Without a private VPN can you hide your IP address?

How to hide my IP address without VPN

You can use proxies also.

This will hide your real IP address behind the address of the proxy server.

As long as it is an anonymous proxy.

,But a VPN is, by far, the best way to accomplish this task.

Its more than just your IP address.

Its also the actual data.

Your ISP, or public wifi spot, wouldnu2019t be able to see your traffic.

How to hide my IP address for free

Depends on your purpose.

,While using VPN is the best choice for most people as it can hide your IP address so that:,Access websites and other content blocked in your countryEncrypt your traffic, so that your ISP dont know what websites you are visiting.

All he can see is your connection to a VPNCreate multiple user accounts with a website using different IPS.

But some websites are smart enough to detect this using things called cookies.

But it doesnt completely hide your IP.

If someone is smart enough they easily find your real IP address.

This is relatively fast.

,So dont do even think of doing any illegal stuff with VPN.

,Coming to next option is using TOR.

,TOR offers you the maximum possible anonymity.

What it does is, it routes your traffic through multiple computers, so your IP address gets jumbled.

,For example if you visit Google.

com, the request will pass through say 4u20135 other computers before it finally reaches Google.


,Again this option has a downside, it is very slow.

,So, to wrap it up VPN is the best option you got.

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of best free option available on both desktop and mobile.

If you want more security and advanced features you can upgrade to their paid version.

,Hope it helps

Should I hide my IP address

No, of course not.

In fact, if it were illegal, then many things from web analytics to targeted advertising to banning disruptive users on an online forum to infosec research would be a crime.

How to hide my IP address on iPhone

Two questions - why do you need to hide your phones IP address, and who from?,Your phone needs an IP address and itu2019s allocated by your carrier.

Without it, you wonu2019t be able to connect to the Internet.

If you still want to access the Internet but donu2019t want your phones IP address to be visible, use a VPN.

That way, only the VPN provider will see it - apart from your carrier of course.

But since the IP address belongs to them, thatu2019s fine.

Free VPN to hide IP address

If you visit a web site without a VPN or proxy, they will know your IP address.

Furthermore, every site that has content on that page will know your IP address (think about Google and Facebook ads - they are everywhere).

,If you use a VPN, the website will know the VPN exit address, and disconnecting will not give them any more information than that.

,If you donu2019t want them to know your IP address, donu2019t ever connect to the site.

,It is not necessary to hide an IP address.



How to hide my IP address in Gmail

Use something like Gmail on web.

All emails come from the Gmail server, not from your device, so the only IP address is the regional Gmail one.

Hide My IP address free download full version

Kali is a Linux distro best known for packaging a collection of security testing tools.

I have a local VM running Kali that I use occasionally; I just checked this VM and see it has Firefox running, and I donu2019t think I installed it (though not 100% sure since itu2019s been a while).

(I thought I read that it ships with Iceweasel, which is a rebranded version of Firefox (Mozilla software rebranded by Debian - Wikipedia).

) Further, you can download other browsers to run on Kali, such as Chrome.

,I know of no reason to expect that surfing the internet from Kali using any of these browsers would prevent your IP address from being logged from the sites you visit.

,If you wish to protect your IP address, you need to use a proxy which means you send your traffic through another server (the u201cproxyu201d).

The IP address of the proxy is visible to the site youu2019ve surfed to, not your IP address.

,The most famous proxy for this purpose is Tor.

You can consider using the web browser from the Tor Project which is a version of Firefox modified to anonymize by routing your traffic through globally distributed Tor nodes.

Your web traffic flows through multiple nodes (intended to obfuscate the path and make tracking difficult, even for a government).

The IP address visible to a site you surf to will be the last Tor nodeu2019s IP address (a Tor u201cexit nodeu201d).

This means that your IP addressu2019s location will vary and be hard to predict since you donu2019t get to choose your exit nodeu2019s location and it will vary from session to session.

,Note that not everything in a modern web experience is completely safe, so (I think) Tor disables some JavaScript or other features.

I am not a Tor expert, and have only dabbled with it enough to get my hear wrapped around it, so I recommend you learn more from the Tor project before assuming Iu2019ve provided a full enough picture:,Tor Project: OverviewTor Browser (downloads, including for Kali),Tor (anonymity network) - WikipediaTor is free to use - run by a small professional staff, many volunteers, and funded by donation (Tor: Volunteer & Powering Digital Resistance with Tor).

,There are many other proxy options outside of Tor.

I know little about those offered to the public.

They may track your IP address (even if they claim they wonu2019t: FBI Arrests A Cyberstalker After Shady No-Logs VPN Provider Shared User Logs), but I am sure many are reputable.

One advantage over Tor is that you can usually choose the location you wish to appear to be coming from.

,Hypothetical example: You want to stream video content that is only offered in a specific geographic market - letu2019s say the BBC in the UK.

But you are in another market - letu2019s say in the US.

If you try to stream this content - letu2019s say it was a new season of Downton Abbey (@DowntonAbbey) from a few years ago - trying to do so directly would be rejected by the BBC streaming service because your IP address originates outside the UK.

Hereu2019s the (potential) workaround: rent a VPN connection from a service (not an endorsement, just an example) such as Hide My Ass! which would allow you to appear to be logging in from the UK.

(This might not work if the BBC streaming video service was proactively blocking IP addresses known to belong to proxy services.

),Any proxy service will add latency to the connection, slowing it down.

Tor probably adds a lot more than commercial VPN services because it has more hops and they are globally distributed.

Sometimes sites disallow connections from Tor exit nodes; the IP addresses for exit nodes are documented by the Tor Project for download or easy lookup: Bulk Tor Exit Exporter (visualization: Tor Exit Nodes Mapped and Located | HackerTarget.