Why does Flipkart say that seller doesnt deliver to 676523?

This order cannot be shipped to your location

Pincode- 676523 belongs to Malappuram District in Kerala.

,There are few reasons because of which the sellers or the marketplace are unable to deliver the product to your pin-code: 676523The delivery of a product to your pin-code location depends on:,The availability of reliable courier partners in your location: Every logistic partner has a list of serviceable pin-codes where they can get the products delivered.

If your pin-code falls under the non-deliverable pin-code, the ordered product cannot be shipped to your delivery location.

,Legal restrictions: There might me some legal restrictions which might be the reason, the product cannot be shipped to your delivery location.

,Lack of resources with the seller / whether the Seller ships to your location or not: Many marketplaces allows the sellers to ship the product thru their in-house logistic teams or thru the 3rd party logistic partners with whom the seller has tied up with.

The limitation to serviceable pin-codes from the logistic partner associated with the seller can be a reason for unavailable deliveries at some locations.

At times Sellers prefer not to ship to certain locations.

This is entirely at their discretion.

,To counter this, you can check for the nearby pin-codes where you can get the product delivered and picked easily.

Why does Amazon say this item cannot be shipped to your selected location

So far when Iu2019ve seen on the answers none of them are completely correct.

However I will say I do not know the correct answer but I am looking for the same answer.

So I can have something sent to a private residence and it says no issues that same item will not let me P send it to a pick up location in that same ZIP Code even in the item is not too big for the pick up location.

And the item is not particularly expensive or made of any sort of hazardous or dangerous material.

So I do not understand why I cannot have it sent to a pick up location because none of those answers make any sense to me the situation and it is something that I have seen on at least a dozen different products

This product can t be shipped to your address select another product or address

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(As a fun aside, if you want to print a matching T-shirt for you and your dog, you can do it at Uberprints).

Their website is designed around creating a shirt yourself, so if you want design help, I suggest going to Broken Arrow.

Shipping at Uberprints is only free on orders costing more than $100.


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Custom Ink also offers live chat, long business hours, and a friendly staff.

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Uploading artwork files is easy and their online T-shirt design tool works OK, but it offers fewer bells and whistles compared to most of the other sites listed.

When you check out, be prepared for pages and pages of special offers (and long hold times), which makes placing an order a long process.

this item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. california

Game-changing gadgets,If necessity is the mother of invention, then the father must be ingenuity.

Or imagination.

Or determination.

Or maybe even luck.

nThe point is, a lot of factors must align for someone to invent something thatu2019s truly groundbreaking.

nWhich is why when a lone tinkerer or a team of engineers capture lightning in a bottle, it should be celebrated for the rare achievement it is.

nAs part of our continuing focus on innovation, CNN once again is honoring 10 new inventions in technology and related fields.

These are gadgets or prototypes with big, game-changing goals: to harness wind energy a thousand feet off the ground, to seal gunshot wounds in seconds, to send text messages by waving your finger, to ferry private citizens into space.

nSome of these creations have been in the works for years but are finally ready for their close-up.

Others are brand new on the scene.

But all have the potential to shake up industries, to save lives, to make our daily existences a little bit easier.

nMay we present the 2014 edition of The CNN 10: Inventions.

,,,Look, up in the sky! Itu2019s a blimp! Itu2019s a kite! Itu2019s a u2026wind turbine?nYes, that strange-looking, helium-filled winged gray doughnut with the propeller-like blade in the center is a wind turbine u2013 a Buoyant Airborne Turbine, or BAT, to be precise.

And it just may be the answer for supplying energy to underserved regions, as well as providing cheaper and safer wind energy to the United States.

nThe BAT is the brainchild of Altaeros Energies, a Boston-based company founded by four MIT grads.

With funding from the U.


Department of Agriculture, the National Science Foundation and the California Energy Commission, among many, the companyu2019s stated goal is to u201cdeploy the worldu2019s first commercial airborne wind turbine to harness the abundant energy in strong, steady winds at higher altitudes,u201d particularly in remote locations.

nWind turbines have become common in certain areas around the world.

But the towering machines have drawbacks: their power generation is unreliable and sometimes more costly than established forms.

They can be deadly to birds.

nMoreover, theyu2019re often criticized for their unsightliness.

One planned wind farm, off the coast of Cape Cod, has been mired in controversy for years, partly because it would spoil the views of scenic areas.

nThe BAT, says Altaeros, avoids many of those issues.

The turbines, which are tethered to a power station on the ground, are portable.

Theyu2019re less problematic with birds and the surrounding environment.

And at altitudes as high as 1,000 feet, theyu2019re more productive than ground-based turbines, since winds are much stronger and more consistent at high altitudes.

nu201cThe reason high-altitude wind is so exciting and worth going after is really very simple: thereu2019s just a lot more of it,u201d says CEO Ben Glass in a promotional video.

Other companies, including a Google subsidiary, also have high-altitude wind turbines in development.

nThe BAT wonu2019t necessarily displace other forms of energy.

Wind power can be expensive on its own.

But in the remote areas Altaeros is targeting, it can be far more economical than the alternatives.

Altaeros currently is testing the BAT in Alaska, and hopes to bring power to other isolated areas.

nIn addition, the BAT may be able to function as a communications tool, useful for Internet and telephone transmission and weather coverage, as well as become handy in a crisis.

If a disaster levels a local grid, a few BATs can provide emergency power.

nSounds like a hit.

,,,In the mobile world, our screens have gotten smaller and more defined.

Some are curvy or bendy and some show 3D images.

nBut what if we could skip the screen altogether? Thats what Glyph promises u2013 3D images beamed directly into our eyes.

nFrom Michigan-based Avegant, the Glyph headset looks like a chunky set of headphones with a pop-down, Star Trek-style visor.

(They promise a sleeker look for the final product).

nIt hooks up to a smartphone, TV, gaming device or laptop and uses a system of 2 million microscopic mirrors to beam the images directly into your retinas.

nYes, the image will exist nowhere except in your brain.

And that opens up a ton of possibilities.

While other entries in the high-tech headset field, like Google Glass and the Oculus Rift, will rely on specially developed apps or games, Avegant says the Glyph will work with the media you already consume.

nEarly response has been strong.

A Kickstarter campaign early this year aimed to pull in $250,000.

It hit that mark in four hours and went on to raise more than $1.

5 million.

nIts like ordering flowers for your girlfriend and they show up with a whole truck full of flowers, Avegant CEO Edward Tang told CNN.

nWhen not being used, the visor can be flipped up and the headset can be used as a regular set of headphones.

nLast month, Avegant said it remains on pace to deliver what theyre calling beta-testing models of the headset to Kickstarter donors by late this year.

The company has already sent headsets to outside developers, who they hope will come up with new, previously unknown uses for the technology.

,,,If youre trying to improve the sound of music, it helps to have a rock n roll legend on your side.

nWhen that legend is Neil Young, with support from other rock royalty like Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Sting, you get Pono.

nPono is the triangle-shaped music player, set to be released late this year, that backers hope will bring the quality of hi-fi stereo sound back to the mainstream in the age of the iPod.

nAnd even if its $399 price tag proves troublesome for some consumers, there appears to be, at the very least, a healthy niche market developing.

A Kickstarter project to fund the device raised $6.

2 million -- the 3rd-biggest campaign in the crowdfunding sites history.

nYou have helped to set the stage for a revolution in music listening, Young wrote in a thank-you note to backers.

Finally, quality enters the listening space so that we can all hear and feel what the artists created, the way they heard and felt it.

nDigital music sales and online music streaming have crippled the physical sale of CDs in much the same way CDs moved folks past vinyl albums.

But with each step, we sacrificed a little sound quality.

nFor digital music, sound files get compressed to make them take up less storage space, squeezing out some of the musics more delicate details.

nIn Ponos Kickstarter video, rocker Elvis Costello compares the end effect to looking at a Xerox copy of the Mona Lisa.

nPono will stream music in 24-bit, 192-kHz sound, which is far cleaner than mp3s and even better than CDs.

nYoung had been a critic of digital music, particularly Apples iTunes store, for years when he decided to do something about it in 2012.

Thats when he teamed up with Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur John Hamm, who now serves as Ponos CEO.

nA handful of high-definition music players already exist.

But theyre super-expensive, sometimes going for more than $1,000, and theres very little music available for them.

And that, in the end, might be Ponos most practical innovation.

nThe company says it has agreements with all major record labels to make music available in its online store and that its working with independent labels to help them do the same.

,,,Todayu2019s smartphones, it can be argued, are rigid and wasteful.

With preassembly, thereu2019s no real way to personalize them.

And if your camera breaks or battery dies, youu2019ve got a useless brick.

nGoogle is reimagining that concept with Project Ara, a totally customizable phone made of individual pieces.

nNeed a new feature? Just add it.

Something broke? Swap it out.

nThe phone starts as a basic frame, called an Endo.

Then you pick out the microprocessor, camera, battery and extra hardware thatu2019s best for you.

They snap together like Legos, except with magnets.

nThe world of possibilities really opens up when you consider that 3D printers could be used to make special add-ons that are totally unique to your phone.

nThe flexibility it gives phone owners is unprecedented.

You can start at $50 and add on hardware as you can afford it.

You can bulk up features for everyday use u2013 or slim down for travel.

And swapping out specific parts makes repairs cheaper and overall phone life longer.

nBut will it actually work?nIf the magnets donu2019t hold up, the phone will fall apart.

Awkward combinations could make your phone buggy.

And overall, itu2019ll be more expensive.

Big phone makers buy parts in bulk, so they can build entire devices more cheaply than you can.

nProject Ara might turn out to be like custom PCs u2013 a niche reserved for a crowd that doesnu2019t mind higher prices and technical headaches.

Maybe the unrivaled level of individuality will be worth it, though.

nGoogle expects an early version of the phone will be available in early 2015.

For now, itu2019s calling on computer developers everywhere for input.

And itu2019s asking for everyday people around the globe to become u201cAra Scoutsu201d to help guide the engineers.

The whole project is open source, so independent 3D printing shops can get in on the action too.

nWhatu2019s not to love about freedom and choice?,,,Modern technology hasnu2019t yet been able to bring us magic wands, but weu2019re getting close.

Ring, a new project from Logbar Inc.

, is the latest step toward that goal.

nUsing a Bluetooth sensor and gesture-recognition technology, Ring lets you do things like send text messages and control connected home devices with just a few waves of your finger.

As you walk into your house, for example, you might wave your finger to engage with your lamp and then, with another gesture, adjust its brightness or turn it off.

Another couple of swipes will turn your TV off or on and allow you to switch channels.

nLogbar has also developed payment software that you can use to pay participating retailers or other people just by waving your finger in the shape of a checkmark and then tracing out the amount youu2019d like to pay.

Customized gestures for other tasks can be created using your smartphone or tablet.

nGoing forward, Ringu2019s makers hope independent developers will come up with even more potential functions for the device, which works with both Appleu2019s iOS and Googleu2019s Android software.

Itu2019s also compatible with Google Glass and smart watches.

nAt the moment, Ring is only good for about 1,000 gestures before it needs to be recharged, so it doesnu2019t make sense to use it for texting too often.

Itu2019s also a bit cumbersome and isnu2019t waterproof, so you may want to be selective about when you wear it.

But as developers dream up novel ways of using it, Ring has the potential to give us continuous access to the u201cInternet of Thingsu201d without having to stare at our smartphones all the time.

nThe device was a big hit on Kickstarter earlier this year, blowing past its funding goal of $250,000 and ultimately raising over $880,000.

The first models will ship in July, with donors having ponied up between $145 and $185 to get their hands on one.

,,,Thanks to nutritional labels on packaging, most store-bought foods give you a breakdown of their contents: fat, sugar, calories, and so on.

nBut what about that watermelon in the produce aisle? The cheese Danish at Starbucks? That glass of pinot noir youu2019re drinking?nA new handheld gadget called SCiO takes the guesswork out of analyzing your food.

The device, about the size of a cigarette lighter, can be used to scan almost any food or beverage, analyze its chemical makeup and send the data wirelessly to your phone.

nThe first application (of SCiO) is for consumers interested to know the nutritional value of what theyre eating, said Dror Sharon, CEO of Consumer Physics, the Israeli company behind the device.

I often meet people who dont know whats in cheese, fruit and vegetables and have a hard time discerning what they should eat.

u201dnSCiO contains a tiny optical sensor, called a spectrometer, which reads the molecular fingerprint of an object by shining an infrared light on it.

The gadget then sends the data to the cloud for analysis and forwards the results to your phone, all in seconds.

An accompanying SCiO app displays fat, protein and carbohydrate levels down to the milligram.

nThe underlying technology has been used for decades by corporations in quality control of oil and chemicals, although SCiO is being pitched as the first portable spectrometer for consumers.

nThe sensor can only detect materials and objects that were previously uploaded to its database.

But itu2019s a smart device -- the more items you scan with it, the more it learns to recognize items and their ingredients.

nSCiO was a sensation this spring on Kickstarter, where its creators asked for $200,000 and reached their goal within 24 hours.

They eventually raised more than $2.

7 million, and have promised to deliver the first SCiOs, for $149 apiece, to early backers by the end of the year.

nSharon acknowledges the device still has some flaws.

Itu2019s not yet effective at identifying allergens, gluten or lactose.

And its sensor is less accurate when it has to scan through glass, plastic or other packaging.

nBut the pocket sensor has more applications than just demystifying food.

It can identify an unknown medication or check on the health of houseplants.

And although its makers are quick to say SCiO is not a medical device, it could even be used to perform a basic, non-invasive blood scan.

nThe first version of SCiO may be somewhat limited in what it can do.

But as the device learns and improves -- outside developers will likely want to create apps for it -- its potential will only grow.

,,,Augmented reality is getting a lot of talk in the gaming world, with products like Sonys and the Oculus Rift promising to make play time more fun.

nBut what if it could make the roads safer?nThats what the makers of Skully promise with what theyre calling the worlds first augmented-reality motorcycle helmet.

nThe Skully AR-1 helmets anti-fog, anti-glare face shield features a heads-up display that shows blind spots, navigation information, weather and other data.

The rider can use voice controls to play music, answer phone calls and do other things that might otherwise involve fumbling around with their hands.

nA rear camera shows whats going on behind the rider and a voice guide gives Google Maps-style voice directions.

nSkully also features Internet connectivity and a Bluetooth smartphone connection.

nAccording to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4,502 people were killed in motorcycle crashes in 2010 (the most recent year available when the study was conducted), an increase of 55% from 2000.

nSkullys already making waves in the tech world.

In March, the helmet won the coveted Accelerator Award at the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, Texas.

Five hundred companies submitted for the contest and Skully was a category winner among the 48 chosen to present at the festival.

nThis is a great jump-start for the new year as we head forward to our product going to market, Skully CEO Marcus Weller said of the honor.

nThe helmet is set to be released later this year and Skully is currently accepting applications to be part of an early beta test.

,,,In 1968, the movie u201c2001: A Space Odysseyu201d predicted regular Pan Am shuttle flights to a rotating space station equipped with hotels, restaurants and reasonably priced phone service.

nThirteen years after the actual 2001, Pan Am is long out of business and the space station is a sparsely furnished shell barely roomy enough for several astronauts.

But, finally, weu2019re embarking on an era of regular space flights u2013 courtesy of Virgin Galacticu2019s rocket plane, SpaceShipTwo.

nItu2019s been a long time in coming, as Virgin Galactic head Richard Branson is the first to admit.

He and his colleagues in the proposed field of space tourism, including SpaceXu2019s Elon Musk, have been tinkering with plans for some time.

nSpaceShipTwo, based on the Ansari X prize-winning SpaceShipOne, is a clever solution to a challenging problem: How do you create a ship that can transport visitors to outer space and return them to earth safely, frequently, routinely and relatively inexpensively? Even NASAu2019s space shuttles only went up 135 times in 30 years, far less than the space agency had planned.

nThe first challenge is getting it aloft.

NASAu2019s space shuttles were lifted by rockets; SpaceShipTwo has a jet-powered aircraft called White Knight Two, which takes the spaceplane to about 50,000 feet.

At that altitude, SpaceShipTwo fires its RocketMotorTwo, a hybrid rocket engine powered by both solid and liquid fuel.

nSpaceShipTwo then reaches supersonic speeds on its way to its intended altitude of about 62 miles above the Earth, which marks the beginning of outer space.

At that point, passengers will get about five minutes of weightlessness before the bonds of earth retract with 6 Gu2019s of force.

nThe spaceplane will then glide back through the atmosphere to landing.

nIs it safe? With composite lightweight materials, u201cfeatheredu201d rudders capable of turning 90 degrees and that hybrid system, as safe as modern technology can make it.

As designer and aviator Burt Rutan put it in 2008, This vehicle is designed to go into the atmosphere in the worst case straight in or upside down and itll correct.

u201dnItu2019ll have to be safe.

In 2008, Virgin Galactic had plans for SpaceShipTwo to go up twice a day.

nOf course, Virgin Galactic has been predicting the imminent launch of SpaceShipTwo for years.

In 2008 it was supposed to start flying in 2009; in spring 2013 Branson said heu2019d be flying by the end of the year.

Thereu2019s a list of more than 600 people waiting to fly, including Stephen Hawking, Tom Hanks, Ashton Kutcher and Katy Perry u2013 and the privilege costs as much as $250,000.

NASAu2019s also waiting in the wings with experiments.

nBut if tests continue to be successful, the next 12 months should tell.

Then, perhaps, the 21st century can really start looking like u201c2001.

u201d,,,Itu2019s hard not to watch movies like u201cIron Manu201d or u201cAliensu201d without imagining how cool it would be to inhabit a metal suit that gives you superhuman powers.

Suddenly, your puny arms can lift hundreds of pounds, and no physical task seems too daunting.

nSadly, that future is a ways off.

But the Titan Arm is a promising first step.

nDeveloped by a team of mechanical engineering students from the University of Pennsylvania, the Titan Arm is a battery-powered, robotic arm which instantly increases human strength.

The arm straps to the right arm of the wearer, is anchored by a harness and can augment arm strength by 40 pounds -- not superhero level, but enough to hoist heavy objects with ease.

nThe device is mostly made of aluminum and steel components, and is powered at its elbow joint by a DC battery.

It also can be locked into any position with a ratchet brake to hold an object steady without any exertion from its wearer.

nIts makers believe the Titan Arm can help rehabilitate people with back injuries by allowing them to rebuild muscle and relearn motor control.

They also think the bionic arm could assist people who lift heavy objects as part of their jobs, such as baggage handlers, warehouse workers or delivery-truck drivers.

nThis is not a small thing.

Back problems afflict 600,000 American workerswith a cost of around $50 billion annually to the U.


economy, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

nAnd the Titan Arm prototype cost only $2,000 to produce, which is much less expensive than other exoskeletons.

nFor all these reasons, the Titan Arm has already made a splash in the inventor community.

The device earned its inventors $10,000 in the Cornell Cup for Innovation and then won last yearu2019s James Dyson Award, open to student inventors and engineers around the world.

nu201cTitan Arm is obviously an ingenious design, but the teamu2019s use of modern, rapid u2013 and relatively inexpensive u2013 manufacturing techniques makes the project even more compelling,u201d said Dyson in awarding the $45,000 prize.

nIts young inventors hope to eventually market the arm as a commercial product.

But they have already caught the attention of Hollywood.

The students say they were contacted last year by the makers of u201cElysium,u201d the futuristic 2013 movie starring Matt Damon as a man who wears an elaborate exoskeleton to battle his enemies.

nSo with the Titan Arm, that sci-fi future may not be so far off after all.

,,,As any Army medic will tell you, life in battle is measured in blood.

And the standard method of plugging wounds -- packing them with gauze and then applying direct pressure -- can take too long.

nThis is why the U.


military turned to RevMedx, an Oregon-based medical-technology company, for help.

Their solution: The XStat, a syringe-like device, packed with tiny sponges, that could change the way troops are treated for gunshot and shrapnel wounds.

nMedics insert the syringe into the wound cavity and inject dozens of tiny, pill-shaped sponges which have been treated with chitosan, a substance that clots blood and fights infections.

The sponges expand to 10 times their size in seconds, plugging the wound and stanching the bleeding.

nIts makers say the XStat can seal a wound within 20 seconds and remain in the body for up to four hours, stabilizing a wounded patient so that he or she can be transported to a hospital.

This is especially crucial for wounds in the armpit or groin area, which cannot be treated with a tourniquet or manual compression.

nThree to five minutes can mean the difference between life and death, says John Steinbaugh, a former Special Forces medic and RevMedxu2019s director of strategic development.

You put it (the XStat) in and the bleeding instantly stops.

nEach of the absorbent sponges is marked with an X, visible via X-ray, to help doctors spot and remove them before a wound is stitched up.

nIn April, the device won a 2014 Inventions Award from Popular Science.

That same month it won FDA approval, meaning that RevMedx can now legally market and sell the XStat in the U.


nThe company plans to provide a limited quantity of XStats to the U.


military by late 2014, with hopes of making them available to other clients, such as paramedics and law enforcement officers, in 2015 and beyond.

nRevMedx also is working on a slimmer version for wounds with narrow entry points.

nGiven that the U.


Army says nearly 50% of combat deaths since mid-World War II were due to excessive loss of blood, the XStat could save countless lives -- on and off the battlefield.

Amazon only show items that can be shipped to me

Disclaimer: I used to work for Amazon and I still like the company, but these are my own views.

I visited the store this past weekend and poked around.

It was crowded--so crowded that we had to wait in a short line to get in.

(I did feel a sharp pang of guilt at this juxtaposition.

Here we are, lining up for Amazons retail store, when dozens of independent bookstores in Seattle struggle to increase foot traffic.

Im still dwelling on this.

),User-12934483509274756356 called out some big strengths: books on the shelves with the covers facing outward, selection backed by Amazons famous recommendation algorithms, and the review excerpts.

As a merchandiser, I have immense respect for how powerful a customer experience just these elements create.

,,Photo from Amazon.

comFirst, it cannot be overstated that being able to see every books cover is a completely different browsing experience.

Other bookstores are so worried about selection that they maximize shelf space and only show the spine of the book.

Weve accepted this as the standard for so long that walking into Amazon Books is a bit transformative, and I swear Im not being dramatic.

All the art and design that goes into a books cover, competing openly for your attention! It is unique, even compared to Amazons own website.

,Next, the selection and browsability are on point.

Amazons website is good for spearfishing: searching for a particular item or deal, and finding it in their vast selection.

Amazon Books is optimized for solving the opposite problem: browsing.

Their merchandising team must have asked themselves some pretty basic questions.

Why do we shop for books? But more accurately.



why do we shop for books in a physical store, in a universe where Amazon already offers practically every book in print with free 2-day shipping?,When we dont know what we want.

When we need to be inspired.

When we need a last-minute gift, or something for a trip, or have to kill half an hour before our dinner reservation.

,Amazon Books caters directly to those needs.

They have shelves oriented around customer needs rather than a genre; you can see Gifts for Gamers and Gifts for Young Adults pictured above.

They show you popular and highly-rated products, to help you feel confident that you wont get a dud.

The selection, limited by the front-facing covers, actually helps reinforce this.

Many other bookstores do some or all of these things, but none of them are backed by Amazons army of data scientists.

Of course, Amazon Books has plenty of shelves organized by genre like a traditional bookstore, too.

But even in those sections, every single book has a review excerpt.

These are chosen from actual customer reviews (and credited to the author), professional reviews, and publisher-provided content.

In each case the excerpt seems to be chosen to give customers an idea of what makes the book unique: the author has a zany tone, the characters are few and complex, will make you cry, etc.

Just the kind of thing you want to know when youre browsing.

,,Photo from Amazon.

comIn addition to the review, notice that the placard has a barcode, and does not have a price.

Thats because every book in the store has the same price as Amazons website.

Since the prices on Amazons website can fluctuate by the hour, that creates a problem.

Amazons solution was to put several price-checking kiosks around the store that will show you the books current price.

I checked, and sure enough--the price was the same as online.

This pretty much guarantees that Amazon Books will have better prices than any of its brick & mortar competitors.

Even the technology-enabled competitors like Barnes & Noble have frustrated customers by offering higher prices in-store than online.

,The Amazon Books price-check kiosks have this sign above them:,,nThe bottom half of the sign invites the customer to use their phone to check prices.

Thats what the barcodes on the placards by every book are for, so you can check a price without leaving the shelf.

,But to me, this sign is about more than price checking.

Amazon is inviting you to scan everything in their store with your phone, a behavior that nearly every other brick & mortar store hates.

Some stores have outright banned smartphones, or will go as far as kicking a customer out if they are suspected of showrooming.

,Amazon Books can do this, of course, because Amazon doesnt have to worry about beating their own prices online, whereas Barnes & Noble has to worry about being beaten by Amazon or even their own website.

But the effect on the customer is the same.

Instead of treating the customer like a potential enemy, Amazon invites the customer to indulge in the learned behavior of price checking.

,I didnt have to feel like the bad guy for just browsing.

I didnt have to feel like the bad guy for wanting the best price.

Im not sure how many other people get anxious about that kind of thing, but I do, and Amazon Books solves that problem for me.

,Last but not least, checkout is lightning fast if youre an Amazon customer.

I just had to buy something to get the full experience.

At Amazon Books, you take your purchases to a counter where an employee scans your books, and you pay by swiping your card at a touchscreen terminal.

(Could this be the final resting place of Amazon Register?) If you are an Amazon customer and you pay with a card that is associated with your account, the touchscreen terminal will recognize you automatically.

Your receipt is emailed right away, and your order is tracked in your account just like a website order.

Everything responds quickly, from the scanners to the touchscreen terminals.

,That speed and all of the small optimizations add up: I was through checkout in less than 30 seconds.

,Orders show up in Your Account, just like online orders.

And yes, I can hear you judging my book choices.

Even if you arent an Amazon customer, your checkout experience will still be quicker and less intrusive than most brick & mortar competition.

Nobody tries to add you to a mailing list.

Nobody invites you to save 10% off your purchase today with the Amazon Store Card.

Nobody reminds you that you could earn 3% rewards by applying for the Amazon Visa today.

Nobody asks you to pay five cents per bag used to carry your books.

Did I mention nobody asks you to apply for a credit card?n,,At the end of the day, I have no idea whether Amazons retail experiment is going to work out, particularly at scale.

The economics must be unique, but Amazon has a giant war chest and can probably issue debt at will, so they could fund a loss-leading retail presence for years and wed probably never know.

Its not really useful to speculate.

,What is useful, and the reason businesses everywhere should pay attention, is that we can learn from Amazons example.

We can think about how the strengths in our core business create unique opportunities for us in parallel businesses, like how Amazons ecommerce excellence enabled this uniquely powerful brick & mortar merchandising experience.

Whether it works or not, Amazon Books is the kind of interesting, customer-oriented thought experiment that can rejuvenate a company.