step by step editing in lightroom,What editing style does the Photographer&Blogger Jacqueline Mikuta use on her blog and Instagram pictures? How can I replicate it in Adobe Lightroom?

Lightroom editing styles

I think Richard Goulden is on the right track.

All the images I saw are somewhat desaturated in color.

Also, there is a blue cast to all of them and the contrast setting is soft.

All of these things are easy to adjust in LR and, if you want, to save a preset of settings once you find what you like.

,So take some similar photos and import to LR and experiment with:,-White Balance,-Saturation and Vibrance (the latter adjusts the Unsaturated colors),-Contrast and Clarity,-Blacks and whites levels,Have fun.

How to edit with Lightroom on iPhone

The difference is because your iphones lcd is different from your pcs monitor.

And if you upload it on instagram (for example) the user see it differently because of their devices screen.

If you have a high end monitor (for the PC) you can adjust the colors so your photo looks (kind of) the same on your PC and iPhone.

,No point in editing it again on the phone, expect if you want it to look good on u201cyouru201d iPhone.

(Because if youre going to publish your photo online, everyone see it differently based on their screen)

How to edit photos in Lightroom mobile

Editing photos in lightroom mobile is quite easy.

All you have to do is to export your photo to lightroom and some bsaic settings will edit the photo.

If you are still disturbed then no problem you can visit my youtube channel where I keep bringing tutorials related to Lightroom mobile.

By watching these tutorials, you will also learn how to edit photos in lightroom mobile, that too like a pro.