interior design tips for small spaces,Interior Design: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What are some tips for decorating a living room?

Simple living room Design for small House

Living room is practically the face of a house.

A place one would like to unwind and have a great time with family and friends.

Here are a few steps to start decorating a living room.

,Before you begin, judge the space available.

This will help you in getting a clear idea as to what is required and what is not.

Pieces of furniture like a sofa set and a coffee table are almost like integral part of all living rooms.

Position the furniture accordingly to not make it look congested and have enough space to move around freely.

,Then, choose the colour theme and style.

Your living room is the perfect setup to flaunt your style and envy thy neighbors.

Essentially warm tones for your walls and minimalist furniture make smaller space appear spacious and are also easy to clean and maintain.

If you love a completely Indian themed space, add in some brass or copper items may be a bowl filled with flowers or a beautifully lit lamp.

,Drape the windows with your moms bright saris or the dupattas.

The one with little sparkle will add the much needed attention.

,If you are in for a modern or contemporary Style- stay minimal.

Choose neutral tones.

Try an L- Shaped furniture along with dark wooden coffee table.

,Find the focal point : Identify the wall that grabs immediate attention, may be the one that has the TV or the one that is visible on entry.

Accent this wall by painting it with a texture or a faux finish of your choice and keep the other walls monotone.

,More importantly, ones home is ones space.

Let it reflect your choices, style and personality truly.

Elegant small living room ideas

Best living room interiors of 2016The most common choice when it comes to living room design is to choose a sophisticated and personalized decor scheme, which is both nice to watch and comfortable to use.

Most of all, the living room has to be enabled to accommodate more people.

,When it comes to choosing something elegant, home owners are not supposed to look for a particular concept, style, or period, but rather to combine the elements they already have in a cohesive and aesthetically appealing manner.

,No Compromise on comfortMaking efficient use of areaWhen planning your budget, think of pieces that are going to last the most, and be generous with them before you go around breaking the bank on accessories.

,For instance, your fireplace can go even without an exaggerated honeycomb mirror above it, but the comfortable, rich fabric sofa with modest design will definitely be around for years.

,Let There Be LightIf possible, surround your living areas with windows, or even floor-to-ceiling long transparent glass French doors to absorb as much daylight as possible.

,You can even think of Japanese horizontal mullions in the doors, or shoji screens that can make the place more visually appealing and guide observers around the living room.

,Sometimes Make It SimpleThe key of modern settingsu2019 attractiveness is that they are clean and simple, but still attractive enough to gather friends and family together.

,Contemporary Living RoomA chic living room.

Small and cramped but still at its prettiest.

Colorful room with an ottoman that serves as the center table.

,SimplicityThe simplicity of this room is seen through the color palette chosen.

This space may be small, but placing more chairs mean more people to sit!,Small FlatIn this picture, the living room is adjacent the bedroom.

A simple white couch that allows the owner to watch television after a dayu2019s work!,Less is moreElegance is born with simplicity.

Still, simplicity doesnu2019t mean a single chair or table per room; but a well-analyzed design strategy; and minimal clutter.

,Keeping things simple is not only good for your space-it is also good for your mood; and for reducing stress as much as possible.