non alcoholic drinks recipes,What is the best summer drink?

Refreshing summer drinks, Non alcoholic

My favourite is, Sugarcane juice! (ganne ka ras, in Hindi) nIt is very tasty, and gives loads of energy, and you should definitely go for it if you access to it.

,,n(non-Indians - please do not try this by the roadside in India, you will suffer!),Of course, close contenders are Lemonade (Nimbu Pani), Green mango panna (Aam panna - I dont know what panna is in English), and Coconut water which have already been mentioned.

Non alcoholic drink recipes with Sprite

There are many beautiful Non-Alcholic things that we are missing.


Some of them which I love the most are,1) RoseMilkThe rose essence just gives a mild breezy feel whenever consumed it in full chillness, just placing our lips on the glass and drinking without straw by the touch of the rose is heaven.




,n,,2) Tender Coconut Payasam/ Elaneer Payasam,,Probably this payasam tastes bests when served chilled.

I myself made this in home with the help of internet recipe and served everyone at home.

They said it was awesome and even i loved it.

,n3) JigarthandaJigarthanda is a famous drink in Madurai.

But now its available everywhere.

Though you cant get that exact taste of madurai Jigarthanda, you can try it almost 80% tating close to that in few places.


The beauty of it is the usage of the resin and the kulfi flavoured kesar badam icecream.

Its one of the best NonAlcoholic and tastiest beverage ,n,,4)Lime TerrorIt is a special lime Soda i found in a restaurant with green chillies, ginger and mint leaves inside (dipped by salt on the glass) and (flavoured sweet inside).

It gave a refreshing feel and i tried it in home substituting 7up and sprite instead of Soda.

It tasted almost the same and infact better.

And the most important thing regarding this lime terror is the drink(soda/sprite/7up) should be semi frozen that i it should be frozen but drinkable( so you can keep it in freezer for about 30 mins it ll get in such a state where it will be frozen but still drinkable, so that it ll have the feel of a typical krusher),,,5)Saffron-Kesar Badam Milk,,,The luxuary and feel of drinking this drink is awesome.

Especially the saffron flavour is out of the world with the beautiful blend of kesar badam.

,n6) LassiIt is a drink made with curd basically.

There are different flavours like Masala, Sweet, Mango etc.

, the rose water is dipped in it is the highlight of lassi and after a tired walk in the hot sun just drinking one glass of Lassi gives triple the energy lost,,

Non alcoholic cocktails

I am a fan of the virgin Bloody Mary.

I especially love it when there is a fair amount of horseradish in it and it burns to drink it.

One time I ordered it and it tasted AWFUL, and was sure it had alcohol in it.

I do not drink, and a couple people at my table who drink a fair amount tasted it and said they didnt think it had any alcohol in it.

When I asked the waitress she checked, and yep, they screwed up! When you hang out with alcoholics you cannot trust their opinion of whether or not there is alcohol in your drink, they are pretty immune to it!

10 examples of non alcoholic beverages

Water is not a popular beverage in Czechia at all.

Almost no Czech drinks is in the restaurants, for example.

In fact, most restaurants donu2019t even offer you to drink water (although most of those with many foreign visitors simply have to u2013 because the foreigners demand water).

The closest thing you get almost everywhere is some mineral water u2013 with CO2 bubbles and minerals.

,Czech tap water seems to be one of the healthiest ones in the world but Czechs arenu2019t too used to drink it, either.

,Beer is by far more usual as a beverage in the restaurant for all adults than water.

Itu2019s very cheap u2013 starting from U.


$1 per half a liter in the restaurant and from $0.

35 per half a liter in the supermarkets (cheaper brands of beer).

,The golden transparent lager beer type known as u201cpilsu201d u2013 90% of the beer currently produced in the world u2013 was first brewed as Pilsner Urquell in my Czech hometown of Pilsen in 1842.

Aside from this top brand (price close to $1 per half a liter in supermarkets, and $2 in average restaurants), which currently belongs to the Japanese Asahi Corporation, Czechs drink a lot of Gambrinus, also from Pilsen, and Radegast, Kozel, Bernard from a private brewery, Staropramen, Zlatobrno, Argus, and increasingly often, lots of beer from small breweries.

,A special pink brewery, Aurosa, offers a fancy beer optimized for women, too.

,Non-alcoholic adults often choose non-alcoholic beer, e.


those from Bernard.

Plus some coffee.

Starbucks usually has superior purely local competitors.

The kids and the rest drink soft beverages or sodas.

We have the usual sodas known in the world and CocaCola Corporation is marginally the #1 seller on the Czech market.

Czechs also drink the usual global things including energy drinks such as Red Bull.

,But Kofola u2013 you should search for it on Google, Google Images, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, and the list of stocks available by your broker (because now itu2019s a really wonderful moment to buy the stock as the price is below CZK 300 and will be around 500 in a foreseeable future) u2013 is the most important u201ccharacteristicu201d or u201cnationalu201d non-alcoholic beverage in Czechia and Slovakia.

It sells for the exact same prize as Coke.

Nevertheless, in Czechia, itu2019s close second bestselling after Coke, and itu2019s #1 in the Slovak and Slovenian market.

Aside from Kofola original, many flavors (watermelon and a dozen of others) are sold, too.

,In 1959, Kofola was invented by a research institute that got the task to create a replacement for Coke u2013 and to do something with some potentially useful residuals from the production of coffee.

It has much more caffeine than Coke and a bitterish taste energized by some herbs that are partly secret.

It actually tastes nothing like Coke u2013 despite the similar brown color, the difference from Coke is 100 times larger than the Pepsi-Coke difference.

Some people love it and consider it a beverage of gods, there are people who dislike it and prefer Coke.

,Kofola Czechoslovakia, the company, also sells some other beverages such as Semtex, a purely Czech energy drink (named after the Czech explosive that is popular among terrorists), Vinea or Top Topic, a grape version of Seven Up, some mineral waters, teas, and other things.

Itu2019s successful and expanding in Czechia, Slovakia, and most of former Yugoslavia, and struggling in Poland.

,Czechs also drink some coffee and milk, much like generic nations.

But whatu2019s more important are the stronger alcoholic beverages.

Moravia drinks some old-fashioned wines u2013 which arenu2019t quite as good as the Southern European ones because Moravia is still relatively cold for that.

,But Bohemia Sekt, Staru00fd Plzenec near Pilsen, produces the Czech sparkling wine that safely beats (the much more expensive) Champagne on the Czech market because itu2019s almost the same but much cheaper (below $10 per liter).

And the company Stock Spirits in Pilsen-Bou017ekov, see Our Brands - Stock Spirits (also available on the Czech and British stock markets, Kofola stocks only trade in Prague) is the main producer of the strong alcoholic beverages.

Czechs prefer the domestic [vitamin R.



u2013 because of the EU, weu2019re no longer allowed to use the word rum if the profit doesnu2019t go to Cuban communists], fernet, a herbal drink, and things like absinth, something that most people hate because itu2019s like some medicine in the hospital.

For those reasons, vodka and whiskey u2013 which lead in similar categories elsewhere u2013 are not near the top in Czechia.

But Czechs are experts in alcoholic beverages so expect most people u2013 or men u2013 to know something about bourbon, metaxa, vodkas, whiskeys, ouzo, tequila, and lots of other things from the world.

,Current president Zeman used to drink a lot of Becher herbal liquor produced in Carlsbad, a Czech spa town, before the EU forced the producer to reduce the ethanol well below 40%.

So Zeman was basically forced to change his identity and started to drink slivovitz, the Moravian plum brandy, instead u2013 which is still around 40% of alcohol.

,See also: Besides water what beverages are popular in Slovakia? Itu2019s alcoholic Boroviu010dka and Kofola, aside from a few others.