list of foods that induce labor,Is an omnivorous or carnivorous diet paramount for the development of humanlike intelligence?

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Fruits that induce labor

Helpful yes, but paramount, I doubt.

Just look at elephants, who are obligate herbivores.

Their intelligence is well-documented, and Id even go so far as to say that the main difference between them and us is our capacity for language.

,Consider the following facts:,Their brains, which are five kilograms in weight, have more cortical gyres than any primate or cetacean.

Their brain-to-body mass ratio is up there with great apes and dolphins.

,They have highly complex social systems based around the knowledge and experience of a single leader, the matriarch.

,They are more than capable of differentiating between herds - in fact, a matriarch will instantly recognize a rival from another herd and react accordingly.

They can even differentiate between different human cultures.

,They are one of the only animals which have funeral rites.

They bury their dead and the dead of other animals with fruit, flowers and leaves (grave goods?),They even display some parallels with human religion, ritualistically waving branches at the waxing moon and bathing when its full.

,They use tools all the time, making fly swatters out of sticks, covering over pools of water to prevent evaporation, and dropping logs on electric fences to disable them.

,Pregnant elephants have been seen chewing special leaves which local humans use to induce labor and miscarriage.

,They can recognize themselves in the mirror - I get that this is an imperfect test for consciousness, but it is at least an indicator of high intelligence.

,They seem to have artistic inclinations, as many zoo elephants paint actual pictures and images.

,And all this without a shred of meat, or even decently nutritious plants for that matter.

Im not suggesting that elephants are as intelligent as humans, but theyre - in the grand scheme of things - pretty bloody close.

I can foresee no barrier between their intelligence and ours which herbivores could not cross.