photoshop thank you card template,What are some unique ways to make your own greeting card?

Thank you card template Word

A greeting card seems like one of the most intimate ways to show love and appreciation.

If youu2019re tired of following those old school methods, of preparing greeting cards and are looking for something fresh, there are various tools that allow you to prepare cards according to your requirements.

You can create your Thank-you card using Microsoft Word.

Your job will be done, but it is tiresome and takes a lot of time.

A more efficient and professional way can be to use EdrawMax, an online all-in-one diagram maker.

,EdrawMax is an online tool to create and customize your greeting card.

This software has a rich template gallery with a wide collection of various types of cards for you to choose from and use directly with minimum effort.

,If you want to design your card from scratch with EdrawMax, all you have to do is follow these steps:,Step 1: Open EdrawMax online on your browser.

Alternatively, you can download the EdrawMax software and run it on your device.

,Step 2: Search for the card option on the EdrawMax online page.

Once found, tap on the option Thank-you Card found under the u201ccardu201d classification.

,Step 3: Tap on the plus sign and start customizing.

You can change the theme, add personalized messages and images.

You are free to choose the font and the colours as well.

,Step 4: Once satisfied with your Thank-you card, you can either save the card as a Graphic or PDF to print it or share it online.

,If you are in a hurry or out of ideas, you can make use of the wide collection of pre-made templates and customize them according to your requirements in EdrawMax.

In all cases, EdrawMax will help you to design your Thank you cards in a unique way.

Free printable Thank you cards PDF

u2192 11 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2021 u2190I found this article after a few searches on Google.

They have listed the 11 best keyword research tools of 2021.

I am sure that it will help you out tremendously.

It provides very transparency features .

where you have to simply provide some information like business location, and the type of business you are trying to search for the keyword.

Hey Rick, thanks man! I appreciate that.

Iu2019ll definitely keep it up.

We have some cool stuff on the way.

,Both individual and professional websites can use SpyFu since it offers crucial analytic data to the user.

Although my client wanted me to provide competitive analysis services, I also using SpyFu, and I will show you later on how it has worked for my client and me.

Find hundreds of relevant keywords, question phrases, closely-associated terms, comparison keywords, for any seed keyword, while learning more about your seed keyword difficulty and popularity.

Our keyword suggestion tool lets you export your keywords to a CSV file, which you can later import to the KGR bulk checker for further analysis,Another thing I like about Ahrefs is that it shows you a timeline of what websites have shown up in the SERPs.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? These ones are where I recommend you concentrate your attention rather than getting overwhelmed by all the features and flitting from tool to tool.

The Keyword Research tool is worth its weight in gold all by itself and is definitely the most important and most used feature.

Use it and use it wisely u2013 if you really want to see traffic you have to invest effort into SEO and do your research BEFORE you start writing or creating posts.

,Now, after knowing the value of using these online tools, you may begin to wonder which of them serves as the best tool.

The point here, however, is that the best tool for you depends on what kind of keyword search volume youu2019re doing.

Step 1: Grab Job Descriptions Visit three of your favorite job boards (e.


, Simply Hired, Indeed, Monster).

,Heyy Brian, Looking at your blog post has always inspired me to create quality content.

Thank you for not being a generic blog post popping up on Google.

Results show that keyword research is still a vital part of search engine optimization.

Internet Marketers canu2019t do without it as it enables them target their prospective buyers.

,The Keyword Difficulty, Volume, and expected Organic Click-Through Rate scores help predict your ability to rank and drive traffic.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Squirrly SEO brings you ALL the tools you need for the best SEO strategy and will guide you through what you have to do in order to achieve the best results.

,You might notice that most queries include a callout to the cut, style or colour (e.


, black, skinny, etc).

You can also use it to bulk check competition for numerous keywords from the research page.

Better still, you can paste your list of keywords into the bulk keyword difficulty checker.

,So why does it have to do something so crazy with the keywords it gives you? Look at how these are laid out.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Every selected keyword will pass through an algorithm that will run over 100 queries on it and on the related keywords found.

It will check the competition, social discussion, search volume, and the trend for the last 90 days.

,I have used some of your resources to learn and teach my clients as well.

You are an invaluable assett to the web community.

I really enjoyed this overiew and will link to it on my web site for my users to enjoy and prosper from as well.

If you have a new site/business or your focus is on content, I recommend Long Tail Pro.

Itu2019s affordable and still a powerhouse of keyword research.

Spencer continues using it for his Niche Site Project 4 even now.

,i tot Market Samurai also retrieve the keywords from the Google Planner.


,and Thank you Kristi for this.

indeed helpful.

List of Bonus Keywords - The tool provides you with the local keywords by comparing them to high traffic blogs, and you can spy those keywords.

,Since this manufacturer is rather niche and somewhat unheard of on the web it presents a good opportunity to see how well these tools do deep keyword research.

Pinterest was the #1 source of traffic for our first health and wellness blog and is a major source of traffic for this blog.

Itu2019s also what we used to get ideas for new content.

,Itu2019s very easy to rank for long tail keywords if you do proper on-page seo.

Below are some good onpage practice to focus on! Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? This is quite an eye-opener to me.

Thank you for making a complicated topic simple for people like me.

,Jot down content keyword ideas as you go through SEMrush.

Even better, you can export keywords at any time, just by clicking the Export button.

Very detailed post you have here Prosper, I look forward to using the Long Tail Keyword tool and follow this guide, let see what result i could yield for me too.

Thanks,Whatu2019s more, the industry youu2019re in will be constantly monitored.

This allows Squirrly to suggest new topic ideas you can pursue, even if youu2019re not actively doing keyword research.

It gives you everything you need to choose the best and most relevant keywords.

It also enables you to analyze the competition for each keyword, which is very important when focusing on the less competitive phrases.

This makes a huge difference.

It increases your chance to receive organic targeted traffic from search engines.

,You need keyword research tool in order to find out which words your target clients would be using in order to find information related to the niche.

Keyword tool tells you what people are searching.

This can be a big help for you in finding the right keywords to use in your niche.

Another benefit is they provide a framework to create content around u2013 you will have keywords that are statistically proven.

,u00abYouTube is an incredibly important channel for my business, through which I draw in a lot of my traffic and many of my customers.

This makes YTCockpit really exciting for me.

Though itu2019s a paid tool, SEMRush is often the go-to keyword research tool for many businesses and SEO experts.

As you can see in the screenshot above, SEMRush delivers quick info for any given keyword, providing the monthly search volume, total number of results, and the cost-per-click (CPC).

,While doing keyword research, itu2019s extremely important to know the top ranking sites for any keyword that you want to rank for.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? I love the QSR rating.

Itu2019s a measure of how many other websites are ranking for that exact keyword.

At once glance, you can get an estimate of what your competition is going to be like.

That is pretty handy.

,To determine true search volume, grab the #1 result on Google for the keyword and plug it into Ahrefs or Uber Suggest to see how much traffic that page actually gets.

That should give you a more accurate picture of the search volume for a given keyword.

This usually means local Perth business should focus on more long-tail keywords which have less competition u2013 think of search terms such as u2018can I do driving lessons in my own caru2019 rather than just u2018driving lessonsu2019.

So, to identify the winning keywords you should be targeting, you need to find the right keyword research tools that will yield the data (such as Google search volume and competition).

,Keyword Revealer is a huge time saver for anyone looking to uncover low-competition keywords.

Start focusing your SEO efforts on easy-to-rank terms with low difficulty scores.

In this chapter, weu2019ll run through a few actionable ways to improve your knowledge in both those areas and discover potentially winning keywords for your website in the process.

,Who itu2019s best for: Keyword Planner is free, but there are other free tools out there that do the same thing and do it better.

I recommend Keyword Planner for my worst enemy and for masochists.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Keyword Tool is very similar to Google Keyword Planner.

Itu2019s free for first 750+ keywords and extremely easy to get started with.

The Keyword Tool u201cBasicu201d plan starts at $69 per month and is billed annually.

,Hi Ankit.

Nice list of keyword research tools.

,Actually I am confused about which one is best? SEMrush or Google keyword planner? Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? I keep keyword research super simple so 4 is literally everything I have in my current u201ceveryday useu201d arsenal; Semrush, Ahrefs, AnswerThePublic, and KeywordsEverywhere.

,SpyFu is an excellent keyword research and competitive analysis tool that gives other devices a run for their money.

However, if you feel like it is not the right tool for you, here are the top SpyFu competitors or alternatives that are worth it: Position tracking is kind of like a sophisticated version of Google Trends, letting you see a keywordu2019s position in SERPs and analyze the history of rises and drops.

Their colorful, visual charts are also super helpful for more quickly understanding trends and analyzing results.

,Deeper Terms are Usually Cheaper:,If you rely on only a few of the most generic terms for your traffic then competitors with deep pockets can easily wipe you out.

Due to the clickthrough rate factoring into the click price only smart competitors who research their keywords well will be able to compete with a deep focused account full of hundreds or thousands of valuable search terms.

Mailerlite vs ActiveCampaign.

Why I switched from Mailerlite to ActiveCampaign, and why you should consider switching! ActiveCampaign is much more robust than Mailerlite,Search History: This is a favourite tool that I often use; it will remember any previous keyword search I have done and will allow me to save it to my saved list It covers everything you need to know about keyword research as a beginner, from how to find ideas, to how to analyze, target, and prioritize keywords, and more!!,Next, do the same step using the Data Cube for your competitors.

This second review of your competitorsu2019 keywords and rankings can give a more objective picture of the competitive landscape, and help you identify gaps or opportunities where you can optimize for keywords that you may have missed.

GrowthBar provides the estimated monthly volume of a keyword that you searched for and the ranking difficulty score.

GrowthBar also provides a list of keyword suggestions that provides more data and more keywords than the regular related search from Google.

,Donu2019t get me wrong: itu2019s nice that AnswerThePublic instills context to long-tail keywords and gives you a clear idea about the user intent.

However, it usually yields fewer suggestions than other keyword research tools.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? If you run an online store with a blog, you need to understand which to target with blog posts vs.

product pages.

,They come direct from Google.

If youu2019d like to see exactly how, look at the formula in cell C2 in the u2018Datau2019 sheet (unhide it first).

As much as I love the filtering options in KWFinder, thereu2019s something more intuitive about how Ahrefs manages this.

,The niche you choose to get into is one of the main determining factors of your success online.

Itu2019s important to choose a profitable niche where you u2026 Youu2019re welcome, Henry.

With guides like these, chunking is super important.

So I try to make it so itu2019s not a giant wall of info.

But more like an SNES strategy guide.

,So now that weu2019ve taken a look at the free keyword tools itu2019s time to take on the big hitters of the keyword research industry.

Moz Keyword Explorer does offer you the ability to create keyword lists from the keyword suggestions it generates, but thatu2019s pretty much where the collation features end.

,I love my mom and I want her to succeed, but I know sheu2019s on a very tight budget.

I tell her to buy a domain name at Namecheap, get hosting with Bluehost, and spend the rest on one month of a keyword research tool.

Once you find a potential silo, be sure to run the keywords through steps 2 and 3 before you commit to it! Just because you found a silo, doesnu2019t mean you should pursue it.

Think logically about how all that content will fit into your business and how you can expand on it in the future.

,Keyword Golden ratio and generally allintitle research will save you from a big hustle.

It wonu2019t let you do mistakes you usually would when it comes to low competition keyword research.

Follow this guide to learn more about KGR and allintitle research.

Then I suggest try once ubersuggest you automatically loved this tool.

Because of its simple and outstanding features.

,Also, you can use the u201cFilteru201d feature to filter all the keyword results so you can easily narrow down the exact keywords that match your keyword criteria.

Up to quite recently, I would have considered KWFinder to be the next best thing to Ahrefs in terms of calculating keyword difficulty.

,Keyword Planneru2019s absurd search volume ranges also offer very little value to bloggers who need to balance keyword competitiveness and profitability.

Who itu2019s best for: Jaaxy is a good pick for budget buyers or those who need some unique keywords for their content.

,Search Engines are evolving with every passing day and so are your competitors.

Win the game with a smarter Keyword Research tool inspired by algorithms that drives search engines today.

Using this powerful tool for free is quite inspiring, Keep it up sir for coming to the common man rescue in this difficult times.

,Anjali, I think you should start with the Keyword Planner from Google.

As a free option it is one of the best.

SEMRush is great but you need to pay for it to be really effective.

After GKP (Google Keyword Planner) I would also take a look at the other, more unknown suggestions Ankit talked about like KWFinder or Keyword Eye u2013 they are quite good and will sometimes reveal keywords you wouldnu2019t find otherwise (for free).

SEMrush hosts a 7-day free trial of the service.

You do need to enter credit card details to get access to the trial, but there are no charges levied if you choose to cancel your subscription within the 7-day trial.

,SpyFuu2019s overview page alone is crammed with keyword data and insights that would otherwise be invisible using other tools.

You could even find keywords that multiple competitors are targeting or generate white label reports u2014 just in case your blog is run by a team.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Even if you do have prior experience using keyword research tools, youu2019ll find that Ranktrackeru2019s keyword tool will make your job easier and faster! And, as any marketing professional knows, the faster you work, the more money you make.

,Can you confirm me that it doesnu2019t use our own IP to scrap resultsu2026 So no risk to have a captcha asked by Google? Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Looking for keyword ideas for your next blog content? Want to analyze information like search volume, CPC, and related keywords? What if I told you, you can do it without a premium keyword research platform?u2026,What the Google Keyword Planner did well was to provide you with a quick and easy way to generate a list of related keywords for a niche site.

Whatu2019s so crazy about this is that when I search a longer keyword, such as u201cbest proteinu201d, I get thousands of results.

,While this gives you data for your seed keyword, the real research begins as you dig deeper.

Click u201cKeyword Ideasu201d in the left sidebar for the following: Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Search Metrics Suite is an SEO and analytics tool that includes keyword research tools and search volume data.

Includes competitor keywords as well as related keyword suggestions.

,The filter feature is excellent for short- and long-tail searches.

Use it to narrow your results so you can focus your time on the most relevant keywords.

You can even use the filter feature to focus on a content hub, like for cat breeds.

One thing I didnu2019t like about this feature was how few results are displayed down the page.

For my query u201cProteinu201d, I got 11 total results of sites that ranked.

,This information is exactly what I am looking for to make my SEO more effective.

There is so much information for me to digest.

Thanks again.

Signing up for YTCockpit is absolutely risk-free for you.

We know that once you see this in action and have tried it for yourself, you will love it.

In fact, you will probably wonder how you ever did without it! If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with YTCockpit, you can get your money back within 30 days.

Simple as that.

,As a paid keyword research software, youu2019d expect KWFinderu2019s reporting features to be significantly better than a free tool like Ubersuggest.

Are you targeting a local market in a different area to where you are now? If so, youu2019ll need to do location-specific keyword research.

Select the location or language you prefer to get the most accurate keyword suggestions.

,Use the onscreen selector to change the language if desired.

Press Get Questions or use the enter key.

Youu2019ll be redirected to another page with all the questions.

This is how keyword research helps you analyze the competition and choose the best and most appropriate key phrase that can drive free organic traffic to your blog.

,Google Keyword planner works best for me, better then most services.

Other then this SEmrush and Long Tail pro are another good options, you can give a try.


And Ubersuggest is the most detailed source to find engagement over similar ideas and what works best.

Thus, we continue on to Google Analytics, which is the best way to keep an eye on the performance of own website.

,Definition: long-tail keywords are search phrases that are highly relevant to your specific niche, product, service, or topic, have low competition level, comparatively low search volume, and, generally, consist of 3+ words.

Despite the fact I need to share 4 tools, I can name only 2, but these are the best keyword research tools.

,Unlike similar tools, Serpstat is a page-oriented platform for in-depth competitive analysis.

You can find competitors and define missing keywords for a single URL or even entire domains.

You can also view historical position data for a range of pages organized by phrase, as well as see which pages have dropped in rank and their rank distribution as a percentage, which is very handy if you want to compare data from two different time periods or observe changes over time based on algorithm updates and other factors.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Doing Competitor Analysis on the basis of Keywords is a good strategy.

This helps in determining the major and strong keywords for your website which can help in competing and comparing the competition between you and your competitors.

,And the long tail of that curve consists of hundreds of millions of keywords with very low search volumes.

Examples include: Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? The moral of the story? Donu2019t judge keywords on their Search volume (or Clicks) alone.

Look at the top-ranking results to estimate the total search traffic potential of the topic.

In most cases, the search volume of a keyword will indeed correlate with the topicu2019s overall u2018traffic potentialu2019.

However, being attentive to this detail will help you prioritize your keywords and find keyword opportunities that your competitors have overlooked.

,Amazing, have you actually ever published something that did not look so wonderful.

Really you always make all my stuff look drab and boring.

Although I have to do it myself, being small but hope to have good looking content like some day, when I am rich and famous like you.

Thanks for all the help you give us And the reason you gave this away for free isu2026jk.

Kick ass guide Brian.

Much more valuable than some of the paid guides.

Would be sweet if you could package this up into a printable PDF.

,You can also do this with Ahrefs, SEMrush, and the majority of marketing and SEO analytics platforms out there.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? External IPs are only allowed so many searches (15u201320 Little OR 1u20132 Big) before they are given a timeout.

,And if you want more details, then the keyword research tool gives a comprehensive competitive map of the keyword.

You can view the top 100 Google search results for any keyword and see which websites are ranking in the top 10.

Content angle is the main selling point of the content.

For example, people searching for u201chow to make latteu201d seem to want to know how to do it without a machine or any special equipment.

,One day you may consider its time to sell your domain and website, but you are unsure how to go about this process.

From my research, I have come across some places where you can sell your domains: Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Jaaxy is an awesome keyword research tool that doesnu2019t need to be installed onto your computer and can be used by all skill levels of online marketers.

,Thank you Akinboboye ud83dude42,I am so happy that you like what I do here for nice people like youu2026,Please donu2019t stop supporting me.

Great Article very helpful.

What are your views about Longtail Pro?,Iu2019d be interested in your opinion.

,Thanks to fierce competition and constant updates in technology, some keyword research tools have become an invaluable hub of SEO and keyword data.

There are a few main ways to use the keyword results.

First, youu2019ll hopefully find some low competition keywords to target directly.

Additionally, you could feed this list of keywords through other keyword research tools to get an even bigger list of keywords that you might not have found originally.

A final idea is to use the results to create accurate audience personas.

,Long Tail Pro is more than just a long tail keyword generator.

Itu2019s also a comprehensive SEO tool that can drill down the backlink profile of any page.

For example, you can group keywords based on the different stages that shape your customeru2019s journey:,Still, the free version delivers a great list of related keywords, alphabetized for easy scanning.

For instance, consider our last example regarding landscaping.

Using the same keyword, you simply enter into u00dcbersuggest and a list of related keywords are provided.

See the image below to get a better idea.

There are numerous tools online that can provide data on your competitor keywords, but most of them cost quite a lot.

However, we found a few free tools or those that offer a long free trial u2013 find them below:,This is a paid tool.

However, with the free version, you can conduct only 3 searches every day.

You also get access to regional search results and keywords performance overview.

One of the best reasons to use Ranktrackeru2019s keyword research tool is that youu2019ll be able to take a look at all of the top keywords that your competitors are using.

,Shows how many different websites are linking to this piece of content.

As a general rule, the more websites link to you, the higher you rank in Google.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Use the Keyword Brainstorming tool to explore new niche ideas and group them in the correct silo structure.

,As a marketer, your goal is to get your website ranked on page one of Google.

Googleu2019s goal is to understand search intent and provide the most u2026 There are a few basic steps you need to go through when hunting out the keywords you are going to use on your website.

,Relevance is the most important factor to consider when choosing the right keywords for SEO.

Why? Because the more specific you are, the better.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? What stops you? Get to work with this Free Keyword Research Tool and increase your traffic and reduce your time.

,Affiliate marketers who need or want a no-frills keyword research tool with multiple foreign language databases.

Look at all of those statistics! I put all of the super important and super helpful things in a red box.

,Just like all of our tools here at Jungle Scout, we wanted to ensure that Keyword Scout was not just powerful, but easy to use, too.

There is no point ranking highly for a keyword if nobody is searching for it.

Generally, the higher the search volume the better.

,The Keyword Planner interface also isnu2019t exactly among the user-friendliest.

Still, beginners should have no problem getting what they need from the tool.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Online marketing is not that easy as you may think.

Getting high rankings in the SERP or Search Engine Result Page is not an easy task.

There are tools which can help you with it.

What is keyword research tool? This is the tool that helps you to find the right words that your target market would use when they are looking for a particular topic.

,Thanks Hermant.

Thatu2019s a tough thing to diagnose.

It could be an update, penalty, a technical SEO issue.

Itu2019s hard to say without really digging into your Google Analytics and GSC.

That said, one thing Iu2019d look at is if your entire site dropped or just a few pages.

Sometimes focusing on pages that did and didnu2019t get hit can help you figure things out.

Because it allows you u2013 amongst others things u2013 to root out keywords that have zero SERP features, which should make them easier to rank for.

,If you are looking to rank on the serps (search engine results page) you should start leveraging keyword research.

Amazon Keyword Research Tool by Helium 10 equips you with the most relevant keywords that can capture traffic from real customer search queries on Amazon.

,At the top left, youu2019ll see an estimate of their organic and paid traffic and the estimated value of each.

To the right, youu2019ll see an estimated guess of their search traffic.

(Click on all images to enlarge.

) On top of that, Iu2019ve also released a few other features as well related to link data and traffic estimations.

,You should use WordStream when looking for long tail keywords.

The free version of the keyword research tool will provide you with multiple combinations of keyword phrase along with their search volume -the higher the search volume, the more popular is the keyword phrase.

Highly relevant keywords in your product description or PPC campaign are instrumental in increasing your product ranking and, ultimately, your sales.

BQoolu2019s Keyword Generator benefits you by utilizing actual search data from potential buyers to generate an extensive list of relevant keywords with the associated traffic metrics, that will supercharge your Amazon product listings to the first page.

,It would be nice to be able to see some of the stats like Domain Authority, Page Authority, incoming backlinks, etc.

I think that Jaaxy should consider moving those results from the Search Analysis tool to the Site Rank tool weu2019re looking at now.

If a keyword has a difficulty score of 8, but the top ranking pages are all DR 80+, ranking your site for those keywords may be difficult if you have a low DR, despite the low difficulty score.

,Weu2019ve helped sellers launch their products through giveaways and can now estimate how many giveaways would be required to rank in the top three spots for a respective keyword.

The number of giveaways shown in Keyword Scout is what would be required for the first 7u20137 days to achieve the top three spots.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? The Alphabet Soup tool can help you locate long tail keywords that are a little bit more obscure.

These are very, very specific searches that people are looking for and Jaaxy helps you to solve your viewersu2019 needs.

When you solve needs, you become more authoritative.

Your audience trusts you more and is more willing to buy from you.

,The use of the best keyword research tool is so beneficial not only for your online business but for improving your social aspect as well.

The keyword suggestions are also sorted into four categories: u201cHaving same terms,u201d u201cQuestions,u201d u201cAlso rank for,u201d and u201cNewly discoveredu201d u2014 all of which are rather self-explanatory.

,Products I Use For Making Videos:My Phone, Mic, Camera, Tripod, Lights & Laptop:- Techno Vedants Amazon Page The default option of Keyword Research will reveal around 10u201320 results while the complex one can deliver around 50 results at once u2013 thatu2019s up to 50 new ideas for creating relevant content that has the highest potential for achieving top rankings.

(doing a deep/complex keyword research requires having a Business account),Title, Desc (Description) and URL simply state whether the keyword is present in them or not.

If the keyword isnu2019t present in all of them or any of them thatu2019s also a good sign as you can make sure to have it present in yours and therefore increase the possibility you might rank better than posts that donu2019t have it in all three.

Like I mentioned earlier, I wrote a post about YouTube SEO.

And that post ranks in the top 3 for that keyword.

,Not only does the tool import keywords from Google Search Console, but each one is analyzed through the HitTail algorithm to provide topics that can help boost your search engine rankings and increase traffic.

Just know that while itu2019s important to align your content with what searchers expect, you donu2019t necessarily want to follow the herd and keep searchers in the bubble of their expectations.

If youu2019re confident that you can get searchersu2019 attention with a different content type, format, or angle, give it a shot.

,Keyword research is a crucial element of modern SEO.

Whether youu2019re kick-starting an old blog or developing your content strategy for a new one; good quality keywords are one of the most efficient ways to attract consistent, quality traffic to your site.

Weu2019ve compiled a list of some of the best keyword research tools to help you conquer your content.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? I agree short tail keywords are good too, however for any beginner, itsu2019 recommended they focus on long tail keywords to drive organic traffic.

keep it up.

,Since the system collects usersu2019 clickstream data, it reveals quite accurate Search Volume.

Due to the large backlink index, Ahrefs also gives an accurate Keyword Difficulty score based on that data.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Do you think itu2019s easy to rank for u201cwhat is the best humidifieru201d when TheWireCutter is at the top of the search results?,This type of person runs massive outreach campaigns at scale.

15 out of 16 waking hours is spent in Ahrefs for the Link Building Monster.

When this person does take breaks, itu2019s to play Legend of Zelda and they only play it because of the main characteru2019s name (itu2019s Link).

Look at those u201cSEOu201d scores.

As mentioned before, those are keyword difficulty scores from 100u20131, with 100 being the easiest and 1 being the hardest.

Jaaxy is saying that it is very, very easy to rank for every single one of those keywords.

,Thanks for the info and the suggest tool.

Do you guys also have a strategy on which keywords to exclude in campaigns? Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Such a great post ever , your writing style is great these tools are awesome and very helpful for us Thank you for sharing nice post,Now seeing these few results with low Keyword Competition and good search volume from the analysis doesnu2019t mean you are going to rank so fast.

For example, when I search for u201cSEO Toolsu201d, I see terms like u201cGoogle Keyword Planner SEOu201d and u201cu201dFree SEO analysisu201d.

,Keyword Scout isnu2019t just your best tool for Amazon keyword research, but it helps with promotional giveaways, too.

To the right of the Dominant Category is the Recommended Giveaway column.

This column tells you the suggested number of units that you need to giveaway daily on Jungle Scout.

And thatu2019s not even the best part! The HOTH Google Keyword Planner Tool helps find high volume terms and phrases that relate to your primary keyword.

,Enter a keyword or keyword phrase below and get started with your keyword research!,Long tail keyword is the first keyword strategy any new blog show work on before targeting short tail keywords.

Simply enter in the main Keyword for any post that you want to improve the ranking on, and select whether youu2019re looking for guest posts, forums or blogs.

I donu2019t do link outreach and the few times Iu2019ve tested it for recipes it hasnu2019t yielded many results, but it definitely has potential!,Keywords are extremely important for buyers to find you on Amazon.

Here are some free tools to help you with that: Itu2019s a great list.

I use Keyword Planner and Keyword Everywhere most of the time, Iu2019ll definitely give a try to other tools.

Thanks Brian, your content is really helpful for me.

,If you notice any trends among these keyword ideas, you can use those as new seed keywords in Keywords Explorer to find more ideas.

For example, if we use u201caeropressu201d as a seed keyword and check the u201cPhrase matchu201d report, we see thousands of keyword ideas.

When you enter this module, the first thing you should do is to submit a keyword and let Keysearch generate the main ten rankings for that keyword.

Also, it will generate a list of numerous related keywords.

,In this tool, you can enter any keyword and find out its search volume and keyword difficulty.

It will also provide you an outline for the content that you need to rank for the keyword that you want.

When it comes to drilling down to a single term, you canu2019t do much better than the features found in Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

,Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner are the best according to me as I have been using both tools for a long time and always satisfied with their results.

The filtering options in the left box are pretty lame, but better than any other free keyword research tool with the exception of Ubersuggest.

,KWFinder makes it easy to do the keyword analysis that I explained earlier where I rely on domain authority and referring domains.

With any keyword you search, KWFinder updates the SERPs on the right side of the screen.

Googleu2019s Autocomplete or u2018search suggestu2019 can be seen in the search predictions one sees when typing a query into Google:,Positionly is an all in one SEO suite that is designed for the non-technical website user and includes a keyword research tool.

One thing thatu2019s very unique about the Ahrefs keyword explorer is whatu2019s called Volume Distribution.

Iu2019ve highlighted it in the screenshot below.

,The task of brainstorming for new keywords can be daunting.

Especially in small niche industries, how many keywords are actually relevant to your company? ABC Tires:,Their tool only listed a couple useful direct terms, but also listed about 30 good related phrases or modifiers and about 50 useless ones.

Their keyword research tool has a 90 result limit.

,And unless you have access to volume distribution, you have to do a manual search for each keyword to see whether there are featured snippets.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? No, you canu2019t.

KWFinder keyword research tool is a part of Mangools SEO tools and they donu2019t sell their tools separately.

Mangools offers you 5 different SEO tools including KWFinder and their pricing plans start just at $29.

90 per month.

,These opportunity keywords are the phrases or words for which your page is ranked between 8 to 20 on Google.

This way, you can know where to divert your energy in terms of boosting traffic.

If you optimize your page for an opportunity keyword, you can get a real boost u2013as high as #1.

Great amount of information you got posted here.

This is a valuable resource of information for anyone looking to do keyword research.

Have used several of the applications and tools provided on this list.

Making use of any of these are of a great benefit.

,Track every backlink to your root domain or any specific page hassle-free.

Just enter the URL and let Long Tail Pro do the rest.

You can generate new random keyword suggestions using SEOkeyworder or find CPC, Volume, Competitin, of your given keywords as well.

,So if you could find these keywords that your site is ranking for, and boost them up, you could see a massive jump in traffic! Rae Hoffman aka Sugarrae is a veteran digital marketer and SEO consultant.

She is also a serial entrepreneur.

You can find out more about her entrepreneurial efforts here.

Rae is most active on Twitter.

,Another thing I like are the options that I have with each keyword.

I can click the u201cGu201d to the left of any keyword to look it up in Google.

And if I highlight a certain keyword, Long Tail Pro gives me several options.

More and more, we hear how much SEO has evolved over just the last 10 years, and how unimportant keywords themselves have become to our ability to rank well for the searches people make every day.

,Semrush is my go-to keyword research tool.

Why? The Keyword Magic Tool makes sorting, exploring, and gathering data for long-tail question based queries simple.

Weu2019ve found that long-tail, question-based keywords are hidden gems, since competition levels are much lower.

Semrush gives us ample data to explore these keywords.

Youu2019ll need a Google Adwords account to get started.

Click on the three-dot menu, then click Tools & Settings u00bb Planning u00bb Keyword Planner.

The tool will launch in a new window.

,Primarily, keyword tracker tools are categorized based on either basic functions or the competitor-based function.

However, there are lots of them that suit users differently.

Itu2019s a very easy-to-use tool and provides you with some important information without getting too lost in the data overwhelm.

,Great list, very helpful.

Thank you Brian!,Do you happen to know of any free tool for monitoring keywords for your website?,Thank you.

Keyword research is a great factor to consider to money making bloggers.

You have pointed out some excellent software here.

This is the SEO post of September.

Keep up the good work.

,Quick an easy keyword research! Iu2019ve isolated a few keywords on page 3, nothing on page 2 yet.

Guess itu2019s time to start writing some keyword targeted content! Hate writing though.

ud83dude41 Not a lot of keyword research tools can utilize compound filters like Serpstat.

And for that, it deserves a perfect score.

,More so than other tools, there are many features and options with Term Explorer.

Youu2019ll see what this means, as you create your first job.

Why did Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, leave SEOMoz? Maybe I should ask, whatu2019s your research strategy? Because I do wonder how on earth you dig up these valuable details.

,The Keysearch Explorer section is another personal favorite of mine.

You can type in any URL and select either the entire domain or that specific URL and return information on the strength of the domain/page, how many backlinks they have and what they are, the top keywords, and top competitors, among other interesting tidbits.

By going to u2018Keyword Research,u2019 you can perform what you should know by now as the standard way of doing keyword research.

You simply enter a seed keyword, fiddle with the region or language options if you must, and then click u2018Search.

u2019,Visually, the interface is clean but dated, providing you with a quick overview of the important metrics, including: Ubersuggest provides detailed information related to a keyword that includes search volume, ranking difficulty, cost per click, average clicks on a particular keyword, age range analysis of the searcher, along with some accurate keyword suggestions.

These suggestions also have their individual records that can help you to pick one or more from the related keywords.

,One of the things I like most about DataForSEO is that you have the opportunity to filter keywords and sort them by the particular metrics.

This way you can compare ideas against each other and select the most powerful keywords relevant to your project.

One of the most difficult aspects of keyword research is discovering new keyword phrases based on searcher intent.

Our Keyword Brainstorming tool will allow you to discover the specific context in which your keywords are being used within the search engines.

,Previously, you could use Alexau2019s competitive analysis tools to look up a specific website and see what keywords are driving organic and paid traffic to that site.

With the new Keyword Research tool we recently released you can also look up by keyword, and find the top sites receiving organic or paid traffic from that keyword.

The tools are integrated so that you can easily click back and forth between a site view and a keyword view.

Donu2019t forget that if you want to give Jaaxy a test run, you can try it out for free.

Thereu2019s no cost or time limit, but you will be limited to 30 keyword searches.

If youu2019re running a small business or just getting started, these 30 could provide enough ammunition for a while.