images of partial solar eclipse,When is the next full solar eclipse?

Total solar eclipse

A solar eclipse is a shadow of the Moon under the sun light.

But due to their astronomical sizes and because the Moon is so far away and the Sun is even further away, the shadow is not an ordinary shadow, it creates a sensation.

,First of all, the shadow is huge.

It covers a few thousand miles on Earth and lasts a few hours if it happens.

,Second of all, it moves swiftly across the Globe, like over a thousand miles an hour, because all three celestial bodies involved - the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth - are moving.

,Most interestingly, the shadow is not shaped like the body, which is the Moon; itu2019s shaped like an egg, with layers.

Ordinarily, when we think of a shadow, we think from a small light source, so the shadow is usually bigger, sometimes much bigger, than the body.

But in an eclipse, the light source (Sun) is much bigger than the body (the Moon).

In the mean time, the apparent sizes of the Sun and the Moon are about the same, both of which can be covered by your finger, no matter how far you stretch out your finger.

With these taken into account, the shadow is an egg with a tiny yolk and the shadow is smaller than the body.

The egg white is a partial eclipse; it lasts a few hours.

The sun light is dimmed a tiny bit.

Other than that, we donu2019t feel anything.

Even 1% of normal sun light is enough to light up the whole sky and our neighborhood.

Youu2019ll need an eclipse goggle to watch the wane of the sun.

Once you reach the yolk, thatu2019s where the sensation is.

It is total eclipse and lasts only a few minutes top.

The whole world suddenly turns pitch dark.

There is this diamond ring in the sky, which is not the sun, but its corona.

Itu2019s like driving into a total darkness in warp speed, except there is no driving.

The Aug 21, 2017 total eclipse is a sensation because it is the first time that happens in the US in the past 100 years or so.

How sensational? Millions and millions of eclipse goggles are made.

The cost is u00a2.

The sale is $$$.

Plus, they donu2019t sell singles.

You have to buy a pack ($$$$).

And they are out of stock.

There will be crowds and festivals rushing on the high way and gas shortage, all the way across that diagonal belt from Seattle to South Carolina.

,But the US is blessed with four total solar eclipses in the next 50 years.

To compare, the whole Europe and India will have no eclipse in 50 years.

The other place thatu2019s blessed is Egypt: 4 eclipses.

China is fleetingly touched once in Manchuria.

Russia has one but its on the bare Ural Mountains.

On the other hand, South America and South Africa has a bumper.

ufeff See a map published by American Journal of Physics 85, 485 (2017).

Too bad the map is behind a pay wall.

,Last, itu2019s truly an entertainment to see how the Flat-Earthers spin off the eclipse in this video,,These guys are truly PR persons and should all be hired by Donald Trump.

,Watch safely (with goggles) while you can.


Partial lunar eclipse

The difference between a total lunar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse is determined solely by how much of the moonu2019s face passes through the dark, umbral shadow of the earth.

If there is a point where the entire moon is in that shadow, then the eclipse is total.

If anything less than the entire moon passes through the umbral shadow then the eclipse is partial.

,When the moon does not pass through any part of the umbra, but passes through the penumbra only, then the eclipse may be called partial, or it may be called penumbral.