different kinds of salad dressing,Were you told that you were schizotypal, but then later in life took Meyers-Briggs and it said that you were INFP? (Assuming INFP is very different than schizotypal)

Types of salad dressing list pdf

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Yeah all right and David Owen said did you hear that because my knuckles crack and out what causes knuckle cracking Cuz I mean no towers good enough of your second and nitrogen frappe between the bones of Windex window seals broken between the other type of seal socket Curtis is so quickly that it makes like a popping sound sure Iu2019m not sure if thatu2019s the case maybe sister what I just did it on this phone yeah and OK so yeah I think you for that before theyu2019ll why is your nitrogen there a runner joints but I want a question I am not sure about our end of you know I was gonna further along this line is there a class of chemicals that would be ingested through support him and accelerate that nitrogen or whatever type of you know that causes the knuckle cracking the fuck yeah I know Iu2019m not sure about that youu2019re in your class of a type of what type of chemicals yeah shuffle it because honestly am I I was concerned by eating bananas because of carbohydrates and sugar in the banana and I feel better for not although I still eat maybe one or two a week maximum I just got a start back on it because I was asking for potassium because I thought iodine and I donu2019t even take that it never seem to help but but a young lady suggested a a mineral supplement concentrated mineral supplement in here hereu2019s some Siri OK Iu2019m not necessarily the experimenter vagina I do that sometimes to the theory is that when the bottle says take 40 drops after you get a custom to take until 20 drops I did this and so I probably got between 80 and 120 but but maybe but likely that 120 and him in an 8 to 12 hours am I got 18 hours my face was flash red light like sunburn Kanna yeah but it was out of here oh yeah and this is your knee this ankle were Ingrassia I could walk out if I was very careful but aside the fluid call Val and I thought letu2019s just take the truck to milk and then it was worse than it was wrong for this week hello Ashley what kind of animal because I was Paul via waffle nutrition services less than salt in a diagonal Joseph Paul Bragg liquid amino see what that is I know itu2019s electric heater and 50 mg per tablespoon I think maybe ahead and effect if it taste of food you just look at a color that youu2019re eating you know thatu2019s what I was doing SI wife dizzy the singer of prediabetic got about quitting six dollars today I can send you a list of items go to the store so the the the thing about no I think Iu2019m reading labels making sure that I am adding 50% mayonnaise to my salad dressing in though I really like the portion as I know where is it more salt and salt just so you know Iu2019m feeling a lot better Iu2019m preparing everything from scratch except my Hammonton salad dressing I will have salad dressing SI 50-50 olive oil OK with that and the fresh greens from Safeway in the Big Ten plastic clear and creole chicken breast with bone and get some fat end of the thing you doing chicken soup Casale didnu2019t read book yeah oh OK all right thank you they know me in that in that manner so yeah so I think Iu2019m an interesting guy I could stand up with audience drinking beer somewhere Iu2019ll considering it if I will get help with your pictures lashes basement medicine I find myself laughing about scenarios registries real life real people rule them stuff and say OK I survived that and um and so Iu2019m looking for Iu2019m looking for healthcare yeah youu2019re youu2019re in a travel nurse Inuyasha lady a nurse walking around and from Washington state in an old television show was working there anything Waheeda and she says I have his medicine work I said other business is really worth it says yes it does have you seen the past it has worked for it OK if I come to free clinic all better now OK so sore throat a long time ago helping any free PDF filler piece of the Filipino OK so so of that made you smile on that one OK sir yes sir so this is good and I think Iu2019m on my way and of itu2019s like Iu2019m gonna Iu2019m gonna make a phone call to the cabinet company and ask her what do you suggest regarding you know Illinois because they should know a lot about their product OK and you know itu2019s a label for fire jury OK yeah so OK thank you doing all right dealers I am not sure like of program laughing and listen listen you I donu2019t feel that crackle bell so yeah right OK thank you very much yeah and I never have seen you before but I donu2019t know or recognize it OK OK thatu2019s it weu2019re thinking through it Iu2019m right behind you man do I get anything like for like a receipt yeah just Iu2019ll get Iu2019ll get that in the mail mail or biltong OK I help him OK OK all right Bridget thank you sir thank you Amy},Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hah!,Labels are for production, people that are for people will limit that surface contact.