astrophotography post processing,How can I edit astrophotography pictures?

How to edit astrophotography Photoshop

I am a BIG fan of Adobe Photoshop when it comes to editing astrophotography images.

I have been using it for years, and I still have not reached my full potential in terms of image quality.

,I am sure many others will suggest using PixInsight for editing astrophotography pictures, particularly deep sky images.

PixInsight is certainly an amazingly powerful piece of software, but I personally just enjoy the editing experience in Photoshop so much more.

,Here is a recent Milky Way processing tutorial I recorded using Adobe Photoshop.

,How To Edit the Milky Way in Photoshop (Video Tutorial)An astrophoto (The Milky Way) edited using Adobe PhotoshopBeginners may find it a bit overwhelming, while experienced users will have there own opinions about the best way to process the Milky Way.

No matter what skill level youu2019re currently at, the video should give you a better idea of how itu2019s done.

,The main point I would like to make, is that you should choose the method you enjoy the most.

For me, thatu2019s Adobe Photoshop.