how to get adobe premiere for free,Which is a better all in one video editor? Adobe Premiere Pro (without AfterEffects), Premiere Elements, Magix Movie Edit Pro, or Magix Video Pro?

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Adobe Premiere Elements

For those aiming to be professional video editors or motion designers - the word is control.

The best app is the one that gives YOU the control.

You should control the software, not the other way around.

,Ive been a motion designer for almost 20 years, always using Adobe products.

By the years, products only got better - faster, cleaner, clever and always giving ME the control of things.

You can do anything a video editor should do with Adobe Premiere, plus seamless integration with all other adobe tools.

And today with Creative Cloud membership you can have all that arsenal of media tools - all together, with tons of info, tutorials, a whole universe dedicated to their users.

Thats a headstart already.