easy pineapple upside down cake,What kind of bread products can you make with yellow cake powder?

Pineapple Upside Down cake with yellow cake mix

So, Im guessing the question refers to a cake mix, not the yellow cake produced when processing uranium ore.

Neither, of course, is good for baking bread.

,Cake mixes are useless for making bread.

They are full of sugar, and the flour used in cake is too low in protein to make bread.

If you have a box of yellow cake mix, you can follow the recipe on the box to make a cake, or to make cupcakes.

,You can take some of the mix, combine it with melted chocolate, and swirl it into your cake for a marble effect.

You can line the pan with parchment paper, add a layer of fruit and caramelized sugar, and make an upside-down cake.

Pineapple is traditional, but ripe peaches, plums, apricots or pears are also tasty.

You can add a bunch of colored sprinkles to the mix and make a unicorn cake.

,You can do half a dozen other things to fancy up your yellow cake.

If you are totally lost to propriety, you can even make a dump cake, by emptying a can of fruit into a cake pan, then dumping the yellow cake mix on top.

,The one thing you cant do with a boxed cake mix, is make bread.