new dji mavic air 2 release date,Does the DJI Mavic Air 2S have an active track?

Mavic Air 2 vs Air 2S

Yes, an Air 2 has some active tracking abilityu2026,Please, google with terms like u2018how to use dji air 2 active tracku2019 and see the articles and YouTubes about it.

Or, read the Fine manual DJI provides.

And, the product name is _not_ u2018DJI Mavic Air 2u2019 it is a u2018DJI Air 2u2019.

The Mini and the Air both dropped the u2018Mavicu2019 from their names, although theyu2019re still listed under u2018Mavicu2019 at the DJI storeu2026,A Skydio 2 is probably the best of the selfie drones and if youu2019ll google with terms like u2018Skydio 2 vs.

Air 2 active tracku2019 youu2019ll see several good comparisons.

,The Skydio dedicates 8 cores and 6 hemispherical cameras to its obstacle avoidance, keeps a detailed 3D model of its surroundings, can be used with a GPS beacon on the subject, and has better AI to find itu2019s way around obstacles and keep tracking.

,The Air 2 only has six-way proximity sensors and limited ability to get out of trouble, will stop and hover, where the Skydio will try hard to find away around obstacles.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Pro

They are simply in different categories.

Mini is for beginners, 2 Pro is for professionals.

Mavic Air 2 positioned by DJI perfectly between the Mavic Mini and Mavic 2 Pro, and offers excellent value for the money for most people.

It provides a major improvement from the original Mavic Air, and it has plenty of features that hit above its weight class, here is a hands-on overview of its features:,Mavic Air 2 is the first DJI drone to come with AirSense, a safety program that warns you when other aircraft are nearby.

It also has obstacle sensors on the front and back to help prevent collisions and a sensor on the bottom to assist in landing.

,The biggest redesign was with the controller - there are no visible antennas, and instead there are spring-loaded mounts for a phone which is very convenient to use: The Best Drone Under $1,000: The DJI Mavic Air 2 (it also provides quick comparison with othe DJI models),I found an interesting test comparing how much weight these drones can lift - the numbers differ quite significantly for Air 2 and 2 Pro as compared to Mini:,Mavic Mini - 181 g,Mavic Air 2 - 830 g,Mavic Pro 2 - 1137 g