prayer for spiritual strength,Many get their strength and will to live from reading the Bible and through prayer, despite the challenges they face. Where do you get yours from?

Prayer for strength in the Bible

As I have frequently voiced in many of my answers, reading the Bible and Praying are the foundational pathways to Christian growth, maturity, discipleship, strength, knowledge of God, transformation, and enrichment.

,Therefore I am not surprised when the question answered itself my letting us realise how important Bible reading and prayer are to daily living.

,For me, I generate a huge amount of strength from another three sources as well as reading and prayingHere they are:,#1 Fellowship with other Believers - This is about being in the company of other Believers.

Talking to other Believers, expressing concerns and getting advice from other Believers.

This was the secret to the success of the early church were told in Acts 2 42 to 47 that they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to The Fellowship and to The Breaking of bread and to prayers.

The idea of being in the company of others is emphasized in the Book of Hebrews where were told in chapter 10v24 not to forsake meeting together as some are in the habit of doing.

There is an immense amount of strength in the Fellowship of others.

We learn that what preceded the coming of the Holy Spirit was the gathering together of 120 people in the upper room - in fellowship,In Acts Chapter 4 - after Peter and John had been flogged by the authorities they went back to the company of Believers where they prayed until the house began to shake.

Paul and Barnabas were released into their Ministry in Acts 13 as they worshipped with other Believers.

,I can go on but let me stop!,#2 Accountability - I also generate a great deal of strength from being accountable to others.

I teach and practice that there are 4 groups of people you need to be accountable to,Be accountable to those above you,,Those were below you,,Those who are your colleagues and also you need to,,Be accountable to yourself.

,This obviously presupposes that we all know you should first be accountable to God.

,Been accountable goes beyond mere lip service it has to be practicalised.

You allow people to speak into your life, to keep you on the straight and narrow as described in Matthew 7.

This can be difficult sometimes but I noticed that the older you get - the fewer corrections you receive.

Therefore you have to seek out feedback which is part of being accountable.

,Accountability I believe is one of the missing ingredients for personal growth for most.

,#3 Setting goals - This point has enabled me to draw strength too because as I personally set goals and ensure that I achieved them it pushes me towards the maturity and position that I desire.

Anyone who wants to get ahead in any aspect of their lives - even spiritual must set goals.

,Someone might ask - like what? The number of Bible chapters to read, the number of minutes you want to spend reading every day, the number of books you want to read, conferences to attend, retreats to go on and the practice of all the disciplines mentioned in this answer.

,In conclusion, God expects us to be strong, therefore in Ephesians chapter 3, it says that God will strengthen us with power through his Spirit in our inner being so that Christ may dwell in our hearts through Faith.

Paul makes us understand that when hes weak then he is strong because of the grace of God that works in him.

,As you practice the above I am sure will be increased in strength in Jesus Name,God bless you,Boomy Tokan