canon g7x mark ii price philippines,What is the most cost effective camera for YouTube?

Canon G7X Mark II sample photos

The two most prominent cameras I can think of is the Canon G7X Mark II or the Canon t5i.

Both these cameras are in the normal price range ($500-$650 not including tax) for cameras that produce the minimal quality aesthetic in youtube nowadays.

,The G7X is smaller and very convenient to carry around with you everywhere.

It is a popular camera for vloggers on youtube because of the clarity it provides and the flip screen where you can see yourself while vlogging.

The photo quality is just as amazing as the video.

Itu2019s a compact digital camera so you obviously canu2019t change the lens on it.

Here is a sample of it in action:,The t5i is a DSLR so the lens are interchangeable.

This is good if you like to vlog and practice taking nice photos manually with differently types of lens.

But the basic lens it comes with should be suffice if you just want to shoot videos with it.

This camera also comes with a flip screen for you to see yourself while shooting as well! Hereu2019s an example of it:,Although both these cameras came out a few years back; In terms of cost efficiency I personally feel their video/photo quality is almost on par with their newer counterpart versions.

,Edit: Channels are, The BROCK family and Krisfit