What is Planet Fitnesss "lunk alarm"?

Lunk alarm planet Fitness youtube

It is how Plant Fitness reinforces their commitment to their average Joe demographic that bodybuilder types are not allowed.

Or just the plainly obnoxious person that screams, drops heavy weights, and other behaviors that draw a significant amount of attention.

These are the individuals that their key demographic surveys as one big reason they avoid the gym.

It is an insult to people that work hard and want results.

However, Planet Fitness does not cater to that or want that in their clubs.

,SUM IT UP: If you go into a Planet Fitness and use dumbbells to conduct a set of bench presses be prepared to hear the lunk alarm if you make sounds that can be heard at the front counter or drop the weights.

You should YouTube search it, there are loads of funny videos.

Planet Fitness lunk alarm rules

It is.

The employees control it, and can set it off if someone is grunting or slamming weights.

It is a rule at planet fitness that u201cLunksu201d are not allowed.

So grunting, flexing in the mirror, slamming weights around, etc.

are not allowed and can get you kicked out.

Itu2019s an u201cintimidation free zoneu201d.

Lunk alarm removed

The general consensus is that planetfitness is a joke.

,But not so much due to the lunk alarm, itu2019s more because of their lack of barbell freeweightsu2026namely squat racks.

Last I checked, all, or nearly all, US planetfitness locations have removed their squat racks and replaced them with smith machines.

,Any gym without a squat rack is a joke, and not a real gym.

Lunk alarm or not.

,Thereu2019s also the issue of free pizza and tootsie rolls, and the gym not allowing fit people to wear a lot of normal fitness attire.

Itu2019s just not a gym for serious fitness

Planet Fitness shame alarm

Basically, u201cif you make a noise that we deem loud and/or offensive, which distracts and/or intimidates gym members, then we will make an even louder sound that not only shames you, but is even more loud, offensive, distracting, and intimidatingu201d