supermassive black hole milky way,Which is the largest black hole in the Milky Way galaxy?

What is the biggest black hole in the Milky Way

Sagittarius A*.

It has a mass of 4.

1 million solar mass.

In other words, its mass is 4.

1 million times that of our sun.

Thats about 7.

79 x 10^36 kg.

Thats 7 followed by 36 zeroes.

It is located near the center of our galaxy, 26,000 light-years from us.

M87 black hole

u201cAs part of the Event Horizon Telescope project, researchers captured the very first image of a black hole, and its the beast lurking in the core of galaxy M87.

u201dnu2014 Astronomy MagazineM87 is not a black hole, it is a galaxy.

The u201cMu201d tells you to look it up in the Messier catalog where it is object number 87 out of 110.

,Youu2019ll find it in the sky in the constellation of Virgo, at coordinates: RA 12h 30m 49s | Dec +12u00b0 23u2032 28u2033.

A skymap app on your phone should be able to show you.

,The black hole you are thinking of is at the core of the galaxy.

How many black holes are in the Milky Way

Yes, there is a huge black hole in the center of the Milky Way, and it has been scientifically proven, too.

This makes our galaxy almost a quasar.

Its known as Sagittarius A-Star (A*).

,Experiments by Backer, D.


& Sramek, R.

A, on 1999, suggest it is 26,000 light years away from us, and it is 44 million km in diameter (around Sun - Mercury distance).

This is actually very large for a black hole, because they are dense, and occupy less volume.

,It is not visible to the naked eye, of course, as any black hole doesnu2019t let light escape.

In Addition, it was very hard for scientists to find it/gather data, due to the huge dust between it and the Earth.

,The following image is a X-Ray picture (not Visible Light),Think about itu2026 we arenu2019t very close to the center of the Milky Way.

,There are many spiral arms (which have nebulae, bright stars, etc.

) between the Earth and the Milky Way.

,So now you may asku2026 is it dangerous?,No, and actually it is very helpful, as it keeps the whole galaxy in shape, along with the other satellite galaxies (LMC and SMC) in orbit.

It also helps the Milky Way move in the Local Group.

,It can create a huge explosion in the distant future, when the Local Groupu2019s largest galaxies (Milky Way and Andromeda) collide.

This will happen in 4 billion years.

Since both galaxies have high potentials of becoming into quasars, the collision might make many celestial bodies disappear.

Even the Solar Systemu2019s fate during this collision is unknown; it is not yet known if the Sun will ever get to become into a nebula.

,Where is it found on the night sky?You can actually see the location of this black hole on the night sky, but not actually see the black hole (obviously).

,On a clear night, look towards the brightest spot of the Milky Way.

This light is not caused by emissions by the black hole; these are where young stars are born (thatu2019s why there are many blue stars),A little farther from that area is the Galactic Center (location of A*)Use the constellation Sagittarius, as a guide.