how do i mirror my phone to my tv,How do I connect my iPhone to a Samsung Smart TV?

How to mirror phone to TV iPhone

You can cast your iPhone and other iOS devices to your samsung smart tv by using the Airplay 2.

You can refer this video for how to mirror iphone to samsung smart tv by using the Airplay 2 and how to manage the Airplay 2 settings.

See how to play audio and photos also.

Screen mirroring Android to TV with HDMI

If your Android device is higher than 4.

0, then if you you have a TV, Blu-ray player or Console that supports Screen Mirroring, you can use Wifi Direct to mirror it to your bigger screen.

Since the screen mirroring protocol is different for each receiver, then you will need to read the documentation for it.

These can usually be found on the website of the device manufacturer.

Android screen mirroring

Many individuals are unaware of android screen mirroring.

They think that it is a very difficult troublesome process.

But in reality, Android screen mirroring is extremely easy.

But before we proceed on discussing how to cast an android device to the laptop you must know that,For Android screen mirroring, you need a strong wifi connection if you are doing it wirelessly.

Moreover, both devices should be connected to the same wifi network.

,How to cast the Android device to a laptop?Enter the settings menu on your Android device and scroll down to discover the option of system.

Tap on it.

,From there, tap on the option of About phone.

,Next hit the build number option five times and exit the settings menu.

,Now reenter the settings menu and you will see a new option of Developer Options.

Tap on it.

,After that activate the feature of USB Debugging,From the pop-up window check the box for Always allow from this computer,Method 1: cast your android phone to laptop through the cast featureOn your laptop launch the Connect application from the Windows 10 start menu.

,Now from your Android device, enter the settings menu and tap on the Display option.

,Look for the option named u2018Castu2019 or u2018Mirroru2019.

In some devices, the Wireless Display may be present under the u2018Moreu2019 or u2018Additional Settingsu2019 option of Settings.

,Look for the menu button or more option and tick the checkbox of Enable wireless display.

,After that, your laptop name will appear in the list here if you have the Connect app open.

,Tap the PC in the display and itu2019ll instantly start projecting.

,Method 2: Cast Android phone to laptop using MirrorGoDownload and run the Wondershare MirrorGo Android Recorder on your laptop.

,Connect your Android device to the PC using an authentic USB cable,Ensure to activate the USB debugging feature on your Android device.

,On your PC, the software will detect your smartphone instantly.

Tap on your devices name.

,It will take a minute or two to establish a connection between your Android device to PC.

,Once a connection is established, you can view your smartphone screen on your laptop and control it remotely.

,Method 3: Cast Android phone laptop using ApowerMirror (USB cable required)Download and Install ApowerMirror on your Windows and Android device.

,Enable USB Debugging in developer options on your Android device,Connect the device to laptop via USB (Allow USB debugging prompt on your Android),Run ApowerMirror application.

You will be asked to grant permission to initiate screen capturing.

Simply tap on the button of u201cStart Nowu201d.

,The methods listed above are tried by me.

This answer is to help the audience.

It is not promoting any method.