What is your opinion of the Quora Prompt Generator?

How to see what your boyfriend likes on Instagram 2022

I see stochastic approaches to AI (or, to give them their proper name, Machine Learning) have come along.

A lot of the questions are intelligible.

Itu2019s also clear that these are stochastic-based and not expert system-based, because the questions that are off are *really* off, failing to make assumptions that humans would take for granted.

The questions tend to be banal because, as others have said, they are the generated averages of questions being asked on here, which are banal, but Iu2019m not as automatically disapproving of it as others.

,Oh, Iu2019m still going to make fun of them.

Iu2019ve already done so twice:,You can tell that thereu2019s just that bitu2026 off about those questions.

,But in a numbers game such as Quora-as-Google-Fodder (as opposed to Quora-as-intellectual-salon, that was never Mountain Viewu2019s aim), if enough questions fly under the radar and the u201cBZZT FLRBT MALFUNCTIONu201d questions are infrequent enough, the bot is a success.

And Iu2019m intrigued that things have come along from the days of the previous iteration of the Question Bot, which relied on human-supplied templates.

(What is the best restaurant in Podunk, Indiana? What is the best restaurant in Bumfuck, Nebraska?),Iu2019m conducting an experiment of my own, in response to Quorau2019s experiment with the Quora Prompt Generator.

Iu2019m taking the last 100 questions asked, and sorting them as:,Interesting: you could get a fascinating essay about of this,Useful: someone could conceivably be Googling this,Banal: someone could conceivably be Googling this, but shouldnu2019t, certainly not on Quora,Dumb: someone could not conceivably be Googling this,Malfunctioning: no human would utter this question,InterestingWhat are some criticisms of Lukes lightsaber fights against Vader?,What is the story of Dwarka crying for Krishna?,Is it possible to rekindle a relationship with an estranged sibling years later?,What are some common reasons why people take their pets to the vet?,What is the history of the Vietnamese-Chinese in Vietnam?,What was the most valuable possession of your grandmother?,Do football players think it is strange when fans wear their jerseys to the game?,What is the opinion on Lucian Freuds art?,What is the difference between a post-fascist party and a regular fascist party?,What are some ways to get your name out there for political campaigns?,What is the reason that mathematicians ignore common sense?,What is the statute of limitations for a false confession?,What is the purpose of having two altars in a church? (Why do Catholic churches have multiple altars?),Is it safe to eat raw meat if your teeth are bad?,How do NFL players deal with pre-game nerves?,What are some examples of how sports have affected the US foreign policy?,What are the steps to rank on the first page of Upwork?,Is Ruby on Rails more difficult to learn than other languages like JavaScript, Python, etc.

?,How many types of Kshatriya were there in Vedic times?,UsefulWhere did yellow fever start in the US? (not sure about this one),Can a sitting U.


Senator or member of Congress be impeached while they are still serving their term in office?,How long do cougar cubs stay with their mom?,Did China boycott the 1984 Olympics?,What is the story behind Lucian Freuds children?,How can you find out why your manuscript was rejected by an agent?,Are guide dogs allowed to be touched by strangers?,What are the best colleges for placements at Presidency University? (At least the Bot acknowledges Quora has Indian users.

),How much does an American congressman make per year, and how long do they get paid for after leaving office?,Is it possible to build immunity to HPV?,What is the surface area of a hypercube?,What is the hydrofluoric acid reaction with water?,What is the meaning of Sudra in ancient India?,What are some good documentaries about war that are interesting, but not too graphic?,What are some signs that your boyfriend may be pulling away because hes embarrassed about something?,What are some tips for finding keywords that will get traffic fast in Google AdWords search ads?,Who are some of the best guitarists who cant sing well?,With Frenkie de Jong signing for Barcelona, who should replace him at Ajax?,How much government bailout money did UK banks receive?,What is the difference between a POC and an OOC in football?,What are the requirements to get a permanent residency in Singapore if you are from Bangladesh?,Is there anyone you should not marry in Skyrim?,What is the average salary for a CSE graduate from Presidency University?,What is the French wedding gift tradition?,What is the cost of printing and binding a book at home?,How can I get a disabled ID in New York City?,What are the requirements for 2022 Citizenship and Residence (ICR)?,Can you recommend any movies/documentaries that depict what itu2019s like to be in an infantry squad during combat operations realistically, without glorifying it too much or making it look easy/funny at all?,What are peoples opinions on the sequels to Frank Herberts Dune?,Which city is cooler, Rajkot or Baroda?,What is the history of Longclaw, and why is it considered special?,What is the penalty for using someone elses disabled placard in California?,How do you copyright lyrics and melody?,What is life in Qatar like for Canadians?,What are the risks of using too much sunblock during pregnancy?,Is it hard to learn C if you know the assembly language?,BanalWhat was the original Gone Girl character named?,What are the most common pets to find in Skyrim?,Do only Jedi and Sith have red lightsabers?,Who wrote Dune Messiah?,What is the plot of the movie Lekin?,What is the name of the lake near Rajkot Airport?,What groups has Baekhyun been in?,Did Dominick Cruz ever lose his belt to Cody Garbrandt?,What is the pronunciation of Ikari?,Is Japan dependent on oil imports?,What is the meaning of OC on Instagram?,What can I do to get my friend to talk to me after we broke up?,Do you know who the producer of the Sasural Genda Phool serial is?,What is the name of the actress who plays Anjali in Sasural Genda Phool?,What was the first target of Dawood Ibrahim?,How many siblings does Dr.

Anton Tanjung have?,DumbWhat is the name of the town at the South Pole? (Before asking what, ask ifu2026),What is the best solution for file making? (What is file making? English, mf, do you speak it?),What is a four-dimensional cube or hypercube? (u2026 I mean, itu2019s like a cube, but in four dimensionsu2026),How much would it cost to print 1 book per day? (Who is going to want to? Not realistic as a business scenario),What are Nick and Amys feelings for each other in Gone Girl? (I meanu2026 thatu2019s the plot right there),What is the safest place at the airport in Afghanistan? (Well, not under the wheels of the plane, but given the free-for-all that happened with the Fall of Kabul, the question is meaningless),What was the impact of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria on Chinese nationalism? (Net negative, Iu2019d say.

Intriguingly, it wouldnu2019t take much to turn this into an interesting question: What was the relative significance of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in the formation of Chinese nationalism? u201cImpactu201d should do the same job, but it doesnu2019t.

),What are the rumors about Chelsea signing Hakim Ziyech on a loan deal with an option to buy from AC Milan? (Way too specific: the rumour is that Chelsea is signing Hakim Ziyech on a loan deal with an option to buy from AC Milan.

The right framing is, what are the rumours around Chelsea and Hakim Ziyech.

),Who scored the slowest in cricket? (Doesnu2019t need much to become a reasonable question: Which player scored the slowest hundred in test match cricket? Who has the slowest strike rate in the test cricket? But again, the bot question is too generic to be intelligible, and that is a sports-specific thing.

),Why are humans more closely related to chimps than gorillas and orangutans? (u2026 because thatu2019s what the DNA says.

I meanu2026),What is the purpose of delimitations and exclamation points in a computer program? (in which language? And theyu2019re not called delimitations on my home planet),Is it possible to copy and paste on multiple websites at the same time? (Yes.

But can you copyu2013paste *between* them? u2026 Yes.

),What is the likelihood of finding life in the remotest parts of the oceans? (u2026 Before asking u201cis it likelyu201d, ask u201chas it already happened decades agou201d),Who is the only player to have played for all teams in the current thirty-team MLB (Major League Baseball)? (It would be banalu2014if it were remotely feasible),Do pros play each other online anymore? (Context?!),What is the security situation at Kabul Airport? (Youu2019re a bit late there, bot),How do you feel about instant rejection letters from agencies? (There is not a whole range of possible answers here),What is the importance of knowing what comes up when someone searches your name on Google? (The answer is a bit too obvious to humans),What are some examples of family heirlooms that we use regularly in our daily lives today? (Weu2026 normally donu2019t, and if we dou2026 I dunnou2026),Is it legal to search for images and claim them as your own? (I donu2019t think that many humans have never heard of copyright),MalfunctioningDid Mitt Romney have a vice president? (All presidents do, and Mitt never got elected as president to begin with),What is Americas stance on whether it is separate or part of Asia? (Did anyone ever say it was part of Asia?),What is the closest ocean to space? (So, the thing about spheres isu2026),What are some examples of people using fallacies incorrectly? (So, the thing about fallacies isu2026),Is it possible to plug in my car without using the charger? (You mean, plug it into something thatu2019s shaped exactly like a car charger, but that doesnu2019t do any charging? For shits and giggles?),What are the opinions of the Delhi Financial Services Institute (DFS)? (Nobody cares.

The bot was trying to say: What is YOUR opinion ofu2026 And now I gotta wonder whether u201cthe opinionsu201d is picked up from Second Language Englishu2014except Iu2019ve never seen bad English from India.

),Is it possible to win at Texas Holdem by yourself? (Is it possible to even play Texas Holdem by yourself? And itu2019s not a syndicate kind of game.

),What country is protected by America in Taiwan? (Yes, I know everyone is in denial about Taiwan being a country, butu2026),What is the reason that Hg remains in liquid state even at high temperatures whereas most of the other elements become solid at their respective melting points? (So close, and yet, so far: What is the reason that Hg remains in liquid state even at relatively LOW temperatures whereas most of the other elements are solid AT ROOM TEMPERATURE.

And thatu2019s not what happens at the melting point.

),,YMMV, and I know Iu2019m erring on the side of generosity; but Iu2019m counting 9/100 questions that fail the Turing test, and 20/100 that fail the Have-Read-A-Book test; I count 55/100 questions that are reasonable.

You can quibble with some of them, but I think the bot is doing better than expected.

,And yes, when it fails, it fails spectacularly.

How to see all the likes on an Instagram post

The only way is if it comes up on your Instagram Feed there is no way you can See Every Single thing that they have Liked on


If you want to stop monitoring you can archive the account or delete it from your dashboard.

Remaining time of the subscription month is NOT a subject of refund.

How to see what someone likes on Instagram

The only way is if it comes up on your Instagram Feed there is no way you can See Every Single thing that they have Liked on

How to see someones hidden likes on Instagram

The post that followers like :,Go to activities ->> Following tab.

If you mean that the post you like :,(You should go to settings ->> posts Youu2019ve liked )Open the app and tap the profile icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

That will bring you to your own Instagram account.

,Next, tap the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

,Under Account, tap the words Posts Ive Liked.

,Good luck !

How can I see what my boyfriend comments on Instagram

I posted a picture wearing a sports bra on my Instagram account with a long meaningful caption regarding the dark spots/scars every Indian woman/man have and are embarrassed about.

,Many of the girls thanked me how they used to be insecure about the stretch marks and dark spots.

,Many guys responded with appreciating and empathetic messages/comments.

,Kindly read the part of it before I proceed with the story:,I had posted one of my picture of similar gist.

,Itu2019s a long caption, so I havenu2019t put the whole of it.

,But, the caption is trying to discourage body-scar/spot shaming.

,A normal person would appreciate it.

,But are all people in our society u201cNormalu201d?,Naah!,One u2018gentlemanu2019, whose comment was not only derogatory, but he was also teaching me as to how am I bringing shame to my family.

Obviously he was blocked, and it was a fake account.

,The other u2018gentlemanu2019 said, u2018This pic isnu2019t looking good, please remove itu201d.

,You see, people will like you and support you according to their liking.

,They would even force you at times to become as someone they could admire.

,They will judge you if you are doing things against their liking.

,I was laughed at when I wore u201cSalwar Kameezu201d.

,I was frowned upon when I wore u201cHot pantsu201d.

,I was looked upon when I had a boyfriend.

,I was judged when he dumped me.

,,You tell me now, isnu2019t it suffocating?,It was.

,Until I learnt the art of not giving a damn without reading the book, u201cThe Subtle art of not giving a fucku201d.

And life became so easy, peaceful and beautiful.

How to see what pictures someone likes on Facebook

Not sure if this still works Facebook has been making a lot of Changes Lately but If it does type into the Search Box Photos Liked By then the persons Name and Hit Enter

Why can t I see someones likes on Instagram

A girl texted me on Instagram, she shared some issues regarding her breakup.

She was crying, being a writer I could feel this.

We never talked before.

,She shared each and everything.

I felt a bit low but the only thing which touched me was, her ex and his friends, used to tease her and call her u201cSl*tu201d or blah blah blah.

Like why?,I asked her to wipe her tears and in return , she asked, How do you know that I am cryingu201d?,I replied- u201c I knowu201d.

,We talked for 23 minutes and I was like shocked , being a brother I can not tolerate this.

Yes she is one of my sisters, how can I let this happen? I am not writing this in favor of girls.

I agree not everyone is perfect, but how can you call the person you loved a u201csl*tu201d, as she didnu2019t kiss your lust?,She was like u201cIu2019ll commit suicideu201d.

,~by Achal Manchanda(Login u2022 Instagram )To all the girls out there - There is no need to tolerate such shits, slap them in their face and know your worth.

To all the boys out there - I know everyone is not like this.

Donu2019t let your words be a reason for someones tears.

If you ever commented on someone like this, just say sorry.

Thanks for Reading :)