How do I promote any video on YouTube for free?

How to put ads on your YouTube videos 2022

There are tons of ways to promote your channel for FREE.

But here Ive list only those which I personally found worth recommending!,Difficulty level Easy :-Putting it out in your Facebook post.

,Sharing your channel link to your friends and families.

,Telling everyone about your channel.


Difficulty level Medium:-Creating contents for other social platforms (such as Facebook or Instagram or both) from where you can gain traction to your channel by putting the channel link in the caption.

,Do collaborative contents with other YouTubers within your niche.

,Create such content which other influencers can creatively use and then recommend your channel.


Difficulty level Hard:-Keep on creating contents and try to become a part of your community.

You can do that by recommending other YouTubers among your niche.

,Keep track of your analytics and trends on YouTube.

And then creatively modify your content.

,Definitely create contents for other platforms.

Do not starve your audience!,Use Facebook ads to reach out maximum audience.

Theyre super under priced.

,And finally PATIENCE my dear friend, PATIENCE.

Its the ultimate key which people dont realize to make them successful.

, Mark my words! ,There are many many other ways to promote your YouTube channel.

You just lack right knowledge and execution of that knowledge effectively!,If you want to learn more about social media marketing strategies for free then I just DM me.

Ill refer you many things which many influencers dont reveal.

,If you have any queries or suggestions then comment below.

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how to get monetized on youtube without 1,000 subscribers

There is no way my friend.

,According to youtubes latest policies you have to have 1000 subs and 4000hr watch time,See the below image