pinterest one word captions,What are the alternatives to Twitter?

First, I will tell you your social media alternatives. Then, I will tell you the best social media alternative to Twitter.,Social media sites:,Flipboard, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook,, and Reddit. The new social media sites are Mix, which replaced StumbleUpon, and Wakelet.,If you are interested in learning more

fried rice with oyster sauce,How do you make egg fried rice?

Ingredients:3 cups cooked rice n3 eggs (beaten well) n1 medium onion (finely chopped) n2 cup finely peas,chopped carrot and beans n2 tsp ginger paste n4 garlic flakes (grounded) n3 green chilies (finely chopped) n2 tsp soy sauce n1/2 tsp turmeric powder n1 tsp red chili powder n1/2 tsp garam masala n2 tbsp oil n1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves n,How

recipes with nutrition facts,Where can I download Air fryer Cookbook: 550 Easy and Delicious Air Fryer Recipes For Fast and Healthy Meals (with Nutrition facts) in PDF?

Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps maintain a healthy heart. In this recipe, chef Michel Nischan pan-fries catfish and serves it with a Southwest-spiced tartar sauce. The result: A delicious, healthy entru00e9e that's very low in carbs -- perfect for people with diabetes.,Click below to watch chef Michel Nischan make this spicy seafoo

simple dining table design,What size dining table seats 6?

Your dining table is the essence of your dining room. The furniture piece becomes the focal point of the rest of the interiors of the room. Hence it is essential to find the best dining table for your home. However, choosing the right one may not be as easy as it sounds. There are several factors to consider while getting a dining table. From mater

how long can you keep opened syrup,How long does pure maple syrup last?

Not long in my house. It gets used for all sorts of stuff. Aside from the obvious pancakes, itu2019s nice to blend up with some almonds and make a spread out of. You can use it to bake with, make really excellent BBQ sauce, add it to your coffee, have it over ice cream (when snow is short supply), and make a bad ass cranberry relish for Thanksgivin

making fudge with cocoa powder,What was the best cake you ever made?

CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE CHIP MASCARPONE FILLING AND CHOCOLATE FUDGE FROSTINGCHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE CHIP MASCARPONE FILLING AND CHOCOLATE FUDGE FROSTINGMakes one 8-inch cake, serves 10-12INGREDIENTSCHOCOLATE CAKE200 g (~1 3/4 sticks) salted butter,125 ml (1/2 cup) milk,240 g (1 2/3 cups) all purpose flour,1 1/2 tsp. baking soda,68 g (2/

procedure how to cook fried chicken,What is the best way to fry chicken?

You can make really great fried chicken that is crispy on the outside, moist on the inside and delights the taste budsu2014and you donu2019t need a commercial deep fryer to do it! Here are three simple and delicious methods: deep fried, oven fried and pan fried.n n Before you cook your chicken pat it dry with paper towels. Donu2019t rinse your chic

tv cabinet designs for small living room,How do I design a modern TV unit in a living room? Is it preferable to have a wall paper at the backside or completely wooden cabinet?

TV units today have become versatile both with purpose and functionality. No longer do TV sets hold viewers hostage to a cricket match or the latest blockbuster movie. In lounge rooms and bars TV is a point of convergence u2013 the axis of social interactions and banter. At homes, urban dwellers have dedicated spaces for TV units, home theatre syst

barcelona lounge chair with metal legs,Who designed the u201cBarcelona Chairu201d?

The Barcelona Chair was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.,Van der Rohe (1886 - 1969), architect of definitive works of the modern urban landscape of Chicago, like the Seagram Building and the IBM Plaza, coined several quotes that had a profound impact in the Architecture and reached even the popular mainstream, like "Less is more" or "God is in

Who is Bill Gates?

A second generation eugenist than believes in the depopulation of the planet . He also has been caught tainting vaccines in Africa with HIV and polio. He has admitted his strong belief in depopulation through the use of vaccines . Check out his Ted talk videos . The man is a monster . His father helped create planned Parenthood. By the way have you

local time in manila philippines now,What is considered the typhoon season in the Philippines? What weather during this time period encourages the formation of typhoons?

Normally, the typhoons come with the Wet Season, which technically begins around June or July and lasts roughly until November or December.,The biggest influence for typhoons that hit us, as far as I know (not a meteorologist. You can check PAGASA or Project NOAH for more), involves the heat levels of the Pacific somewhere off Guam. Really warm oce

best action camera for motorcycle,Whats the best motorcycle helmet camera?

In my opinion you can check these options:,Drift Innovation HD Ghost In my opinion this is best option, but costly option.,GO PRO HERO5 Best camera you can get spending around INR 33000 in India, waterproof and lots of mounting. Voice control enabled.,SJCAM SJ5000 Budget action cam around INR 15000. In case you are using multiple cameras then SJCAM

solar power battery bank for home,What is the most efficient solar system for home use?

When it comes time to buy solar panels, you'll certainly see plenty of references to efficiency. But is solar panel efficiency really the most important attribute to consider?,Certainly, solar panel efficiency has a big impact on real-world performance, and on the extent to which your solar panels help you reduce your reliance on traditional utilit

How is percentage increase calculated in Excel?

I will embellish this answer with an example. A percentage increase is given by: y = A u00d7 (100 + x) u00f7 100,Where A is the start value and x is the percentage. That can also be written as: y = A u00d7 (1 + (x/100)). So letu2019s transfer the concept to a spreadsheet formulau2026,Letu2019s say the start value is in cell B2 (value = 35) and the

What is Frontier Airlines good at?

Unpopular opinion: I like Frontier Airlines.,Why? Same reason I hate Finnair. I had one terrible experience with Finnair and have decided it is the devilu2019s airline and I will avoid it like the plague. On the contrary, I had an amazing experience with Frontier, so I like them.,First things first. Itu2019s a budget airline. Youu2019re not getting

What makes the US healthcare system so expensive?

Two words. Tiered coverage.,Which takes some explaining.,Unlike the rest of the industrialized world, American healthcare has a system of tiered coverage. The rest of the industrialized uses a system called universal health coverage u2014 so America is unique in this regard.,So what do I mean by tiered coverage? America tiers coverage by:,Age (twic

what to do after eating expired food,What happens when you eat expired food?

Well, in the worst-case scenario, you can get food poisoning. And that's no fun. ,Having said that, most food lasts a bit after the date printed on it - particularly if you store it well. But you want to be careful and use common sense, and possibly give your food a smell test.,There's also a difference between food labeled "best by", "sell by", or

What formula in Microsoft Excel would you use to computate loan amortization?

It is possible to derive one mathematically.,The loan amount would be the present value of all the payments.,I will define v = frac{1}{1+c} as the present value factor.,L = Pv + Pv^2 + Pv^3 + cdots + Pv^nFactoring:,L = Pv(1 + v + v^2 + cdots v^{n-1})This is a geometric series.,L = Pv left(dfrac{1-v^n}{1-v}right)I will rewrite this as a formula I am