dream meaning death of a loved one,What does it mean when you see dead persons alive in your dreams according to Hindu mythology?

What does it mean when you dream about death of a family member in Hindu

Its not about mythology.

But i am sharing my experience of last 1.

5 months.

,I lost my husband in covid on 1 May,21.

We were so well connected in our 17 years marriage and shared a deep bond.

We had developed a strong telepathy over years so much that we would think about same topics/problems/planning etc when we are sitting quitely.

,He had very strong intitions amd had a habbit of sharing all good/bad things with me.

,I am devasted with his sudden demise and felt guilty about not able to be his side while he was in deep pain.

Life has no meaning without him.

,I was with him during his last rituals just to be with him for little more time.

For two days, i was crying and missing him so badly.

I was not in my senses, what to do and what not to do.

,Third day, i calm myself and asked my husband to visit me in my dream.

I fell fast sleep and here he was waiting for me.

He was lying near me in his pillow but a very young one.

He was like his high school photo.

I saw hospital icu rooms which i never saw in reality.

I concluded that he wanted to show me, where he was in hospital.

It was a covid hospital, so no one was allowed.

,I became restless seeing icu machines and i asked him, why are you showing me this? This is very painful.

Immediately it stopped and he was with me.

But he didnt speak a word.

,Fourth day, i requsted him to visit me.

Again he was there holding my hand on Ganga bank.

He was cremated on same Ganga bank.

He indicated two rituals that were not performed for him.

Due to corona, he was directly taken for cremation.

I told about my dream to my father in law, he immetiately realised that these two things were missing.

Both were performed same day.

,Later, i saw him in my dreams almost every day when i fast sleep.

Mostly he wont speak.

,One day, i was sad thinking about.

Where is he living now? How is he? Here i got the answer.

,Same night, i saw him in a beautiful but different kind of hill station.

Or a beautiful jungle like place with me and my younger son.

Again he didnt speak a word.

,For few days, saw him randomly for very short period.

Again, i was worried about finding a job to support family.

,Here comes my answer.

I saw his companyu2019s MD in my dream.

My husband was a senior member in well known MNC.

I considered this dream as a confirmation of my job.

Two days later, i contacted his MD, who knew me very well, for the job.

He assured me of all the help.

,Its been 1 month and 16 days since he left us.

,I saw a new born healthy baby.

I was trying to revive him after pulling from water.

I could not understand it and considered it as random dream.

,Again, next day.

Another new born baby in a vegetable garden.

The care taker lady is telling me that this baby will be born in 1/2 days.

I though, probably, my husband is going to have another body.

I am a hindu and i believe in rebirth.

I was somewhat happy and some what sad.

Sad, because i wont be able to invite him for visits now.

,Next day, another dream.

I have a healthy 4/5 months baby in my lap.

I was in tears and decided to call up my inlaws to check if someone is expecting.

The immediate answer came, my sis in law was expecting.

I was crying and crying.

,This happened yesterday.

And i feel my husband will be reborn with my sis in law.

,Just to add, in our happy days.

He used to discuss/think a lot about what happens after death.

Is death painful.

Is cremation painful.

And i would tell him, we are no different.

Whatever happens to everyone, same will happen to us.

,I strongly feel, he tried to tell me everything in his best ways.

Hopefully, i joined the dots correctly.

,This is my experience with my husbandu2019s soul.

You are free to believe it or not.

,Last i felt him on 19th June, when i confirmed about my sis in lawu2019s pregnency.

Since then, i did not see/felt him.

It seems, he wanted to confirm his arrival, so he signaled me untill i fully understood it.

,With this experience, i can say few things.

,There is a good enough after life as i saw him normal all the time.

,Our loved one can hear our thoughts and they try to respond with there limited powers.

,It seems, souls can reach the loved ones if they wish untill they plan for a new birth.

,I still send lots of love and prayers to u2018my lifeu2019 hoping to not let him feel alone.

,Lots of love to everyone who reaches to this page because i know they are in deep deep pain.