korean spicy noodles scoville units,Where is the worlds greatest street food stall, center, restaurant, or vendor? What is your recommendation or your favorite dish?

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5x Spicy noodles

Answer taken from:,Chandni Chowk ki Galiyon se, Pakwaan! by Pragati Singh on Feast like a beast!Indias CHANDNI CHOWKChandni Chowk, lies in the heart of New Delhi, the capital of India, and is the most ancient part of the city.

,Historically, Chandni Chowk was one of the grandest markets of India, and even today has the rustle bustle of a busy marketplace.

It is a wonder how recipes and dishes have been carried down from those historic times to date.

,In the streets of Chandni Chowk, you will find delicacies and cuisines, that can not be found anywhere else in Delhi, India, or the planet (beyond which we wont know).

These are the flavours that the ancient kings and queens of India savoured in the royal times.

,Even though the shops have been modernised to some extent, the eating options in Chandni Chowk are still more or less street food stalls, serving local cuisines in small shops.

All of Chandni Chowk forms one BIG street food centre.

nSome of the famous street foods of Chandni Chowk :-,n1.

Natraj for its Dahi Bhalle n,nNatraj is the name of the tiny shop thats unbelievably famous for its Dahi Bhalle.

Youre highly likely to miss the shop unless you notice the crowd that gathers around this one particular corner : an open shelf where the entire shop is set.

,Dahi Bhalle is a savoury snack which has moist fried dumplings of flour layered with sweetened yoghurt and a sweet-sour-spicy tamarind chatni.

,Apart from this dish, they also sell Aloo Tikki, and Chat Papdi.

,More about them Natraj Dahi Bhalle Walan2.

Paranthe Wali Gallin,nProbably THE most famous aspect of Chandni Chowk, is the historic Paranthe wali gali (street), which still houses three of the original parantha shops from around the year 1872!n nCurrently managed by the sixth generation of the original founder, rest assured you will taste nothing but the authentic flavours here.

,Parantha is a shallow fried flat bread stuffed with spicy mixtures.

But in Paranthe wali gali, you will find them stuffed with anything from vegetables to dry fruits or even sweets! Around 40 varities are available.


JALEBAS ,nJalebi is an Indian sweet dish, where dough is fried in hot oil in the shape of coils/spirals and is then dipped in sugar syrup.

,When you make the same dish 5X its original size, it is called a Jaleba! :DnThis is a very popular dish that you will find in many shops at chandni chowk.

,They are served hot, crispy and syrupy!n nJaleba Store, Mithai Restaurant in Chandni Chowk Delhi | Reviews, Menu & Specialities - Timescity.


Karims - non-veg delicaciesThough not necessarily my personal favourite when it comes to non-veg serving places in Chandni Chowk, Karims definitely suits a lot of taste-buds conveniently, especially of those who do not like fiercely spiced food.

,Some of the most popular dishes here are the seekh kebabs : skewered minced meats of chicken/lamb, roasted in the tandoor.

n,nOther famous dishes are Nahari Paya, Biryani and Mutton stew.





,Apart from these 4, there are hundreds of different dishes and food stalls that are worth checking out.

,For instance,