31 us dollars to philippine peso,Do you like the Philippines and why?

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32 dollars to Philippine peso

Answer:,Throughout my life I will always be appreciative of our beloved country.

Life is so cool and there are abundance of resources.

There are many beautiful places to go almost like a paradise to live.

I was born in the southern part of the Philippines to a Catholic parents.

I grew up in Cotabato City and studied in Notre Dame Boyu2019s Department run by Marist Brothers.

I remembered during my high school days in the late 60u2019s when the popular singing group and singers such as, Beatles, The Carpenters, Rolling Stones, The Supremes, Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, etc.

started their respective career.

I used to go to parties once in a while and it was fun.

During those days peso to a US dollar was 4u20135 pesos.

I could buy a lot of things for a peso.

,PC Hill I used to lived,Cotabato City Hall,Modern mosque,After high school I moved to Manila in 1969 to study in college at Mapua Institute of Technology.

During those college days I could hardly find time to go out and attend party.

I somehow spent time studying to make sure I finished my college.

I do play tennis a lot at YMCA tennis court near Manila City Hall.

During those period Ferdinand Marcos was already the re-elected President.

It was also that period when various groups were demonstrating against the government on corruption and human rights.

I tried not to get involved in any demonstration not even go near and watched them.

Few of my school mates participated but many like me just focused in our studies not to disappoint ourselves and our parents.

,Martial law was imposed in 1972 even before my graduation in college but it did not deter me from continuing my schooling and eventually graduating in 1975 obtaining a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.

,During the later part of Marcos rule, the country suffered economic recession due to corruption and the oil embargo crisis imposed by the oil producing countries who happened to be mostly from Arab countries.

US dollar to Philippine peso shoot up to P16u201332.

Those years were difficult times for the country as economy spiraled downward and the country was left with huge debt, increased poverty, poor economy and neglected infrastructures.

In 1986, a peopleu2019s power led by the oppositions, former Defense Secretary Enrile, Fidel Ramos, and many oppositions led the overthrow of Marcos.

President Marcos and his family were taken away to Hawaii and Cory Aquino was installed as the President.

Economy at the time of Cory till Joseph Estrada slowly came back to life but the country was still called the u201csickman of Asiau201d due to low economic activity and poverty.

I hate to see poor people living in the slums as a result of corruption, poor FDI, poor governance, lack of housing, plunder, etc.

But Filipinos are resilient and will always come back strong.

,Fast forward, the countryu2019s economy started to pick up starting from Fidel Ramos till today.

If not for the pandemic the countryu2019s GDP could have been hovering between 6.

5 to 7.


,I got a chance to migrate to Canada, USA and Australia back in late 90u2019s and early 2000 but I was put aback because of the large unemployment in Canada at that time and uncertainty in the US and Australia at the same time work picked up in the Middle East and got too busy.

I did not regret not pursuing migration to those countries because I was nearing my prime age and instead prepared for my retirement where large family members were waiting.

Last year I finally retired and it was home sweet home.

,I like what I am witnessing in the progress of the development of the whole country.

The current administration is aggressively pursuing the build build build program that will surely address the various issues in the country which is to efficiently transport goods, people and services.

I like the development in the countryside too that will encourage people in the rural areas to stay and decongest large cities like Metro Manila and Cebu.

Here are some of the build build build program of the government.

,Bulacan International Airport,New Sangley International Airport,Metro Manila Subway,There are more exciting projects that are happening in the entire country.

The engine of growth keeps running even during pandemic as the BPO, construction industries, agricultural industries, steel industries, electrical/electronic/telecommunications industries and OFW kept the economy alive.

Our people are great, fun to be with, work hard, smart, easy going as reflected in their happy life, resilient in times of calamities and unique in many ways.

,I like our country, I want to retire here and I want to be here as long as I live.

God Bless To You All.