassins Creed 2).

Though done right this can actually work, make it less forceful on requiring players to always be onlineu2026and more of an encouragement.

Reward players for being online in some way.

For example Watch Dogs integration of online into the main game.

nEven minor reward codes can greatly encourage people to buy a new game rather than to pirate or buy second hand (though second hand buying should always be possible.

Attempts to fight against this are a massive annoyance.

Registration codes should be transferable!),Another way developers have realised they can fight piracy is in achievements.

Yes, it sounds weird.

A little congratulations for turning on the game successfully? Stuff like this doesnu2019t fly.

nBut achievements which actually reward actual achievements in the game?nThis sort of thing really encourages people to buy games such as those of Paradox- e.


my favourite, Crusader Kings.

nThese games possess very weak DRM, and given the massive amount of DLC available and their generally self contained solitary nature, the temptation to pirate can be largeu2026.

nBut if you can get it officially recognised that you successfully conquered the world as the Count of Gotland?nWell, that will push some into actually paying for the game.

,There are many different u2018hardu2019, stick alternatives that publishers have used to fight against piracy.

Though far more effective are these carrot methods.