galaxy tab a with s pen 2019 specs,How can I install custom ROM for my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 version (SM-T295)? My Tab is very slow and laggy.

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Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 price

First u need to know if there are developers for ur device only then u will get support for everything,First u need to have a custom recovery like twrp if there is a developer availableu2026.


,Then download the rom that u want again if there is developer availableu2026.


,Just in case there are non eu can try to learn and port recovery and rom to ur device u2026.

If u can u2026.


,A price of advice jsut in case u didnt,Search in XDA threads probably u mi8 get something,Moreover samsung had a crappy OS previously but after one ji I think he stock rom in itself is good .



so why do u want a custom rom anyways with all the battery drain camera and bug issues that accompany the custom rom u2026u2026