alcoholic beverages nutrition facts,Why do I feel so full after drinking alcohol?

Calories in alcohol chart

Probably because there are many calories/joule in alcohol.

nEthanol is a high energy molecule, and there is often sugars and proteins in alcoholic breverages too.

,Here is a chart so you can see the aproximation of energy in alcohol:n,u200b

Calories in whisky 60 ml

While there is a connection between diabetes and alcohol, there is no reason why diabetics must give up alcohol completely.

While alcohol affects your blood sugar levels, and it does contain a lot of calories, but with a few precautions and careful management, it is possible for diabetics to enjoy a couple of drinks from time to time.

,Safe drinking limits for diabetics are 3 units of alcohol for men and 2 units of alcohol for women.

However, you need to understand that a u201cunitu201d is defined differently for different types of alcoholic drinks.

Drink occasionally, and make sure you only do so when your blood sugar levels are well controlled.

,One standard drink is equal to:,100 ml wine,285 ml regular beer,30 ml spirits, like gin, vodka or whisky,60 ml fortified wine,375 ml low-alcohol beer (less than 3% alcohol),Drink slowly and never on an empty stomach.

Beer calories


Muscle is protein, beer nearly has none.

It has carbs, carbs refill glycogen, glycogen is stored in muscle - so they will plump up, but youu2019re not gaining strength or actual muscle size and health.