What is temperature?

The degree or intensity of heat present in a substance or object, especially as expressed according to a comparative scale and shown by a thermometer or perceived by touch.nTemperature is a measure of the average heat or thermal energy of the particles in a substance. Since it is an average measurement, it does not depend on the number of particles

how many tablespoons are in one cup,How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon?

In cuisine, one tablespoon equals three teaspoons,spice spoon = 1 ml,teaspoon = 5 ml,tablespoon = 15 ml,decilitre = 100 ml,coffee cup = 1 u00bd dl,glass = 2 dl,tea cup = 2u00bd dl,l = litre =10 dl, 1000 ml,Note that cuisine is not chemical engineering. The measures are always more or less arbitrary.

What is the importance of the summary of findings and conclusions in a research paper?

Answer: What is the importance of the summary of findings and conclusions in a research paper?,A research paper is to report the findings and conclusions of a research on a topic, to benefit service researchers and practitioners in the service industry.,Note that the purpose to conduct a research is to find answer/s or solution/s for a problem on a

garlic mashed potatoes recipe,What is tahini made from?

Tahini itself is just ground sesame seeds, and has a texture similar to u201cnaturalu201d peanut butter (and, similarly, has to be stirred), though usually thinner and with a greater propensity for the solids to settle out from the oil.,A typical tahini sauce from the eastern Mediterranean area combines tahini with plain yogurt, lemon juice, garlic

Why does Flipkart say that seller doesnt deliver to 676523?

Pincode- 676523 belongs to Malappuram District in Kerala.,There are few reasons because of which the sellers or the marketplace are unable to deliver the product to your pin-code: 676523The delivery of a product to your pin-code location depends on:,The availability of reliable courier partners in your location: Every logistic partner has a list of

Is watching 123Movies bad for your computer?

nou2026 but u need to know what youu2019re doing to use illegal sites. dont get caught. adblockers, antivirus must be turned off or enable exception, disable malware protection so it doesnt block the site, and use virtual machines or cheap laptop youu2019re willing to format once infected.

healthy pita sandwiches for lunch,What is the healthiest way to eat?

Are you fed up with confusing messages about what to eat? The food industry, scientists and journalist are all saying contradicting and confusing information.I have a simple solution for you.,Humans have proven to thrive on many different diets, except for one the Western Diet.The Western Diet is killing you.We have enough data to say now that West

garlic butter shrimp recipe,Whats your best shrimp recipe?

As others have pointed out, shrimp cook quickly.,That means you basically want to cook anything else that needs longer, then throw your thawed shrimp in at the end for 2u20133 minutes total.,Shrimp can take on any flavor you want to throw at it - theyu2019re a blank canvas!,One of our favorites is this:,Heat 3 cloves of garlic, smashed and peeled,

What are some of the best resignation letters?

One of the most staunch modi crtic/hater Anurag Kashyap tweeted this.,This is the level of politics, which worked for them again and again. People have woken up, specially due to social media. Voters have simply failed the sympathy narrative the media used to create around such leaders.,Let's look at what happened in 2014,after Congress lost all ov

best stock photo and video sites,Where can I get free stock footage?

On YouTube there are very generous people who offer free stock videos with no royalties. Those videos can be used for any intention, including the commercial one. But those generous people need some form of compensation to help them maintain their channels. That is why sometimes they leave us a specific download link. In order to give you the free

making cake pops with cake pop maker,What do Americans find strange about the UK?

Condiments/Flavors/Spices. People donu2019t really eat Applesauce, Peanut Butter, Hot Sauce, or various other condiments the way Americans do. Theyu2019re also (according to my grocery shopping experiences here) generally not as adventurous flavor wise, and donu2019t seem to embrace as many ethnic cuisines as we do in the States. People here someti

small modern house interior design,What are the best interiors?

You can completely change the look of your room by making minor changes to your furniture and lighting. Whether you have a four-storey mansion or a tiny apartment, there is an interior design fix for each type of home. Check out these tips to get inspiration to decorate your home:,1) Rope LightingWant your bedroom to give off a relaxed and cozy vib

pigs in a blanket with hot dogs,What are some fun Halloween food hacks?

Marshmallow witches:n,nWitch's hat cookies:n,nSpider deviled eggs:n,nJack-o-lantern cheeseburgers:n,nCheesy ghosts on pizza:n,nPretzel pumpkins:n,nPumpkin-shaped deviled eggs:n,nFrankenstein pudding cups:n,n"Pumpkin" cuties:n,nPretzel and string cheese witches' brooms:n,nJuice box mummies:n,nA ghastly assortment: string cheese ghosts, pigs-in-a-bla

space saving bedroom ideas for adults,What are some space saving hacks for bedrooms?

Small bedroom does not have to be crowded and messy, on the contrary, if you make good use of, it will show you a surprising comfort, space and beauty.,In order to save floor space, you can have shelves or cabinets set up on the walls. .,Some hacks to maximize your limited space!,Towels having behind the door,Bedside table + desk,Vertical hanger fo

What is the difference between aerospace engineering and aeronautical engineering?

Aeronautical engineering is mainly focusing on designing and testing of flying machines which can be operated in earth atmosphere like aircraft, helicopter etc. Whereas aerospace dedicated to outer atmosphere vehicles and equipments like rockets, space vehicles etc,This is the simplest answer. You can find more details from Wikipedia.

Which of the following is not a measure of central tendency?

Well, since you havenu2019t provided statistical measures from which to choose to answer your question, iu2019ll just answer it this way.,The range, and other measures of variability are not measures of central tendency.,For you to determine if a measure is not a central tendency measure, you just have to note that the following are the only centra