What type of organizational structure gives the least amount of authority to project managers?

Types of organizational structure in management

Most organizational structures are based on a restrictive and tropophobic dominant hierarchy which gives as little authority as possible from the very top down.

Organizational structure of a company

Iu2019ll start with my u2018punch lineu2019 first.

The results your organization gets are exactly the results they are designed to get - no more, no less.

,Organizational structure is most often a chart of who reports to who.

These are virtually all linear and hierarchical.

They most often have a command and control culture, not so much because managers want that but they donu2019t know another way - and a hierarchical structure calls for this.

It doesnu2019t need to occur as command and control.

There is nothing inherently wrong with hierarchical structure except for creating this tendency toward common and control.

,Hierarchy is not bad.

In fact it is inevitable in u201cfor-purposeu201d organizations just as much as in the way all of life is organized.

I donu2019t mean just human life.

I mean all of life has natural hierarchies.

The trouble with the organization of human beings is that most hierarchies are created without an awareness of organization design principles.

So all kinds of unnecessary hierarchies are created.

Always too many.

Never too few.

This is because hierarchies are seen as command and control structures.

But command and control is an illusion so more hierarchies are added as a solution.

Fewer hierarchies are the answer.

,Oh yeah.

You asked how organizational structure is defined.

My definition, the only operationally effective one I know, is u201cOrganization is the ordering of relationships to coordinate action that produces the desired result.

u201d Bet youu2019ve never heard that one.

Try it on.

It will fit better than the one you have.

Certainly the one that a real enterprise/organization will have.

Hierarchical organizational structure

Hi Minoo,More heirarchy is usually associated with more bureaucracy.

Innovation thrives where there is creativity and a lightness of touch.

Critical thinking is disobedient not correct.

So it is generally felt that flatter and less-formal organization structures are more conducive to innovation.