dreaming of dead relatives,What does it mean when you see dead persons alive in your dreams according to Hindu mythology?

Seeing dead person alive in dream meaning

In the present time people think that is a bad dream so leave but according to pandit and Hindu mythology if dead person see in your dreams it means some work of your family thats belong to dead person is still pending or dead person work which is left because of his or her death that pending so Complete it.

,After that this type of dream away from respective person.

What does it mean when you dream about someone who is already dead hugging you

Just a little background.

Since I was a kid I would know things before they happen, If a thought pops up in my head multiple times as in certain person name all of a sudden I would see them later that day.

Sometimes it would just be random people who I hadnt seen in a while or had no connection too.

But as I got older my dreams became more vivid.

A close friend of mine passed away and I would always see him in my dreams, we would hug and talk (Which I could never remember what we talked about when i woke up) But each time we saw each other we would talk about how much we missed each other but i could not remember he died.

Until I would wake up in tears.

This went on for quite awhile until my final dream with him, He was quiet this time & I told him I could no longer speak to him and he would have to find GOD or the light as some refer to it.

I never had a dream about him since.

But since then when someone passes I always seem to see them in my dreams.

People that I just happen to hear they died and only were acquaintance, not close enough to where I would say Im only having the dream because I missed them.

Some would talk, some would be silent and I just so happen to see there face.

Some people I just get a feeling that they are not alive and I try to avoid them.

It just makes me wonder why it happens.

If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it