different types of cooked steak,What is a "blue" steak?

Here it is called Pittsburgh rare or black and blue. The steak is set on an extremely hot cast iron skillet and seared on all sides very quickly. Cooked about a 1/4 inch on all sides. The center of the steak will still be cold and raw. It is a good eat if you have a great piece of beef. I have seen steak Florentino served extremely rare also. But n

blue violet color wallpaper,What are the best wallpapers?

Free wallpaper content (Y),Customer support is key to successful long terms commercial enterprise, cross wallpaper prides itself on this; supplying expert and pleasant advice, in-depth product knowledge, and superb after income carrier.,We're right here from start to complete continually and 24*7 available wallpaper dealer in Kolkata to reply to an

is it cheaper to print or photocopy,What is the difference between print and photocopy?

Photocopying machines have made our life a lot simpler.,Let's start from what you are already knowing or have seen while the machine is in action. ,1. You open up the top lidn2. You put the paper (to copy) upside down on a glass surfacen3. You then close the lid and press the start button.n4. A intense light beam scans the entire image from one end

What is the most important invention in human history?

I can't give you a list, but one important invention was the rocket. Robert Goddard was nicknamed u201cLooneyu201d because people said man could never go to the moon. Hitler advanced Goddard's work with the V-2. With that, the US and Soviet Union began the space race.

Who invented the mobile?

It was a guy called Martin Cooper.,But u201cscientistsu201d donu2019t generally invent things like this - they might figure out how radio waves work - and find science to make smaller radio transmitters and receivers - but the business of taking that raw science and turning it into actual u201cinventionsu201d is the work of u201cengineersu201du2026

what are the different types of bread,For those who emigrated out of the former Soviet Union, what struck you most about the similarities and differences of life under capitalismcommunism?

Food! Back in Soviet Union, in 1990 I was 15 years old and was sent to buy bread. I went to 3 different stores in our area and there was none. Then I had to take a tram somewhere and just go into every bread store I'd find on my way, until I finally found a loaf of bread. These were already extreme conditions, but before we didn't have any food var

What is the worst quality a person can possess?

An ex of mine and I went through a ton of stuff together.,We lived together for a few years, and went through the full roller-coaster of relationships.,I look back and I see a flip book of all the major events: the good times, the bad times, the laughter, the crying, my mistakes, my apologies, her mistakes, her _____.,Yo dawg, this girl could NOT a

monochromatic color scheme,If you could dress in only three Crayola crayon colors, what would they be? Why do you pick them? Link to color chart attached.

If you could dress in only three Crayola crayon colors, what would they be? Why do you pick them? Link to color chart attached.,I like to wear lots of colors, but you or I or anyone could make this work with the right color scheme.,Today I was walking in my neighborhood, and this young couple who were infatuated with each other and also looked like

simple staircase designs for homes,Why were stairs so deadly in Victorian era England?

Because the people building those houses didnu2019t worry much about the lives of servants.,To be clear, the main stairs in households werenu2019t particularly deadly, itu2019s the staircases for the servants, such as those leading to the kitchens, that took a lot of lives.,Most of us donu2019t think much about staircases, and when we do, we consid

How much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere?

What percentage of the atmosphere is CO2?Two of these answers are flat wrong. One by a factor of more than 10, the other is so ridiculously high at 21% it shows that the writer hasnu2019t a clue.,The collapsed answer is closest to correct.,The concentration of CO2 in the air is slightly higher in the northern hemisphere and is about 0.041%. This va

When will the refund processing for AY 2017-18 start?

Not sure of your question.,If you are asking when will the IRS begin processing refunds for calendar year 2017 tax returns, the answer is u201cit depends.u201d,Historically congress has passed last minute tax modifications to the tax code late in the year that made it difficult for the IRS to produce the forms (not so much paper but electronically)

What is the true color of indigo?

If the sky is blue because of the color reflection from the ocean, then what makes the ocean blue?Well, youu2019re starting off with a false premise. The sky is not blue because it reflects from the oceans. Think about it. If that were true, then wouldnu2019t the sky over land be green? Wouldnu2019t the sky over the arctic be white? No, there has t