class of sd cards what does it mean,Whats the difference between a TF card and a Micro SD card?

How to identify Class 10 SD card

I have no doubt you know more about this subject of micro sdhc/sdxc cards vs.

micro sdhc/sdxc tf cards.

HOWEVER- I have had some vexing experience that makes me suspect there IS some difference.

I bought some nice micro sd to USB 2.


0 adapters on eBay.

I liked them because, being a Tablet Man to the core, I do a lot of activities where the versatility quickly switching formats saves me much gnashng of teeth.

Another advantage f the tf adapters is that they are much more compact than the linear design (the card mounts inverted and flatly parallel to the device).

This is much easier, comfortable, and stable in tabket use.

The trouble arose when I put micro sdhc cards into the tf designated adapter: after the first use, when the cards functioned normally, thereafter they could not be written to,erased from, or data copied/moved from them.

When I used tf- designated cards tis did not happen.

I have also experienced no trouble using tfa cards in slots not identified as tf .

Micro SD card types

The SD card classes refer to their minimum guaranteed operating speed.

If you use a card in, say, a video camera, but itu2019s not fast enough to keep up with the data being recorded itu2019s going to drop information and end up corrupting whatever important event you were trying to capture.

,The SD association maintains the standards for SD cards (micro SD is just a form factor) and the speed classifications are as follows:,Since the specification is a minimum spec itu2019s possible for a card to work fine for something itu2019s not specced for (like a UHS 3 working in your 8K camera) but itu2019s not guaranteed and you could buy 2 microSDs and find one works in your 8K camera but the other doesnu2019t.