is it ok to eat eggs at night,What is it like to live without a large intestine?

Does eating eggs at night cause gas

It is a bit of a problem; I had my large intestine completely removed in 2010 due to a wicked case of Ulcerative Colitis, in which my bodyu2019s immune system decided my colon was an invader and had to be attacked.

,I have to wear a bag that attaches to the lower right of my belly, just above the belt line.

Various caulk-like sealants are used to get a leak-proof seal, and that is important because liquid waste is very acidic and will burn the skin if allowed to be in prolonged contact with it.

,There are certain things I cannot eat, since the ostomy does not have a sphincter to replace the function of the anus.

I avoid foods that wont break down in my GI tract, like mushrooms and nuts.

If I eat salad, it needs to be finely chopped, because a clot of salad could obstruct the ostomy and that could quickly become a hazard.

Some vegetables and fruits such as corn and blueberries (anything with a soft shell or membrane around it) can be painful to pass; if I dont chew the food well, those vegetables and fruits can come out whole.

The sensation of that is like a giant zit popping on my abdomen.

,I drink a LOT since the waste is very liquidy.

Hydration will be a problem for the rest of my life, but fluids help wash things along and out of me.

Consequently, I empty the bag every 2-4 hours, day and night.

When I first got home, I had alarm clocks set to wake me every two hours, but now I generally wake up that often at night.

,I usually change my bag first thing in the morning on the days I do it; I get 5-8 days of wear, so I try to do it on weekends.

I usually skip supper the night before a change and drink lots of fluids before stopping by 1 AM or so.

That way, food has plenty of time to clear my system and I dont have to worry about my ostomy u2018talkingu2019 while Iu2019m trying to attach and seal the bag.

I also usually eat a meal high in protein as my last meal before a change, as protein tends to clear my system quickly; eggs and meat are my staples right before a change; ham and eggs or a cheese omelet and some bacon are go-tos for me the lunch before bag change days.

,At work, I sometimes have to excuse myself from meetings for a moment to empty; when you realize the bag is full, you need to empty it soon because it can and WILL pop off or blow a leak if it overfills.

You can avoid that by planning ahead and emptying right before meetings, though.

,I have had two disastrous leaks happen at work; fortunately, I kept a bag with a change of clothes (and emergency bag change supplies) at my desk and my coworkers were aware of my issue.

Someone brought me my bag and called building services, so the spill was quickly cleaned up.

,Youd think the waste would smell horrible, but it doesnt for me under most conditions.

My *entire* colon was taken, so little or no bacterial fermentation takes place in my GI tract.

As a result, I dont fart any more.

Some high-fiber vegetables like beans and broccoli do cause a bit of gas to form in my bag; I can just unseat it at the top and u2018burpu2019 the bag when that happens.

Certain kinds of onions cause me to generate smelly gas, and oily fried foods (like chicken or fish) can cause me to generate really sulfurous-smelling gas, but mostly, my waste smells vaguely like whatever I ate.

If I had bacon and a cheese omelet, itu2019ll smell kind of like fried bacon thats sat out too long.

A slice of fruit pie will cause waste that smells vaguely like whatever fruit was in the pie.

,Emptying the bag is easy; either sit or stand, aim the drainable end into the toilet and unseal.

ALWAYS flush the toilet before emptying; if you empty into standing water, you can get a loud PULUNK noise and some nasty splashback.

Nobody wants that splashback landing on them.

,I keep wet wipes on me and in my bathroom at home; I use a couple to wipe out the end of the bag and ensure no waste is sticking to the outside of the bag, reseal and go.

,Oddly, Iu2019m not normally aware when poop comes out.

This means that yes, I crap in business meetings and that my superpower is that I can crap standing up.

,Just call me the Bag Daddy.