best samsung tablet for reading,What is the best budget tablet?

The realme Pad is one of the most affordable tablets in its segment for the year 2021.,Let's start with the display, it has a large 10.4" WUXGA+ display with 2000*1200 resolution and 82.51% screen-to-body ratio for those late-night binges, displaying clear and immersive visuals.,It has a 6.9mm Ultra-Slim design and weighs only 440gms, so you won't

how to order starbucks like a pro,What are some favorite ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Starbucks (company)", "modifiers": {"link": {"type": "topic", "tid": 1743, "url": "https:www.quora.comtopicStarbucks-company-1"}}}, {"text": " hacks?

I'm assuming you mean Starbucks hacks... for customers.,But, what are some hacks for BARISTAS? I write a Starbucks blog for baristas and these are some of the hacks baristas use to make your drinks faster: 1 techniques (little to no effect on quality),Make ice drinks as

Is going into the bank easier for older customers than online banking?

There are two schools of thoughts on this, and we will examine them below:,Press Releases:,May 2, 2019,Canadau2019s Banks Lose Appeal with Younger Customers, J.D. Power FindsTD Canada Trust (Large Banks) and Tangerine (Midsize Banks) Top the Ranks in Customer Satisfaction,TORONTO: 2 May 2019 u2013 While overall customer satisfaction with Canadau201

photography beautiful background,How do I put background images to frames in HTML?

You can do this in various ways, either you use css in your html file or you use an external css to link the html and css together.,HMTL : either call the body or html like so,,,,,body {,background-image: url("yourimage.png");,},,,,Hello World!,,,or just link a css to your html then call the body,body {,background-imageL url(u201cyourimage.png);,}

foods to eat when you have a fever,If you go to Japan, which food do you order first?

Most likelyu300cu304au7ca5u300d(u304au304bu3086) /o kayu/: u201ccongeeu201d,Since I do experience motion sickness after being in the same transportation for over 10 hours. Good news is no regurgitate (because I will not eat anything during the flight); the bad news is my ears will get clogged, stomach will forms a knot, and suffer a mild headache.,

how to place curtains on window,What are some tips for hanging curtains?

Elaborately hung drapes with upholstered valances and swags arenu2019t really in style for average households anymore. Currently, simple panels, hung as close to the ceiling as possible, are the norm. If the panels will be opened and closed regularly, grommet tops or panels hung from clip rings work the best. Multiple layered windows are a popular

presets lightroom 5 free download,What are the best websites for free Lightroom presets?

I have downloaded several free presets. I have not purchased any. I use Lightroom almost daily. With these points in mind, here are my thoughts. I have seen offers of hundreds of presets for a reasonable price. I think if I click on a preset I can look and decide if I like it, but gee, my list includes another 200 presets, do I have to click on eac

background inspirational images,What are the best motivational pictures?

Do you remember this scene from Game of Thrones 6th season ?,Arya is blind and Waif beats her mercilessly.,Arya : "Wait..I can't see",Waif : "That's your problem",In these 2 lines, there lies a very powerful message for the mankind.,If you have a 'problem', its 'absolutely' your own problem. Family, friends and well-wishers can console or inspire y

how to blur edges in photoshop cc,What do you think of the Galaxy Note 8?

Note8 is notable.,Answer is quite long, please bear with me and read it all.Note 8 is the phone not for everyone, it's for someone who wants to do more with their smartphones, not just receive and do call or just to show-off.,Samsung didn't change much with Note 8 because it nailed with S8 and S8+. The hardware is top of the line.,,Screen and Displ