best alcoholic drinks for beginners,What wine or cocktail is good for a beginner? My resolution for 2019 is to begin socially drinking alcohol. I would like a sweet and smooth taste.

Sweet alcoholic drinks for beginners

If youu2019re looking for an easy to drink beginner wine that is sweet, I would suggest trying a Riesling, Gewu00fcrtztru00e4miner, either from the USA or from Germany.

Both are white wines, fruity, fairly sweet and pair well with light dishes.

A nice glass of Italian prosecco may be nice to try as well, as itu2019s a sweet sparkling wine.

,As for cocktails, thatu2019s a bit of a different ball game because you will get yourself into a whole different world of flavors.

I would do some research and learn about the standard old school drinks and go from there.

You can start easily with a Mimosa (champagne and orange juice) and work your way into the more complex drinks like a Singapore Sling or a Tom Collins.

Any of these are great for beginners.

I would avoid stronger beverages like Martinis or Old Fashioned cocktails until you become more familiar with their ingredients and work your way into more sophisticated tastes.

,Just with anything in life, start with the basics and work your way up.