How important are cover letters for faculty job applications in academia?

Letter of interest for job sample

In the US, an application for an faculty job usually has several parts: statement of interest in the position, research statement, teaching philosophy, CV, letters of recommendation, and sometimes a diversity statement.

In the humanities and social sciences, one usually also provides a writing sample (a single-authored published article or thesis chapter one has written is typical).

,Sometimes applicants will structure the cover letter to be simply the brief statement of interest in the position.

In this case, it states which position one is applying for (to ensure there is no confusion about whether the personu2019s application has arrived at the correct search committee), why one thinks one is a good match for the advertised position, and how eager one is to work with people already in the department and contribute to the departmentu2019s mission.

If the ad stated that the position is primarily research focused, the cover letter should make clear that the applicant is a serious scholar; if the ad mentioned that teaching is important, the letter should convey the applicantu2019s interest in teaching.

A cover letter of this short type is necessary and should be written with care u2014 but it is not sufficient, on its own, to win the position.

,In other cases, an applicant may write a long cover letter that has subsections functioning as the research statement, teaching statement, etc.

In this case, the cover letter has expanded to cover some of the central parts of the application and the information it conveys will be absolutely crucial to the candidateu2019s success at being chosen for an interview.

Job interest email sample

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