can you lose weight just by dieting,Is a ketogenic diet good for weight loss?

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Diet only weight loss results

I have been a fat girl all my life.

But a little more than a year ago, I was skinny, very skinny.

And somehow after losing about 30 kg, I still felt bad about myself.

,But I also worked out and watched my calories closely and educated myself about nutrition because I couldnt really push myself during a workout due to my severe back condition- ankylosing-spondyloarthropathy, or whatever its called.

Ive stopped paying attention.

Focusing on my illness will do me no good.

But yeah, I cant gain weight- it worsens my condition.

So, when I was reading blogs after blogs on nutrition, I stumbled upon keto.

And it made sense to me.

I needed less fat and more muscle and this diet seemed to be the most sustainable way.

And with regular workout and diet, my abs were starting to pop out.

,So I limited my carbohydrate intake and increased protein and fat intake.

But with real efforts.

I understood the science behind ketosis and I made efforts to be under ketosis, strictly limiting my carbs under 20 g a day.

And I checked the ketone level in my body, by taking the urine test to understand how and when my body is in complete ketosis.

,But this was more than a year ago.

And at the time I lived alone, I made my own food choices and I am a very stubborn person.

,But then Vivek came along and spoilt the fu#k out me.

He treated me as I was supposed to and I? For the first time in my life, I felt like I deserved to be spoilt.

,I was really on a chocolate eating spree.

And ended up gaining 10 kgs.

,After the lockdown, I made efforts towards choosing my food, in efforts of going back to the person I remembered I was.

And I started off my eating more nutritious food, then intermittent fasting and 3 days ago, I finally had enough motivation to start keto.

,Right now, I am on moderate ketosis as you can see.

,And I am so pushed towards achieving my dream body, for sure this time.

And Vivek has realised that more than chocolates, a life of discipline makes my the most joyous so heu2019s in it with me.

Win-win, right?,Day-1 of Lockdown vs this morning.

,Its the start of a journey and Im really glad that I care enough to take it.

,I cant wait to get back into the favourite version of my body and of course, the clothes that are in my closet, waiting for me to fit back into them.