healthy pasta recipes for dinner,What are some healthy recipes that I can make on a budget?

Cheap healthy pasta recipes

As a fellow college student, I can definitely say that eating healthy is possible!- contrary to what most college students say.

Firstly, try to make sure that you make a trip to a big grocery store at the most once in 2 weeks so that you can buy in larger quantities; this will make sure you can save more since theres always offers such as 3 for $10 etc.

Get an app for coupons and savings on your phone so that you are well aware of what sales are going on nearby to get the best of foods on a budget! ,Its also important that you read the nutrient labels on all foods and make sure to get foods not just based on calories but also based on its vitamin content, its fiber content, the amount of protein it has and of course, its fat content! Most types of pasta and bread are now available in whole grain/whole wheat and cost pretty much the same as normal foods! Switching out white rice with brown rice or quinoa is also a great way to lower your caloric intake.

Another important way to judge how healthy youre eating is to make sure that half of your plate is full of veggies or fruits.

,As for what to eat, it depends on your preferences.

I love to make soup with low sodium vegetable broth and throwing in as many veggies, grains and lentils as possible.

This website can help give you an idea as to what to put in your soup, or you can mix and match and create your own! It doesnt take very long and the broth is about $2! 100+ Healthy Soup Recipes ,Making different types of salads is also super easy and you can add whatever you prefer! This info-graphic is great to learn more about the different ways to make a salad and gives you a number of options that are filling, healthy and affordable.

,,Now I love soups and salads, but I am obsessed with pasta and can eat it for days.

Whole grain pasta tastes pretty much the same as normal pasta and costs the same as well! Along with this, make sure to get low sodium/ hearty pasta sauce which is great tasting and again the same cost as normal sauce.

Making pasta is also one of the easiest and cheapest.

Heres a good link: Cheap Healthy Pasta Recipes ,Finally, heres some more reading material of my favorite sites for eating healthy and affordable food.


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Healthy tagliatelle recipes

I love experimenting with different ingredients and seek to make something delicious and healthy.

I am passionate about cooking from scratch and have an emotional bonding with the food.

I feel as if the food is the medicine and whoever eats that should get positive energy out of it, should get healed.

,I cook for my husband and most of the images are taken by him.

,Roasted Chicken with baked potatoes and salad.

Rice with Chickpea curry, cabbage, pickled beetroot and topped with chia.

Rice with turnip and carrot coconut curry (Avial).

Pecan, Almond, Sesame, Chia, Dates, Figs and Oats energy balls (Ladoo).

Pan-fried Mackerel, Roasted baby sweetcorn, asparagus with kale salad.

Blueberry oats with black grapes and banana.

Steamed kale, mushroom, broccoli with spinach quinoa and lentils.

Roasted red cabbage, beet, potatoes with ud83euddc0 flat mushroomsud83cudf44.

Pesto Tagliatelle with chickpea, broccoli, sundried tomatoes ud83cudf45, rosemary, and pickled artichoke.

The best part of cooking is to share with the one and who ud83dudc95 it.