What personality characteristic screams "loser" to you?

NONE. Absolutely none. Every personality characteristic exists for a reason. Even combinations that seem totally unredeemable have their advantages (at least for the person who has them).,There was an episode of Brain Games (a TV program on the National Geographic channel while I was living in the US), which talked about sociopaths. A set of person

living room design ideas philippines,What was it like to live in Japan right after WWII?

One day, in the middle of their busy daily routines of working in makeshift factories chisling bullet casings (often losing a finger or two in the process), waving off Kamikaze pilots flying to their deaths, being bombed, queueing up in rationing stations, people received an announcement to gather in the nearby schoolyard or a house with a radio. T

Whats a rule your employer implemented that backfired terribly?

Everyone in the office was paid on an hourly basis and it was each person's responsibility to keep track of how many hours they worked each day on a paper time sheet. At the end of each week each employee turned in their time sheet to their supervisor who would sign them and then give the to HR so everyone can get paid for the hours they worked. In

What does it take to be a social media manager?

Thanks for A2A, Kinga!First of all, a social media manager needs to have people skills. To be communicative and smart to reply to comments and handle a crisis, to listen to target audiences and react to their needs. A manager, unlike a specialist, usually has a team to lead and he or she needs to see the big picture, create strategies and analyze t

How can you do a good job interview?

Iu2019ve interviewed with some dream companies like Google, Microsoft, Flipkart, LinkedIn. And have cracked all of those. Iu2019ve worked with all these companies.,Me in Google Mountain View.,Image source: Instagram [It features more stuff on career-guidance],The first time I gave an interview, it was pretty bad. I had searched the internet for int

How do I ask politely for an increase in the salary of a job offer?

Bear in mind HR is only one part of that discussion on the organization side - there is also the boss youu2019ll be working for. You usually donu2019t get into money until they are ready to make an offer, but this works then and also if they push you up front to know a salary figure. Negotiations that work often go like this: they ask you what youu

What is financial statement analysis?

Financial statements are a collection of summary-level reports about an organization's financial results, financial position, and cash flows. They include the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.,Advantages of Financial StatementsFinancial Statements are useful for the following reasons:,To determine the ability of a busine

How does YouTube send money?

Being a You Tuber, after you have done your job by creating, editing, mixing etc. Itu2019s time to upload to YouTube.,Just as you upload, people from all over the world start engaging with your video, if itu2019s creative and interesting and informative.,After a period of time when your channel is grown up a bit and videos are getting more views, y

how to make vegetable fresh again,What foods stay good the longest in the fridge?

Cabbages are immortal, they are like u201cdon't ya feel like eating me? It's ok I'll just sit here for a couple more days, maybe weeks if you wantu201d I normally keep them out of the fridge since humidity is their worst enemy, then the outer leaves gets dry protecting the inner ones maintaining the cabbage fresh for a loooong time (for a vegetable