macaroni salad ingredients and procedure,Have you ever eaten at a wedding only to fall sick afterwards?

Traditional macaroni salad recipe

Yes, this occurred years ago at a co workers wedding.

It was an memorable and lovely wedding at a small Church.

The bride was 6 months pregnant, her best friend was about the same and her sister was about ready to deliver a baby.

You noticed this as they walked down the aisle.

This brides fiancu00e9 had been deployed in the military.

It was an unexpected pregnancy and also, a wedding put together in just a few weeks.

She wore a pretty wedding dress and looked beautiful.

Her mother had made lovely silk flower bouquets too.

It was a wedding put together inexpensively, yet was still beautiful, meaningful and a whole lot of fun! Yet, until about 8 hours later.

,Ladies from her Church prepared and served a luncheon after the wedding.

The ladies served fried chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, a pineapple, coconut, cool whip, and mandarin orange salad, cole slaw and biscuits.

There was wedding cake too.

Ladies from the Church prepared and donated the salads, the biscuits and cake.

The chicken was from a local grocery deli.

The salads had been dropped off by Church members and some sat out during the morning and wedding.

The salads were all supposed to be made according to the same recipe.

For example, all the potato salad was made using the same recipe, but each serving bowl of potato salad was made by a different person.

My husband and I were just unlucky to have eaten a salad that was not quite right.

,The food was delicious going down, yet, awful coming up.

The upchucking, vomiting and diarrhea occurred about 8 hours later that evening.

We had driven almost 2 hours to get to the wedding.

The wedding was at eleven in the morning and the luncheon was immediately following the wedding in the Church Hall.

The event was over by three.

We felt lucky to have gotten home before the food poisoning symptoms started.

I became ill first.

It was such intense vomiting.

We also had forceful diarrhea on the toilet while at the same time vomiting into a bowl.

The bathroom was a mess.

Fortunately, our doctor sent out to a 24 hour pharmacy a medicine to stop the food poisoning symptoms.

The symptoms came on to both of us, so suddenly.

,It was also fortunate that the bride and her 2 attendants were not eating from the heat and pregnancy nausea.

I never told the bride that we had been ill.

I didnu2019t want to ruin her special day.

Her Church Community had been very generous to donate food and their time to her wedding.

I have catered weddings in the many years since then.

Food safety and food temperature is extremely important.

Food borne illness can occur easily if the home cook or even caterer does not follow appropriate hand cleaning, hygiene, kitchen cleanliness, refrigeration, and other food safety issues.

,My husband and I retraced our steps at the buffet, so to speak.

One coleslaw was different.

My husband and I basically shared the bowl of honey mustard coleslaw.

We each had large first servings and then huge seconds.

We seemed to be the only ones devouring it.

I actually just ate cole slaw and a chicken wing.

It was a different recipe that the other many bowls of traditional coleslaw served.

The honey mustard coleslaw was delicious with almonds and pineapple in it, too.

We have always wondered if that wonderful cole slaw was the culprit.

I liked it so much that I copied that coleslaw recipe from taste.

I have had many compliments on it over the years.

I just make sure itu2019s refrigerated and made with proper food safety hygiene.

,A carry in meal, regardless of where itu2019s held, can have food safety issues.

Happy eating.

I truly hope you never experience food borne digestive illness.