light pink complementary color,I just bought a pair of Nike gym shorts. They are mainly black and have pink and white stripes down the side. What color shirt goes best with it?

What color goes with pink and white

A nice pink one would look beautiful right they have several colors of shirts you could use with your shorts could use pink white even black a nice blue one would also look good

Dark pink colour combination

On great user demand here I present few dressing tips for ladies:nTucking Jeans Into Bootsn,nChoosing Necklaces For Necklinesn,nSoften Your T-Shirts With Saltn,nDouble Clothes Hangersn,nScarf Tying Tipn,nHang Your Pants Like A Pron,,This chart shows what cloth colour goes best with what (colour combinations),nBookmark this and save your time :)n,White with dim blue cobalt.

,Brick-red with black, sandy, gray.

,Egg yellow with gray or light blue.

,Brown with light green,green,black.

,Pepper-red with black,yellow,green.

,Burgundy with sandy,green,beige.

,Pink with chocolate,brick-red,turquoise,gray,Dark blue with light purple,light lilac,red,white.

,Beige with sky blue,brown,emerald,black,white.

,Gray with purple or pink.

,Raspberry-red with white,black,damask,Golden yellow with gray, browns, blues, reds, black,Lime green with tan, browns, pinks, dark orange, navy blue, gray,Forrest green with oranges, light brown, tan,Olive green with tan, browns, grays, creamy white, black,,Mint green with brown, gray, navy blue, reds, gray, tan,Turquoise with fuchsia, cherry red, tan, browns, creamy white, dark purple,Electric blue with golden yellow, tan, light brown, gray or silver,Baby blue with reds, gray, browns, dark orange,Navy blue with baby purple, tan, brown, gray, yellows, oranges, greens, reds, pale colors,Baby purple with dark orange, dark purple, olive green,Dark purple with tan, pale yellow, gray, turquoise, mint green, pale orange,Baby pink with browns, tan, mint green, olive green, gray, turquoise,Dark pink (fuschia) with gray, tan, yellows, lime green, mint green, browns,Tomato red with baby blue, mint green, creamy white, gray,Cherry red with blues, gray, pale orange, pale yellow,Light brown with pale yellow, creamy white, blues, greens, purples, reds,Dark brown with lemon yellow, baby blue, mint green, baby purple, lime green,Tan with baby pink, dark brown, blues, greens, purples,Pale orange with gray, browns, forest green,Dark orange with pale yellow, forest green, browns, cherry red,Lemon yellow with cherry red, browns, blues, gray,Pale yellow with fuschia, gray, browns, tan, reds, blues, purples,,For more dressing sense you may check out:nAkash Agarwal (u0906u0915u093eu0936 u0905u0917u094du0930u0935u093eu0932)s answer to What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?Yes, I am obsessed about dressing just right !A lot more to come keep updated :)