Now that the US Government has mandated COVID-19 infection & mortality figures from hospitals be sent directly to the Trump Administration, rather than to the CDC, can this be considered suppression of information?

Hey Edward!,While every other government in the world does its stinking best to suppress the virus, the Trump regime will now be suppressing information about the virus.,Thatu2019s what is basically going on here. Rest assured that Team Klanrunt aka administration will be more than tempted to manipulate the coronavirus statistics from this day on.,

under stairs storage ideas,What is the best way to use space under stairs?

CREATE A OFFICE SPACE: I don't think many of you have realized this, but personally I think it is helpful, especially for those who work from home or are freelancers.,KIDS PLAY ZONE: It's always a good idea to give kids space to discover new things, keep them busy for hours, and a playhouse under the stairs is every kid's dream.,EXTRA STORAGE AREA:

cooking time for rice in rice cooker,How do you cook rice in an electric cooker?

1)Measure the rice with a cup and put it into your cooking potSome rice cookers have a removable bowl or pot, while others must have the rice placed directly in the cooker. Most of the time, rice cookers will come with a measuring "cup" or scoop that can fit 3/4 cup (180 mL). Alternatively, use an ordinary measuring cup.,One cup (240 mL) of uncooke

home security camera online viewing,What is a programmers life like?

I am a self-employed programmer. I live alone in a 2 bedroom apartment. I wake up late, sleep late, no schedule really. I love it like that. I have worked for a couple of companies obviously before gaining my freedom.,My daily routine (slight variations, here and there):,MorningsWake up, turn on and check my 2 phones for notifications,Turn my Ubunt

mashed potatoes recipe with mayonnaise,What can you substitute for mayo in crab cakes?

I canu2019t quite see why anyone would put mayonnaise in crab cakes. For me crab cakes would contain minced crab, mashed potato, seasonings, maybe some finely chopped spring onions and an egg as a binder. Perhaps some grated lemon zest would work too.,Shape into u2018cakesu2019, coat in flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs and into the pan to fry. Thatu

kitchen island hanging lights,Who has the best home in bollywood?

VILLA IN THE SKYBollywood actor john Abraham's Penthouse in mumbai.His home is same as his life which is classic and unique on its own.,Here are some of the snapshots of Abraham's sweet home:-,The space is located on the 7th and 8th floors of a building described as u201cunremarkable.u201d To combine the two apartment spaces, all internal walls wer

how to do cold brew at home,How do I make cold brew coffee at home?

How do I make cold brew coffee at home?I have a new Hario Mizudashi Cold Brewer that makes it easy to grind roasted beans and steep them overnight in the fridge.,Prior to this purchase, I was using a French Press to make my cold brew.,I would still grind my beans and steep overnight but then filtered the brew a second time before decanting into the

foods that can help clear acne,What food causes acne?

They trigger hormonal fluctuations and inflammationu2014both of which encourage acne. We're talking foods like white bread, processed breakfast cereals, white rice, pretzels, potato chips, cookies and cakes, etc. Choose low glycemic-index foods instead, like vegetables, whole grains, sweet potatoes, and most fruits. You may have heard that eating g

disney themed christmas decorations,How do American and Danish cultures differ?

On a lot of things!,Views on education:While in America, most would say that if you want a higher education you should work for it (get a job, earn the money, etc), in Denmark, a higher education is pretty much a right. It's considered a right to the point where the government pays you to study. And people complain about not getting paid enough (wh