australia philippines time difference,What should I absolutely not do when traveling the world? What should I be aware of?

3pm Australia time to philippine time


Dont skip travel medical insurance! In the event of a medical emergency, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to be medically evacuated back to Brazil.

Its something youll never regret having.

,World Nomads Travel InsuranceSome policies will also cover lost or delayed luggage and damaged electronics.

(Something I wish Id known when I drowned my iPhone in the Philippines and had to fork over the cash for another one during my trip.


Dont pay baggage fees! Travel with carry on luggage (hand luggage) only.

This will save you tons of money and time not wasted waiting for your luggage in airports.

And it just makes your trip easier.

I try to pack for 5 or 6 days only.

Anything I absolutely need but dont have, I can get where Im going.

Youll really feel better about traveling for so long if you dont have to worry about carrying around so much stuff! I use these eBags packing cubes to compress my clothes so I can stick to being #teamcarryon.


com | eBags Packing Cubes - 4pc Classic Plus Set (Aquamarine) | Packing Organizers3.

Dont lock yourself into a schedule by booking tickets far ahead.

And dont move too fast.

I traveled Europe, Asia and Australia for one year.

And all the time I met people who were worn out and hating their RTW (round the world) trip because it was wearing them out.

A day or two seems like enough time in some destinations, but you dont want to be rushed.

Checking in at 3pm and checking out at 11am means you barely get much time there.

Keep your options open, and if you find a place you like, stay a while.

,I spent an entire month in Hoi An, Vietnam and it was delightful.

I had time to actually make friends of both locals and expats.

I got clothes and shoes made for myself.

Hoi An ended up being one of my favorite stops, but if Id only spent a couple days there I wouldve said I didnt enjoy it very much.

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