abundance prayer miracles,What are the most interesting facts about Hinduism?

The most powerful prayer for wealth

Unlike other major religions, Hinduism doesnt consider the pursuit of wealth as a sin.

In fact, we celebrate wealth in the form of many gods such as Lakshmi, Kubera and Vishnu.

n,nn,Hinduism has a 4 level hierarchy u2013 Dharma (pursuit of philosophy, religion and doing duties to society) , Artha (pursuit of livelihood , wealth and power), Kama (pursuit of pleasures including sexual/sensual)and Moksha (liberation) and we progress from the top to bottom.

,Hinduism is the parent religion for two of the other major religions of South Asia u2013 Buddhism and Sikhism.

It is also closely associated with its sister religion u2013 Jainism.

n, The holiest number for Hindus is 108.

This is the ratio of Sunu2019s distance (from earth)/Sunu2019s diameter or Moonu2019s distance (from earth)/Moonu2019s diameter.

Thus, most of our prayer beads have 108 beads.

n,nn,The largest religious structures in the world u2013 Angkor Vat in Cambodia were built by the Hindu kings of South East Asia.

n,Hindu scriptures are organized into Vedas (poems that written in multiple levels from abstract rural level and going deeper into cosmic universe), Upanishads (scientific discourses and arguments about the world), Brahmanas (manuals for ritual performances), Aranyakas (experiments done on human mind and nature in the forests), Puranas (mythologies about Hindu gods) and Itihasas (notebooks on u201chistoricalu201d eventsu201d).

,nSnakes and Ladders was originally created to teach children Hinduism,MOKSHAPAT.

n,nn,According to ancient Hindu scriptures, a woman can marry up-to 4 husbands at a time.

Because of the same reason, during marriage rituals she is married to Agni, Vayu and Surya first and then to her husband.

So that she cannot marry more.

Abundance prayer from The Light of God that I am

Edit: Nafs is what all humankind, and jinnkind has inside of them, that orders you to do bad, against rules.

,IN THE NAME OF GOD, (Bismillah),THE MERCIFUL, THE COMPASSIONATE,And from Him do we seek help.

,All praise be to God, the Lord and Sustainer of All the Worlds,,and blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammad,,and on all his Family and Companions.

,This is also a Lesson to my own Nafs; to my own Shayateen, lets get started thenu2026,Bismillah, u201cIn the Name of God,u201d is the start of all things good.

We too shall start with it.

Know, O my nafs! Just as this blessed phrase is a mark of Islam, so too it is constantly recited by all beings through their tongues of disposition.

If you want to know what an inexhaustible strength, what an unending source of bounty is Bismillah, listen to the following story which is in the form of a comparison.

It goes like this:,Someone who makes a journey through the deserts of Arabia has to travel in the name of a tribal chief and enter under his protection, for in this way he may be saved from the assaults of bandits and secure his needs.

On his own he will perish in the face of innumerable enemies and needs.

As it happened, two men went on such a journey and entered the desert.

One of them was modest and humble, the other proud and conceited.

The humble man assumed the name of a tribal chief, while the proud man did not.

The first travelled safely wherever he went.

If he encountered bandits, he said: u201cI am travelling in the name of such-and-such tribal leader,u201d and they did not molest him.

If he came to some tents, he was treated respectfully due to the name.

But the proud man suffered indescribable calamities throughout his journey.

He both trembled before everything and begged from everything.

He was abased and became an object of scorn.

,My proud nafs!You are the traveller and this world is a desert.

Your impotence and poverty have no limit, and your enemies and needs are endless.

Since it is thus, take the name of the Pre-Eternal Ruler and Post-Eternal Lord of the desert and be saved from begging before the whole universe and trembling before every event.

,Yes, this phrase is a treasury so blessed that your infinite impotence and poverty bind you to an infinite power and mercy; it makes your impotence and poverty an acceptable intercessor at the court of One All-Powerful and Compassionate.

The person who acts saying u201cIn the Name of Godu201d resembles someone who enrolls in the army.

He acts in the name of the government; he has fear of no one; he speaks, performs every matter, and withstands everything in the name of the law and the name of the government.

,At the beginning we said that all beings say u201cIn the Name of Godu201dthrough the tongue of disposition.

Is that so?,Indeed, it is so.

If you were to see that a single person had come and had driven all the inhabitants of a town to a place by force and compelled them to work, you would be certain that he had not acted in his own name and through his own power, but was a soldier, acting in the name of the government and relying on the power of the king.

,In the same way, all things act in the name of Almighty God, for minute things like seeds and grains bear huge trees on their heads; they raise loads like mountains.

That means all trees say: u201cIn the Name of God,u201d fill their hands from the treasury of mercy, and offer them to us.

All gardens say: u201cIn the Name of God,u201d and become cauldrons from the kitchens of divine power in which are cooked numerous varieties of different foods.

All blessed animals like cows, camels, sheep, and goats, say: u201cIn the Name of God,u201d and produce springs of milk from the abundance of mercy, offering us a most delicate and pure food like the water of life in the name of the Provider.

The roots and rootlets, soft as silk, of plants, trees, and grasses say: u201cIn the Name of God,u201d and pierce and pass through hard rock and earth.

Mentioning the name of God, the name of the Most Merciful, everything becomes subjected to them.

,The roots spreading through hard rock and earth and producing fruits as easily as the branches spread through the air and produce fruits, and the delicate green leaves retaining their moisture for months in the face of extreme heat, deal a slap in the mouths of naturalist philosophers and jab a finger in their blind eyes, saying: u201cEven heat and hardness, in which you most trust, are under a command.

For like the Staff of Moses, each of those silken rootlets conforms to the command, u201cAnd We said, O Moses, strike the rock with your staffu201d(2:60),and splits the rock.

And the delicate leaves fine as cigarette paper recite the verse, u201cO fire be coolness and peaceu201d(21:69),against the heat of the fire, each like the members of Abraham (UWP).

,Since all things say: u201cIn the Name of God,u201d and bearing Godu2019s bounties in Godu2019s name, give them to us, we too should say: u201cIn the Name of God.

u201d We should give in the name of God and take in the name of God.

And we should not take from heedless people who neglect to give in Godu2019s name.

,Question: We give a price to people, who are like tray-bearers.

So what price does God want, who is the true owner?,The Answer: Yes, the price the True Bestower of Bounties wants in return for those valuable bounties and goods is three things: one is remembrance, another is thanks, and the other is reflection.

Saying, u201cIn the Name of Godu201d at the start is remembrance, and u201cAll praise be to Godu201d at the end is thanks.

And perceiving and thinking of those bounties, which are priceless wonders of art, being miracles of power of the Unique and Eternally Besought One and gifts of His mercy, is reflection.

However foolish it is to kiss the foot of a lowly man who conveys to you the precious gift of a king and not to recognize the giftu2019s owner, it is a thousand times more foolish to praise and love the apparent source of bounties and forget the True Bestower of Bounties.

,O my nafs! If you do not wish to be foolish in that way, give in Godu2019s name, take in Godu2019s name, begin in Godu2019s name, and act in Godu2019s name.

And that should suffice you!,In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

(The Queen) said: u201cYe chiefs! Here is u2013 delivered to me u2013 a letter worthy of respect.

It is from Solomon, and is (as follows): In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

u201d(27:29-30),A number of mysteries will be mentioned in this long paraghraphs, I hope that I can explain it well.

,FIRST MYSTERYI saw one manifestation of u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionateu201d as follows:,On the face of the universe, the face of the earth, and the face of man are three stamps of dominicality one within the other and each showing samples of the others.

,The FirstThe First is the great stamp of Godhead, which is manifested through the mutual assistance, co-operation, and embracing and corresponding to one another of beings in the totality of the universe.

This looks to u201cIn the Name of God.

u201d,The SecondThe Second is the great stamp of divine mercifulness, which is manifested through the mutual resemblance and proportion, order, harmony, favour and compassion in the disposal, raising, and administration of plants and animals on the face of the earth.

This looks to u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful.

u201d,Then is the exalted stamp of divine compassionateness, which is manifested through the subtleties of divine beneficence, fine points of divine clemency, and rays of divine compassion on the face of manu2019s comprehensive nature.

This looks to u201cthe Compassionateu201d in u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

u201d,That is to say, u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionateu201dis the sacred title of three stamps of divine oneness, which form a luminous line on the page of the world, and a strong cord, and shining filament.

That is, by being revealed from above, the tip of u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionateu201d rests on the human being, the fruit of the universe and miniature copy of the world; it binds the lower world to the divine throne; it is a way for man to ascend to the human throne.

,SECOND MYSTERYIn order not to overwhelm minds by divine unity, which is apparent in the boundless multiplicity of creatures, the Quru2019an of Miraculous Exposition constantly points out the manifestation of divine oneness within divine unity.

For example, the sun encompasses numberless things with its light.

A truly extensive conceptual ability and comprehensive view are necessary to behold the sun itself in the totality of its light.

So, lest the sun be forgotten, it is displayed in every shining object by means of its reflection.

And in accordance with their capacities, all lustrous objects reflect the sunu2019s attributes, such as its light and heat and the seven colours in its light, together with the manifestation of its essence.

So too, the sunu2019s attributes encompass all the things facing it.

,In exactly the same way, u201cAnd Godu2019s is the highest similitudeu201d(16:60),u2013 but let there be no mistake in the comparison u2013 just as divine oneness and eternal besoughtedness have a manifestation together with all the divine names in everything, in animate creatures in particular, and especially in manu2019s mirror-like essence; so too through divine unity each of the divine names connected to beings encompasses all things.

Thus, lest minds become overwhelmed by divine unity and hearts forget the Most Pure and Holy Essence, the Quru2019an constantly draws attention to the stamp of divine oneness within divine unity.

And that stamp, with its three salient points, is u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

u201d,THIRD MYSTERYWhat makes this boundless universe rejoice is clearly divine mercy.

What illuminates these dark beings is self-evidently divine mercy.

What fosters and raises creatures struggling with their endless needs is self-evidently again divine mercy.

What causes the whole universe to be turned towards man, like a tree together with all its parts is turned towards its fruit, and causes it to look to him and run to his assistance is clearly divine mercy.

What fills and illuminates boundless space and the empty, vacant world and makes it rejoice is self-evidently divine mercy.

And what designates ephemeral man for eternity and makes him the addressee and beloved of the Pre-Eternal and Post-Eternal One is self-evidently divine mercy.

,O man! Since divine mercy is such a powerful, inviting, sweet, assisting lovable truth, say: u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,u201d adhere to this truth and be saved from absolute desolation and the pains of unending needs! Draw close to the throne of the Pre-Eternal and Post-Eternal Monarch, and availing yourself of the compassionateness, intercession, and rays of divine mercy, become His addressee, friend, and beloved.

,All the realms of beings in the universe are purposively gathered around man and are made to hasten to meet all his needs with the utmost order and wisdom, and this clearly arises from one of two situations.

Either each realm of beings knows man, obeys him, and runs to help him, which just as it is completely irrational is also impossible in many respects; or an absolutely impotent being like man has to possess the power of the mightiest absolute sovereign; or this assistance occurs through the knowledge of an Absolutely Powerful One behind the veil of the universe.

That is to say, it is not that the different beings in the universe know man, but that they are the evidences of a Knowing, Compassionate Being Who is acquainted with him and knows him.

,O man! Come to your senses! Is it at all possible that the All-Glorious One, Who causes all the varieties of creatures to turn towards you and stretch out their hands to assist you, and to say: u201cHere we are!u201d in the face of your needs u2013 is it possible that He does not know you, is not acquainted with you, does not see you? Since He does know you, He informs you through His mercy that He knows http://you.

So you should know Him too, and with respect let Him know that you know Him, and understand with certainty that what subjugates the vast universe to an absolutely weak, absolutely impotent, absolutely needy, ephemeral, insignificant creature like you, and despatches it to assist you, is the reality of divine mercy, which comprises wisdom, favour, knowledge, and power.

,Most certainly, a mercy such as this requires universal and sincere thanks, and earnest and genuine respect.

Therefore, say: u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,u201d which is the interpreter and expression of such sincere thanks and genuine respect.

Make it the means of attaining to the mercy and an intercessor at the court of the All-Merciful.

,The existence and reality of divine mercy are as clear as the sun.

For just as a woven tapestry centred on one point is formed by the order and situation of the threads of its warp and weft coming from all directions, so too the luminous threads extending from the manifestation of the thousand and one divine names in the vast sphere of the universe weave such a seal of compassionateness, tapestry of clemency, and seal of benevolence within a stamp of mercy, that it demonstrates itself to minds more brilliantly than the sun.

,The Beauteous All-Merciful One, Who orders through the rays of His thousand and one names the sun and moon, the elements and minerals, and plants and animals like the warp and weft of a vast woven tapestry, and causes them to serve life; and demonstrates His compassion through the exceedingly sweet and self-sacrificing compassion of mothers, plant and animal; and subjugates animate creatures to human life, and from this demonstrates manu2019s importance and a vast, truly delightful tapestry of divine dominicality, and manifests His brilliant mercy; u2013 that Most Merciful One has, in the face of His own absolute lack of need, made His mercy an acceptable intercessor for animate creatures and man.

,O man! If you are truly a human being, say: u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

u201d Find that intercessor! For sure, it is clearly, self-evidently, divine mercy which, without forgetting or confusing any of them, raises, nurtures, and administers the innumerable plant and animal species on the earth at precisely the right time and with perfect order, wisdom, and beneficence, and stamps the seal of divine oneness on the face of the globe of the earth.

The existence of divine mercy is as certain as the existence of the beings on the face of the earth, so do the beings offer evidences of its reality to their own number.

,Just as there is this seal of mercy and stamp of divine oneness on the face of the earth, so on the face of manu2019s nature is a stamp of divine mercy that is not inferior to the stamp of compassion and vast stamp of mercy on the face of the universe.

Simply, man has so comprehensive a nature he is as though the point of focus of a thousand and one divine names.

,O man! Is it at all possible that the One who gives you this face and places such a stamp of mercy and seal of oneness on it would leave you to your own devices, attach no importance to you, pay no attention to your actions, make the whole universe, which is turned towards you, futile and pointless, and make the tree of creation rotten and insignificant with decayed fruit? Would He cause His mercy to be denied, although it is as obvious as the sun, as well as His wisdom, which is as clear as daylight, and neither of which can in any way be doubted, nor are in any way deficient? God forbid!,O man! Understand that there is a way to ascend to the throne of divine mercy, and that is, u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

u201d If you want to understand the importance of this ascent, look at the beginning of the one hundred and fourteen suras of the Quru2019an of Miraculous Exposition, and at the beginnings of all estimable books, and at the start of all good works.

A clear proof of the God-determined grandeur of u201cIn the Name of Godu201d is that Imam Shafiu2018i (May God be pleased with him), one of the very foremost Islamic scholars, said: u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate is only one verse, yet it was revealed one hundred and fourteen times in the Quru2019an.

u201d,FOURTH MYSTERYIn the face of the manifestation of divine unity within boundless multiplicity, to declare: u201cYou alone do we worshipu201d(1:5),is not sufficient for everyone; the mind wanders.

Oneu2019s heart would have to be as broad as the globe to observe the Single One behind the unity in the totality of beings, and to say: u201cYou alone do we worship, and from You alone do we seek help!u201d(1:5),In consequence, so that the seal of divine oneness should be apparent on all species and realms of beings just as it is shown clearly on individual objects, and that they should call to mind the Single One, it is shown within the stamp of divine mercy.

Thus everyone at every level may turn to the Most Pure and Holy One, and declaring:u201cYou alone do we worship, and from You alone do we seek help,u201d address Him directly.

,It is in order to express this mighty mystery and clearly point out the seal of divine oneness that the All-Wise Quru2019an suddenly mentions the smallest sphere and most particular matter when describing the vastest sphere of the universe, for example, the creation of the heavens and the earth.

That is, so that the mind does not wander, nor the heart drown, and the spirit may find its True Object of Worship directly, while mentioning the creation of the heavens and earth it opens a discussion of manu2019s creation and voice, and the subtle details of the bounties and wisdom in his features, for example.

This truth is demonstrated in miraculous fashion by the verse,,And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and in your colours.

(30:22),Within innumerable creatures and infinite multiplicity, there are stamps of unity like concentric circles of many sorts and degrees from the greatest stamp to the smallest.

But however clear the unity, it is still unity within multiplicity; it does not truly address observers.

Hence, there has to be the stamp of divine oneness behind unity so that unity does not call to mind multiplicity and before the Most Pure and Holy One a way may be opened up to the heart directly.

,Furthermore, a truly captivating design, shining light, agreeable sweetness, pleasing beauty, and powerful truth u2013 which is the stamp of divine mercy and seal of divine compassion u2013 has been placed on the stamp of divine oneness in order to direct gazes towards it and attract hearts.

Yes, it is the strength of that mercy that attracts the gazes of conscious beings, draws them to it, and causes them to reach the seal of oneness and to observe the Single One, and from that to truly manifest the address of u201cYou alone do we worship, and from You alone do we seek help.

u201d,It is because u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionateu201d is the index of Sura al-Fatiha and a concise summary of the Quru2019an that it is the sign and interpreter of this mighty mystery.

The person who clasps it may travel through the levels of divine mercy.

And the person who causes this interpreter to speak may learn about the mysteries of divine mercy and behold the lights of divine compassion and pity.

,FIFTH MYSTERYThere is a Hadith which goes something like this: u201cGod created man in the form of the Most Merciful.

u201d,It has been interpreted by some Sufis in an extraordinary way, unfitting for the tenets of belief.

Some of them who were ecstatics, even, considered manu2019s spiritual nature to be in the form of the All-Merciful.

Since ecstatics are mostly immersed in contemplation and confused, they may be excused in holding views contrary to reality.

But on consideration, people in their right senses cannot accept ideas of theirs that are contrary to the fundamentals of belief.

If they do, they are in error.

,Indeed, the Most Pure and Holy Deity, Who administers with order the whole universe as though it were a palace or house, and spins the stars as though they were particles and causes them to travel through space with wisdom and ease, and employs minute particles as though they were orderly officials, has no partner, match, opposite, or equal.

So too, according to the meaning of the verse:,There is nothing whatever like unto Him, and He hears and sees (all things),(42:11),He has no form, like, or peer, and there is nothing resembling Him or similar to Him.

However, according to the meaning of the following verse and its parabolic comparison,,And His is the highest similitude in the heavens and the earth, and He is Exalted in Might, Full of Wisdom,(30:27),His actions, attributes, and names may be considered.

That is to say, allegory and comparison may be used in connection with His actions.

One of the many things intended by the above-mentioned Hadith is: u201cMan is in a form that displays the divine name of All-Merciful in its entirety.

u201d Yes, as we explained before, the divine name of All-Merciful is manifested through the rays of a thousand and one names on the face of the universe, and is apparent through the innumerable manifestations of Godu2019s absolute dominicality on the face of the earth.

Similarly, its complete manifestation is apparent in a small measure in manu2019s comprehensive form, the same as on the faces of the earth and universe.

,The Hadith suggests also that the evidences of the Necessarily Existent One offered by such proofs, mirrors, and manifestations of the Most Merciful as animate creatures and human beings are so certain, clear, and obvious that just as it may be said of a shining mirror which reflects the image of the sun: u201cThat mirror is the sun,u201d indicating the clarity of its brilliance and evidence, so it has been said and may be said:u201cMan is in the form of the All-Merciful One,u201d indicating the clarity of his evidence and completeness of his relation.

It is in consequence of this mystery that the more moderate of those who believed in the Unity of Existence said: u201cThere is no existent but He,u201d as a way of expressing the clarity of this evidence and perfection of the relation.

,O God! O Most Merciful ! Most Compassionate ! For the sake of u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionateu201d have mercy on us as befits Your Compassionateness, and allow us to understand the mysteries of u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionateu201d as befits Your Mercifulness.


SIXTH MYSTERYO unhappy man afflicted by boundless impotence and endless wants! See from the following how valuable and acceptable an intercessor is divine mercy.

For it is a way to know the All-Glorious Sovereign in Whose army both the stars and minute particles serve together in perfect order and obedience u2013 the Glorious Monarch of Pre-Eternity and Post-Eternity, Who is self-sufficient and utterly without need.

He is rich without limit and in no way in need of the universe and its beings.

The whole cosmos is under His command and direction, utterly obedient beneath His majesty and grandeur, submissive before His sublimity.

That is divine mercy for you, O man! It raises you to the presence of the One Who lacks all need, the Eternal Sovereign, and makes you His friend, addressee, and well-loved servant.

But just as you cannot reach the sun and are far from it although it fills your mirror with its light, reflection, and manifestation, and you can in no way draw near to it; in the same way you are infinitely distant from the Most Pure and Holy One, the Sun of Pre-Eternity and Post-Eternity, and cannot draw near to Him, but the light of His mercy brings Him nearer to us.

,O man! Anyone who finds this mercy finds an eternally unfailing treasury of light.

And the way to find it is by following the practices of the Most Noble Messenger (Upon whom be blessings and peace), who was the most brilliant exemplar and representative of mercy, its most eloquent tongue and herald, and was described in the Quru2019an as a u201cMercy to All the Worlds.

u201d(21:107),The way to attain to this embodiment of mercy who is a mercy to all the worlds is to utter the prayer calling down Godu2019s blessings upon him.

Indeed, the meaning of this prayer is mercy.

As a prayer of mercy for that living embodiment of divine mercy, it is a means of reaching the Mercy to All the Worlds (UWBP).

,So, make this prayer the means to the mercy to all the worlds for yourself, and at the same time make him the means of reaching the mercy of the Most Merciful One.

,The whole Muslim community in all its vastness uttering this prayer which is synonymous with mercy for the Mercy to All the Worlds (UWBP)proves in brilliant fashion what a precious gift is divine mercy, and how broad is its sphere.

,To Conclude: Just as the most precious jewel in the treasury of mercy is the Prophet Muhammad (Upon whom be blessings and peace), its doorkeeper, so is its first key u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,u201d and its most easy key the prayer for the Prophet (UWBP).

,O God! Through the truth of u201cIn the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionateu201d grant blessings and peace to the one whom You sent as a mercy to all the worlds as befits Your mercy, and in veneration of him, and to all his Family and Companions.

And grant us mercy so as to make us free of want for the mercy of any other than You from among Your creatures.


Glory be unto You! We have no knowledge save that which You have taught us.

Indeed, You are All-Knowing, All-Wise.

(2:32),If you would like me to give you sources that the Hadiths I quoted, just let me know please.

,Allah bless you!